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  1. I use a Springer precision dovetail mount on my shadow custom (10x bushing installed, poormans accushadow). With a vortex viper in 6moa. 2000+ rounds no issues Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  2. I've had some luck with Winchester primers. As well as CCI, however with CCI failure is around 5% on first strike. 0% on second strike. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  3. Springer precision makes a dovetail mount for Cz's too. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  4. Not enough ammo loaded lol. 155 round match and I've only got 200 rounds left. I ended up leaving with like 25 rounds lol As I do not have my own press, and my buddy lives 35 miles one way and only available on Friday to let me load. I end up scrounging for ammo. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  5. I agree with shooting your speed. The one stage I actually shot like I shot I did really well, 3rd place in my division and 16th over all. The rest of them I was going too fast and completely messed up my stage plan. So next match this Sunday, I'll be taking it slower and try to be more consistent. As I tend to shoot pretty well when I'm not missing targets or forgetting to reload and going to slidelock. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  6. This has saved my ass a couple times. I seem to either bring way too much ammo, or barely enough. Usually barely enough lol. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  7. Well sorry, but you bought an open tuned gun.. did ya think it was going to be cheap!?! Lol Feeding the beast will become way more expensive than the gun or gear. I'd personally get a reloading press asap. You'll cut your ammo costs in half, and have major scoring ammo. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  8. 1. I used to look for bullet holes as I shot targets. Im slowly starting to NOT watch for bullet holes, and calling my shots. Looking at Stage 1 video, I knew I messed up my stage plan and instead of doing something different I started to panic and got angry lol.... 2. I see what you mean, I watched a M shoot the same match (also carry optics) and well hes like a machine gun but the gun does not move at all. Compare that to my video, and well I'm like a drunk who's starting to dry up lol. The one stage (stage 5) I actually did well on (3/10 for CO) I was slower but more fluid with my movements. Other than I should have reloaded when moving instead of engaging targets that I ended up having to re-engage after the reload (had an Alpha Mike, and Delta mike before make-ups). 3. Yep, I totally caught me self not reloading at my designated spot, then realizing and basically panicking in my head and throwing away rest of my stage plan.
  9. Well shot my forth carry optic match (7th uspsa match). Things did not go very well lol... From forgetting to reload when I had plenty of time/distance to do so. Then another stage i forgot to record, botched my table reload and had to come back to pick up my next magazine. To leaving Mike's I could physically see on targets and taking them instead of reloading and firing two more rounds (did that stage 1&2, resulting in 2 Mike's each). Then classifier as usual I screwed it up and hit a NS on first round (damn you double action!!). Seems I do pretty decent when I'm 100% there mentally. 40/56 overall 8/10 division 9 Mike's 1 NS. 112 alpha 6 Bravo's 25 Charlie's 3 Delta's Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  10. Add some heat to the screw and turn it out. Do you have access to a soldering iron? Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  11. We suggest removing the main spring plug pin so that the main spring plug keeps pressure on the mag well at all times. Yep no pin for mainspring plug. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  12. I'm getting ready to install my bushing, how much POA/poi changes should I be expecting at 25y? Edit, Well I butchered the old bushing.. and some how hit the end of slide rail a little bit too. How can I go about smoothing out said peened edge. Some sort of stone? Where can I get the needed tools? I ended up destroying a front sight pin, had to use a drill bit to fit. Opened up the bushing, new pin went in easily. I'm happy I bought two spare front sight pins lol. But wow off hand 10 yards I'm getting touching groups. I was able to hit a full size ipsc target out from 70 yards with little difficulty. Really fun. Barrel only comes out one way, barely at that does go in easily tho. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  13. Bottom of dovetail actually. Used the two set screws on the dovetail, added locktite green. Then added locktite green to the two fore and aft poly tipped screws. 1500+ rounds still holding strong. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  14. I thought you were using a Czc mount? Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  15. I spoke with Springer precision, and was informed that they designed the mount not to be interference fit. Instead they designed it to be locktited in, and the set screws providing enough tension against the dovetail. They had informed me that I did not have to use shims, but I wasn't about to reinstall the mount without shims. 1500+ rounds and no issues. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk