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  1. wait, you mean it's an 8" barrel in there?
  2. Nice! I love P226 grip and really looking forward to X5 grip, can't wait to try it out!
  3. Those basepads are good stuff, for the grip tape I will just cut my own, didn't take much effort
  4. Both worked fine in my gen 2 carbine
  5. But somehow I feel MPX's original magwell is already big enough for me, just my 2 cents
  6. Thanks for the info, MUCH MUCH cheaper! I can't quite justify a magwell for $120....
  7. Well, switch to MPX or something similar could save your strength a lot, just reload as for your rifle.
  8. I'm running both gen 1 and gen 2 mags, no problems at all
  9. Anyone using hiperfire ECL here? Is the spring same as 24C? Thanks!
  10. I'm using sig M4 telescopic stock, no complaints
  11. Mine is at 25 yards for USPSA. Just wondering where will 3 gun guys zero their PCC at?
  12. My SSA-E currently runs at around 1000 rnds, I don't see any damage or scratches on bcg nor hammer. Hope it won't fail within 10k rounds...
  13. Currently running a SSA-E in my MPX, feels good enough. Having one hiperfire ECL at hand, but not sure if I should install it in my PCC or my 14.5 AR...
  14. 12?? OMG even 6 is too big for me. Really want to see your after action report
  15. Really? Only one spring will still hold? Can't image that