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  1. Welcome to the forum.
  2. I gave it a try using loctite's version of JB weld I already had new in the package. Even with a scuffed up and cleaned surface it failed to bond to the aluminum. Just brushing off the excess SC started to knock pieces free. In the future I will be sure to use the proven original.
  3. Factory. I can run Xtremes to 1.150 with ease so I don't see a need to have it reamed. Have just been looking for a coated option as well. If I switch to Blue's I'll go with the 125RN.
  4. I just received some sample packs in 125RN (.595 X .355) & 135TC (.650 X .355). The diameter looks to be consistent.
  5. I received a 135TC sample pack yesterday. To pass the plunk test in my Stock 2 the 135's have to have an OAL of 1.1050. This seems short considering the length of the bullet at .650.
  6. Thanks for the help over the phone. I tested it out today and everything worked perfectly. For those looking at the Bolo/Delta it seemed to drop in and work but the SA felt like it was just on the edge of not resetting. A few rounds of fitting and it was good to go.
  7. Did you just sprinkle it on thick and then later brush off the excess or do you need to press it into the JB Weld?
  8. Anyone have experience comparing Blue bullets at .355 against one of the more common HiTek coated offerings in .356? I have had good results using Xtreme plated .355 since new but am now interested in the benefits of coated.
  9. After receiving my single sided safety this is exactly what I did to have a backup. After carefully cutting, radius, polish and blueing the end by hand they look identical.
  10. I've found that at least with my square deal the SWC stem has only worked well with HP's. Most of the FP profiles I've used look basically like a RN with the tip cut off and fit that die much better.
  11. This may explain it. I'm new to Tanfoglio but this is something I came across while researching them.
  12. Has anyone tried these in a stock (unreamed chamber) Tanfoglio?
  13. Does the Bolo install as easy and work well with the Xtreme Delta hammer? From what I've read it sounds like you get a better trigger over the Titan.
  14. I am now 100% with the 14lb spring and properly seated Win primers. My polish job is nothing special. I think the key is having the PD firing pin.
  15. Nice videos. Coming from a Glock/M&P I wish I had them 1 month ago. The gun was easy to figure out but I now see a few spots on the sear cage and trigger bar I unkowingly missed.