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  1. Welcome aboard from the Mississippi Gulf Coast
  2. I may have to check out the area 59... if I end up going room and board won't cost anything
  3. Let me know if you get any big matches out in your area, I have a friend in Katy that I need to come see.
  4. Ok guys. I just got my press returned today. I haven't even made it home to reinstall it, but I have attached a photo of what was on the invoice. I do know they said they had to do some machine work on the block as well. I think it was worth the time sending it back with everything that was done and replaced.
  5. I have a friend that puts a used dryer sheet in his tumbler with each load... when he pulls it out the dryer sheet is black as hell from all the crap it collects... e says it helps keep the media clean as well. Ever heard of this?
  6. I'll try the over travel screw...I'm also wondering if when the gun was cleaned and lubed right before I bought it some of the oil got in the striker channel and behind the channel sleeve? Could that be a possibility?
  7. I'm running open Minor right now with a carver guide rod and 12lb spring. The striker is a zev with their firing pin safety. Right now I have the stock striker spring in it. It also has a DEM trigger and extra power trigger return spring. I did disassemble the upper and cleaned the striker assembly and the striker channel with some hoppes. Tested it again and no improvement. Called ghost today and they recommended going back with the stock striker. I even thought about upping the striker spring weight, but that should not need to be done. At least not in my mind. Not sure what I am missing here
  8. Just to make sure everyone here is on the same page as to what we tried, blow I am going to try to answer nearly everyone's suggestions. HiPowerJack... the shell plate is tightened down properly RustyBayonet & IronicTwitch... the failsafe rod assembly is installed per pg 9 of th manual Dillon... the shell plate does not rotate at all on the down stroke TDA & Ssanders224... the indexing arm assembly and spring were removed and replaced with new parts by me with tech support on the phone 9x45... that is how I came to purchase the press... I bought it from someone at CRPC, and the same person is helping to teach me reloading and he could not figure it out either i know you guys wanted me to post some photos and videos, and I never did. Sorry. I thought I could explain myself better than I did, and have been having issues trying to post photos or videos to the forum recently.
  9. I'm sorry if you feel like your time was wasted. At some point everyone reaches a point of frustration where they are ready to throw their hands up. I reached that point when after hours on the phone with multiple calls talking to multiple techs at Dillon we still could not figure it out. We went as far and nearly completely disassembling the machine to track down the issue. Had different parts sent/replaced. Their recommendation considering the age of the machine was to send it to them so they could completely go through the machine and track down any other issues that arose. This issue BTW was the 3rd issue that required replacement parts. To to any of you who feel I wasted your time, please accept my apologies. That was never my intention. I have learned more here in my short time since joining than I ever thought I would, and for that I thank those of you who have shared your knowledge. I will most certainly let you all know what all Dillon found when I get the machine back. Until then, good luck and keep that HF high.
  10. Definitely will Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N910A using Tapatalk
  11. I've been getting more and more light primer strikes out of my G17. I have a Zev skeletonized striker and am currently running a stock striker spring. Everything I have found when searching is in regards to lighter weight springs. Thinking about ordering a 6 or 6.5 lb Ghost spring, but wanted to check and see what you guys thought. I've been shooting factory WWB 115 grain ammo, and also tested it with some rounds a buddy loaded that did the same thing. The load was 3.4 grains of TG 124 grain JHP and Winchester SPP. This is his production and PCC load, but I just wanted to see what happened with the primers. I don't want to thane to use only Federal primers. Help a fellow open brotha out.
  12. I did... after changing out the indexing arm and spring and still nothing I figured I would let them figure it out. Regardless, if I had to get more parts, it would take more than a week, so I'm just going to wait the 2-3 and have it completely gone through.
  13. Ok guys... I give... I'm off work tomorrow, and I will pull it out of the box and shoot a video for you guys before I send it back. Then I'll go from there. Another day or 2 won't hurt. If anyone wants, they can pm me and I can even do a video call with them to look at it live with me.
  14. Checked both of those already Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N910A using Tapatalk
  15. Well, after the offer from Dillon to completely go through the machine for nothing considering the problems, I'm thinking about sending it to them. That way I know everything is 100%. They did tell me that based on some of the parts on the machine it was made sometime before 1992. What do you guys think? Just let them go through it?