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  1. The issues I had with it and my S2 were caused by how loose it fit the dust cover. It would rock over a 1/4". I imagine the Lim Pro would be swimming in it.
  2. After choosing the S2 over the Shadow I figured I would eventually pick up a limited until I shot my buddy's TSO last weekend. Great shooter out of the box.
  3. I've been using the PD firing pin/spring combo for about 3000 trouble free rounds but I did notice some drag marks on the primers today. It did this with both 9 & 10lb recoil springs. I know it's common in some guns so I'm not sure if I should be concerned or not. Just as a test I threw the stock pin/spring and the problem went away.
  4. I'm not sure if the pro differs from the original or what is cross compatible with what mount but I did see these from EGW. httpww.egwguns.com/index.php?p=egw_catalog&cid=147
  5. There are a couple of YouTube videos featuring ones done up by Henning Shop. It looks like you can get it and have it all tuned up with his parts plus 5 extended mags for less than the Xtreme.
  6. Rn or FP? What OAL did you end up at? I currently have to run their 125rn at 1.095.
  7. My standard S2 wasn't to bad out of the box either but all the roughness became more obvious with the lighter springs. As for polish I've tried both and prefer the Dremel brand. It seems to stay on the felt wheel and run cooler but both will give you the same results in the end.
  8. I don't think I would. It looks worn to the point the hammer is catching the edge of the FPB hole.
  9. It's hard to tell with the extra metal stuck to it but the back of your slide already looks bevelled. Do you have a pic with the bits of hammer removed?
  10. Thanks for the link. Looks like the one I ordered from BSPS states that it will fit all CZ75/Shadow while this fits the CZ85/Shadow.
  11. I ordered a CGW CZ firing pin spring and the OD is to large to fit into the frame. Did I receive the wrong spring or do you mean a CGW firing pin block spring? For now I ended up just clipping 2 coils off the stock spring. That seems to have made the difference I was looking for while retaining a positive reset so I may just stick with that.
  12. Another benefit is the Henning guide rod is nicely machined and really smooths things up. My S2 OEM rod had deep enough machine marks I didn't even bother trying to polish it.
  13. Mine fit up perfectly to the boss hanger but I did feel the need to trim some excess off the corner where my knuckle would contact when drawing. Maybe a 1/16" of material.
  14. I experienced the same thing and had a friend next door who used to work there adjust it. While improved it still would scrape and bind but eventually chewed it's way into a better fit. I have since moved on to a RHT and while it still had some break in by the Tanfo's sharp edges the fit is much better. I still see shavings but have zero issues with binding.
  15. At least now the safety will be the cheap part.