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  1. Tested and I think It's good. It is completely blocking the fp with the hammer fully cocked back and then clears it when the sear is about 2/3 off the hammer hooks. Does this sound right? It just threw me off because if anything it almost looked like the fpb could be shorter. I will also add that my safety had the same if not more clearance. For me this was truely a drop in part.
  2. I received and installed the 1-pc sear. How do I know if I need the extended FPB? Will the issue be not blocking the pin at all or not release it soon enough? It seems good with the stock fpb moving out of the way just barely as the hammer is released in SA.
  3. I found this to be the case with my 2016 manufactured S2 as well.
  4. Welcome!
  5. If the goal is to eventually install a 1pc. sear, Bolo and Titan is it better to wait and do all at once or install the sear now and eventually add the other parts? My concern is removing material from the safety & extended FPB while fitting the sear I may need later once I install the other parts.
  6. I have been loading Xtreme 124gr RN at 1.140 with a factory chamber per the advice of a Production GM Tanfo shooter. I found I could go as much 1.155 and still pass the plunk test. With a Rainier 147gr HP I use for my Glock I could only go 1.100 and still pass it.
  7. Should the extra power extractor spring be considered only as a salutation to a problem or also as insurance in an otherwise good extracting gun (3-6')?
  8. What is the proper adjustment of the overtravel screw? My stock 2 is all factory except PD springs/FP and came with a good 1/8" of overtravel. I don't want to push the limits but a little less would be nice. Sorry for the separate quote/question posts. On a new phone and not sure what happened there.
  9. That makes sense as my Square deal has the same issues with CCI. All the Wins looked good and I suspect will work fine with the 14lb. Thanks for the insight.
  10. I probably could have worded that better. I meant at what point the hammer is released in DA. Just wondering if it could possibly cause the hammer to short stroke. I just tested a 15.5lb with Win's and all is %100 now.
  11. I tested it out with some CCI's I had around last night and had light strikes in DA only. I've done only minor polishing so that may have played a part. I'm new to this trigger system. Would the lighter trigger/sear spring effect when the hammer is released in DA? The plunger spring is stock.
  12. I have just done the same to a new Stock 2 with the addition of a PD optimized firing pin. Does this sound like a good set-up for reliability or is the 15.5lb worth the extra weight in DA? I run either Fed or Win primers.
  13. After a few Google searches it quickly became apparent that this is the best source for shooting sports info. I glad to be a member.