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  1. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^. Pretty much all that. I didn't see it mentioned but I probably overlooked. I'm in the south and I keep a can of OFF repelant as well. Sometimes down here the bugs will try to carry you away.
  2. A while back I talked my wife into going to a local Steel Challenge with me. I shot open & RFRO. I let her shoot my 22/45. She did great for a first time despite loosing her dot a few times. On the second stage while running open, I had some shrapnel come back and hit me in the shin. Bled pretty badly. Oh well. Band aid and few minutes back at it. On the ride home she asked if she embarrassed me. I replied, " between you and me, your the only one who didn't shoot yourself, so no". She likes to go to our local range and shoot but gets very self conscious at a match. She despises the timer. Work in progress, just not going to rush her.
  3. My first open gun was a Glock 34. I had spoke with Steve at SJC customs and he told me 1.142 was about max for feeding & mag reliability. I took his word and didn't have any issues with OAL.
  4. no experience with 38, I only run 9. I've tried WAC, 3N37, HS-6, 3N38, & AA#7. I didn't like the 3N37 at all, doesn't seem well suited for major. WAC was good but just felt a little sharper in the hand. HS-6 feels better to me than AC and is still easy to load, case volume wise. 3N38 is my hands down favorite however, just a pain when loading due to volume. AA7 is a close second and much easier to deal with. Downside is it's a little more dirty leaving a good bit of residue. If you like VV 38 you might give AA7 a shot. I'm currently getting a new barrel / comp fitted to my gun so about to start the process all over again. Going to go into it with an open mind and find what works best again.
  5. I came close to running out once. Since then, never again. Before I leave in the morning I load a 170 & 2 - 140's. Then also double round count plus spares. May be overkill but it's not too difficult to carry it back into the house and unload it. My overtaxed little brain has enough to think about at a match.
  6. You are correct sir. I apologize. While the phrases are universal, I would wager money that MS has the monopoly on number of ER visits afterwards though.
  7. Risk / reward situation. Risk: a lot. Who knows. Might be fine, might be bad. Reward: a little powder that losing won't be too bad a deal. No way I would try it but if you do decide to load up a few and try them just remember to use the two most common Mississippi phrases: 1- Hold my beer. 2- y'all watch this. Unfortunately these phrases usually precede a trip to the ER. I would err on the side of caution.
  8. No experience with the 15-22. I run a 10-22 in SC. When I originally built the gun I just used a spare 4 MOA Burris FF 3 I had. I later swapped it for an 8 MOA and that made a significant difference. Much easier to acquire the dot. I now have a 12 MOA C-more I'll put on it next week. For SC regarding dot size, bigger is defiantly better.
  9. Southern Mississippi opinion here. If a drone got by us at a match unscathed it would be scored as 2 no penalty mikes on a disappearing target. Even a couple of rotor hits would be 2 C's. 8 bonus points!!!!!!!!! I can see it being a bit of a distraction, but would still make for some very interesting video. I do feel they should stay behind and out of the shooters eye however just for a consistent stage between shooters.
  10. As far as stage planning and forgetting a target, Chalee has a very comprehensive post in here on the topic. Search how to break down a stage, or something along those lines. Even if you only take away one or two things from it, well worth the read. After a few more matches, study it again. No one can overdo fundamentals, which I think stage planning falls into. When I see someone FTE a target it's usually due to an overly complex plan. Stage planning is a skill that has to be learned. If you can't execute a plan every time with your mind almost on autopilot, the plan itself may need some tweaking. Just my $0.02.
  11. Good luck in your search. I used to shoot a Glock in open. I had a SJC 11 port for major and the Carver 2 port for steel challenge. Like you stated, the Carver 2 port is still around 1 1/4 long. As far as I know it's the smallest one offered. If I were you, I would phone Bobby Carver and / or Steve at SJC directly. Both are great guys and would love to help. If there is an easy way to get where you want to be they can point you in the right direction.
  12. I just got a 650 about 3 weeks ago. Very nice and well made unit. Only complaint I have is I wish I had gotten it earlier. I only load 9 in maj & min so I didn't see the need in the 1050 route. Setup was very simple.
  13. I have 6 MBX's. 2 170's & 4 140's. Gun is STI lower / Infinity upper in 9mm. The mags were a bit of a pain at first. After loading full and leaving overnight a couple of times they settled in. The 170's I can load full with 29 and they will still seat. The 140's I have to drop 1 round to get to seat. Not a problem since they're used for mag change & classifiers. 1 of the 140's would not seat initially but after a little use it works fine. They all feed well but when it comes time for new springs I will probably go to Grams springs & followers based on forum advise. My COAL is 1.170.
  14. Good day to all. Just hoping for some opinions and possibly a few suggestions on a dedicated SC open pistol. My current open gun for USPSA is in 9 Major, STI lower, and Infinity upper. I shoot as much SC as USPSA and have the itch for a new toy or upgrade. The way I see it I have a few options. 1. Run current pistol in both games with same major PF loads. A lot of guys do this and call it practice for pistol matches. Easiest option but still not optimal for SC. 2. Same pistol with modified load. I currently run MG 124g JHP's. Drop to 115's or 90 / 95's with same or slightly lower charge weight. My gun is at the smith now and I will naturally try this when I get it back before going any further. I think better than option 1 for steel but still room for improvement. 3. Same gun with different barrel / comp designed for lighter loads. My comp for major will be a Cheely 4 port ( 2 vert, 2 horizontal ). Who makes a comp similar to this but with smaller ports designed for SC? I know comps need gas to be effective but one with smaller ports should still retain some efficiency with lighter loads. 4. Complete upper assembly. Smaller comp / lightened slide. Seems like this might be the best "bang for the buck" option although at this point the buck is starting to escalate. 5. Complete dedicated steel gun. Best option of course but with price tag, we have liftoff. Not ruling this option out, just trying to make an informed decision. I haven't said anything here new to anyone, just stating the obvious and hoping for some opinions from people wiser and with more experience than I. Please let me know comp recommendations, load data, and any opinions. If you have a dedicated SC open gun I would love to hear about your setup. The only powder I have in bulk is 3N38. I also have small amounts of WAC, 3N37, HS-6, & Accurate #7. Thanks to to all in advance.
  15. Thanks to all for the advice. Mine arrived this week and I took off from shooting yesterday to set it up. Case feeder but no bulletfeeder yet. Next on the list. I did also get from hit factor the bearing kit, low mass ball and cam bearing that rides on the ramp by station 1. I am very impressed with its operation. Very smooth. I only load 9 major with 3N38 so I was concerned about powder spillage. Doesn't look like it will be an issue however. Have only made a few dummy rounds thus far but it seems like OAL's will be very consistent as well. Very happy with it. Again thanks for the bearing recommendation.