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  1. Need some help deciding where to start on my reloading journey. This will be for my g17 open gun that has been running minor pf. Gimme some recommendations for components guys.
  2. I have read some pretty bad reviews on that thing drewbeck. Anyone else have any experience with the kit from midway?
  3. I have the DAA premium belt and was running a teklok on my XD holster before I switched guns... worked great. The premium belt has the supposed best of both worlds belts combined. I too have a bit of the tactical gut, and its comfortable for me.
  4. firewood... I actually picked up a plastic ammo can at Academy sports a couple weeks ago for $28 that came with (10) 100 individual ammo boxes inside. Normally at Academy those 100 round boxes are like $4 each, so i couldnt pass that up. I will likely go grab another one or 2 just too keep on hand. Thanks for the heads up on the NuFinish/Mineral spirits mix. That will save a ton over buying bottles of "brass polish" from dillon or anyone else... Right now I'm shooting minor until I can work up a good major load for the Glock and get some springs delivered.... Looking like it will be CCI primers, 124gn Blue Bullets (maybe), and good ole range brass... just got to figure out what powder to use... I know I can get TightGroup and I think Power Pistol at my local academy.... but there is a guy at the gun club I'm joining that sells reloading supplies, so I have to see what he can get his hands on.
  5. I would case gauge off my barrel, but being that it's an open div Glock, it's a bit more cumbersome to strip. I think I'll get myself a case gauge of some sort. Hoping to start building the bench it will go on next week, and start getting all the small stuff ordered... I knew I shouldn't have bought that damned open gun... lol
  6. Ok so I got a msg back from him. I think I'm going to go ahead and grab the SDB. $350 for the SDB in 9mm with a digital power scale. This should allow me to get the other things I need and be up and running for less than $600 with everything I need besides my consumables. Plus when I decide to upgrade later, I can either keep the SDB or sell it for close to what I got it for. So, with that being said, guys, what other items would you specifically recommend? Tumblers, separators, case gauges, etc? And which specific ones would you purchase again if you had to do it all over again?
  7. Well I just sent him a msg, so I guess I'll find out soon enough
  8. Not a half bad idea there jack. Btw... whatcha shootin? Lol
  9. Great... thanks...
  10. So what, sir, would be your recommendation for a load in my G17?
  11. Right now I'm only loading 9 minor for my carry gun and production div and 9 major for my open. So I really have no use for the 45acp, at least not at this time. I think he is asking a bit much for the SDB considering there is no strong mount or bullet tray with it, so I would have to buy those. I definitely like the 650, but I don't have the 1200-1500 to get all in for reloading right now. Unfortunately, having purchased an open gun is pushing me to start reloading much quicker than I planed on. Wish I could find one used at a good price but you can wish in one hand and well you know the rest of that statement.
  12. How are you getting them for 8.9... I can't find them anywhere near that price
  13. I have heard a lot of people shooting blue bullets in their open gun... good idea or no?
  14. So I have tried to read and understand the pros and cons of shooting FMJ, JHP, and coated bullets through open guns but it still isn't clicking for me. Can someone help me understand this whole prospect. Please.
  15. Ok guys, now that I've got an open gun I guess it's time to get myself into reloading. Here is my quandary. I have an offer to buy a used Square Deal B with 2 calibers (9mm & 45acp) for $400 plus shipping or I can get a new 550 from Dillon. Being brand new to this I don't know which way to go, so I figured I would ask you guys. What would you guys recommend I do?