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  1. Got my ESS glasses today.. they indeed hold fine, even without muffs on they are technically fine (unless you have a super small head lol). Just posting for anyone wondering
  2. I like the idea of the slim/short frames on the ESS crossbows but I dont want to have to use a strap cause I take them on and off if I am shooting in the day to wipe my face in blazing hot south Florida. Do you use the strap? Or maybe there is a model with different size frames?
  3. I hate being the guy that asks the same damn question that was asked 100 times that week, but I've been shooting USPSA a while and my club runs a 3-gun match and figured what the hell, might as well since I know everyone and love rifle/shotgun shooting just as much... Here's my question(s), we shoot on a 100 yard range, is there any reason for anything over 1x red dot (mainly asking cause I have a handful of them already)? And being a 100 yard range, most of my nicer Ar's are SBR's, assuming I am not trying take win the world championship and considering the 100yard max the sbr's are fine right (and do the rules allow)?
  4. Finished my class yesterday... I would highly suggest taking it, it was pretty fun and I learned things that I doubt I would have learned even years in my club, just cause you don't run across a lot of these things. Never thought i would enjoy a rulebook nerd course lol but I will recommend anytime I get a chance to from this point forward.
  5. Thanks for all the answers (and video). Anyone have the Wiley X Valor? Comes with multiple lenses and my practice nights are in the dark half the year. Just wondering if there are any downsides and also how they fit under your muffs
  6. Sounds good. Is Z87+ and Wiley-Xs a main brand? Are there any other? Didn't see a whole lot searching
  7. I am not looking for style points here, but my sunglasses (not glass) are just so much more comfortable, which pretty much the same coverage. I am asking because I heard a few stories in my RO class, and I am also just starting to shoot a lot more steel in practice (hundreds of rounds in a session of shooting, cause its more fun vs next to none at a match) So my question, do "shooting glasses" have anymore protection in the material, or is it just cause they usually close in the eyes more on the sides and top?
  8. South Florida (I think it would be considered Sunrise, FL), but down here I just refer to it as west Ft Lauderdale
  9. I asked if the NROI cert will be sufficient and they replied that the USPSA RO Level I course/cert. would be fine. I was going to double check since I don't know if the "NROI" and USPSA cert are the same but I assume they are, I said NROI in my original post to them though
  10. So I do plan on helping out with this certification, but the main reason I am taking it is because my local private range will let you rent private bays if you are an RO (or higher certification). Turns out there is a $50 class this weekend (that apparently is a rare occasion). While I do shoot USPSA I am fairly new and really only know the basics, I shoot production and know what I can and cannot do, I just go out and have fun. My question is... do I need to literally know the whole rule book (all divisions and different scenarios) and be familiar with everything? There's no real info on the class other than where and when.
  11. Just saw that. Not sure if I am going to be able to squeeze it in but I am going to try. By the way I'm in Delray too, small world lol
  12. Ok so this is kind of an odd question, but I have a local range that I can rent private bays in for USPSA practice for fairly cheap but I am required to have one of the following certifications (Range Officer/Range Safety Officer/Safety Officer certified or a certified instructor) From a quick Google search it seems like it can be pretty easy/cheap to get at least one of those. My question is which will be the easiest/cheapest to get (that hopefully I wont have to renew the class or fee for several years)
  13. I think that answers my question. Looks like the +5 will be under or flush to the choke but would stick past the barrel itself probably. Thanks
  14. I just want to see how it looks sticking out past the barrel. Some pictures show it flush so I'm confused
  15. You guys are probably right, and when I was practicing drawing it in the house it does seem the stiffness is actually done that way on purpose, it helps. I don't have a belt keeper but I bought one, I think if I had a sturdy belt keeper I would feel fine, the stiffness just seems like the velcro wants to come off in the front, even though its pretty damn sturdy I don't know it will be that way when moving