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  1. When I ran a 34 I didn't trust loctite only. I drilled and tapped a small hole in the bottom and used a set screw also. Barrel was a Lone Wolf with a small section on bottom machined flat to accept the screw. Comp was a SJC 11 port. I used blue loctite to make dissassembly easier and with the screw in place the index never moved.
  2. My 22/45 has Volquartsen trigger & bolt. Rifle is a 10/22 with Kidd goodies. UL barrel, bolt, 2 lb single stage trigger. 8 MOA Burris FF 3 on both. They both run and shoot perfectly. The Kidd rifle trigger is probably the best purchase I have ever made. I'm sure there are others out there that are as good, but I can't imagine anything being better. I just wish Kidd made 22/45 parts.
  3. I ran a Glock 34 in USPSA production and enjoyed it. I don't own a CZ but have fired a few that friends own and they are great shooting guns. If you're really on the fence about which to get I would try to get out to a match and talk with people who run both. See if they will let you take a few shots with them. While I like my 34, if I was starting over and know what I know now I would probably opt for the CZ. Just my .02$. I agree with the "Indian not the arrow" thing about 90%. If the Indians would have had compound bows and composite arrows history might read a little differently.
  4. Staff, I used to run a 34 in open. I had spoke with Steve at SJC and as far as OAL he said they had found during testing 1.14 was about the limit as far as reliability with mags / feeding. With that OAL I ran 8.4g of VV 3N38 behind 124g MG JHP's for major. I could go slightly longer but took SJC's word and didn't have any problems.
  5. Laurel. We've probably shot together before. I shoot CRPC a good bit. Also Hattiesburg and Jackson. I'll be in Biloxi this Saturday for the steel challenge. If you are there or want to drop by I have a ton of Glock stuff. I have new springs, the 6 trigger and 4 1/2 striker like I mentioned above. Will only take a few seconds to swap out and see. I'll bring all my Glock goodies too. PM me if you want to grab the springs or I can leave them at the club for you. Just let me know.
  6. A while back I was running a 34 in open. With a 4 lb striker I had the same issue. I changed to a 4 1/2 striker and a 6 lb trigger spring. Solved the light strikes and pull was actually about 1/4 lb lighter. They do not recommend the 6 trigger with the 4 striker though. Trigger safety might not fully reset. Hope this helps.
  7. I received my first Dairy Queen award yesterday. I was however unable to treat myself to a blizzard as the local DQ wasn't open yet! Yes, I make my screw ups early in the AM. Small stage, 10 metric with a drop turner and a swinger. Took first 3 on right, started moving left, stumbled slightly and sent one into the berm. Talk about feeling like a complete imbecile. My first pistol match I got 1 "finger" warning and explanation from the RO. Since that day when not shooting my finger rides against the frame. Dry fire, practice, maintenance, always. Never had another problem or even warning until yesterday. I guess when I lost my balance I instinctively clenched up. On a positive note I did have it pointed directly into the berm. Still my fault and responsibility. Nothing left to do but unload & show clear, apologize to everyone, go home, & drink enough hooch to kill a bull elephant and rub that feeling out. Oh, and think on it all week. ^^^^^^ I do like the idea of engaging the safety while moving. Have never tried or even thought of it but I'm going to give it some more consideration. Stay safe guys, don't be me. Long, lonely ride home at 9:30 in the morning.
  8. My first match ever was a local SC event. Naturally first time jitters and nervousness. Then started USPSA matches. Then 2 & 3 gun. Now that I'm used to multi gun, pistol is relaxing and SC seems like a day on vacation. Probably just me getting more experience but I feel they all compliment one another. I can see the logic in overextending oneself in too many disciplines and never reaching the point where you excel in one. Personally, I feel participating in different style events keeps you more adaptable. Plus if I shot the same thing every weekend a little ADD might kick in. I really enjoy the variety.
  9. This past weekend I was up first on the first stage. I was running late and less than completely prepared for the stage. When this happens I just try to simplify the stage. Minimum shooting positions for me means less to think about. Get there, service targets, get to next position. Also I try to tone it down by 10% or so. Just a little smoother and more relaxed. You can't win a match on any one stage, but you can lose it. Also try to develop a selective memory. Dwell on good stages instead of the mistakes made in the past. Sounds like common sense but evil thoughts can sneak into our heads. Positive thinking works half the time, negative thinking is 100% effective. Ditto to on the volunteering to go first. Just a few times and the issue will take care of itself. Wish you all the best with it.
  10. I just retired a 34 from open as I picked up a used Infinity. LW barrel, SJC 11 port comp, 11 lb recoil, factory weight slide. Experimented with 115's & 124's with 3N38. I liked the 124's with 8.3 g loaded at 1.140. Made @ 170 PF. When working up even at @ 165 ejection was iffy. Once PF went up ejection issue took care of itself. I also switched to a U-die, seemed to help with feeding. After these changes gun ran 100%. VV & WAC are all I've tried and fell in love with 3N38.
  11. I guess my early Boy Scout days stuck with me. "Be prepared". I look at round count plus a few spares. Then double that plus 50%. A complete 1.5 reserve means no need to think about it until you're home and unloading. When I get ready for a 3 gun I look like I'm outfitting 10 guys for a bank job. Overkill I know but I like to err on the worry free safe side. If I ever fly to a match I'll panic then.
  12. A few months ago I was in the same boat, debating my accuracy and speed. That's why video is so valuable. As a human, it's in our nature to want to do something, and then think we did it. A lot of the time video will show otherwise. Regarding speed: I think it's hard to tell if you're actually going faster because every stage is so different that it's almost impossible to make a comparison unless you're simply practicing a classifier. I performed a little experiment. I shot two local matches on a weekend back to back. During the first I simply wanted to go fast. Ricky Bobby, hair on fire fast. Naturally accuracy suffered. As silly as it sounds though, this was my goal. I now had a feeling of actually how fast I could move, transition and react after the beep. The next day, I simply toned it down to 85-90% of the previous day. The results were amazing. I wasn't nesseciarily slower, but more fluid and efficient. Now I can tone it down just a bit for smaller lower point stages and have a bit in reserve for the larger ones. My point is I think the only way to know your limitations is to push a bit and experiment. I think if ancient man had firearms there would definitely be some etching on cave walls about accuracy vs speed. Good luck and hope you find your balance.
  13. I'll let my name do the talking. Yes - born, raised, and resident of Mississippi. Yes - can spell Mississippi. Yes - I do shoot a Glock in open. ( I know, everyone just deducted 20 IQ points from me.) Quite a diverse group you meet at matches. Aside from the occasional nutjob regardless if they are extreme red or extreme geek the vast majority are great people. Still fun to interact with the different personality types.
  14. I run a G34 in open now major PF. It has the Glock MOS thing which is just a cutout for an optic on the slide. I put a Burris fastfire on it initially just to play and with factory ammo I would think it would be fine. I use a carver Hunter mount just for ease of pulling off. I run the same gun for open & 3 gun. Just swap spring, barrel, pull optic and 140mm mags. For major I run 115 MG JHP's with 9.2g of VV 3N38. Shoots great, flat & soft, but I would be leary of running an optic on the slide with major loads. Still a good bit of hit going on. I guess would depend on optic's warranty and your bravery level. I do understand not wanting to get another holster though. Hope it goes well.
  15. Good day all. I'm about to work up a steel load for my open gun. Basically this: Glock 34 LW barrel 11lb recoil. Jager 4 port comp. major loads are MG JHP, CCI SPP, 9.2g of VV 3N38 at 1.140 OAL. Makes 169-170 PF very consistently and shoots and runs great. I have several Speer 90g FMJ's I was going to try with the 3N38. Does anyone have experience with a similar load? Naturally I'm not concerned with making any PF or extreme accuracy with 35 yards max SC distance. Just reliability and mainly soft & flat running. When working up my major loads I had to get to 7.4 g before gun would cycle reliably. I'm thinking of starting @ 6.8g and chronoing from there. I'll post findings just in case anyone is interested. Thoughts, ideas, opinions, suggestions. Thanks in advance guys.