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  1. My pocket pro 2 has worked fine for months now with bunches of live fire and dry fire. I'd buy it again if I were to do it over but I don't have any experience with anything else to compare it to.
  2. Everyone is waiting for squadding to open or a spot to open up so the wait list can move in.
  3. Do you have an estimated price yet?
  4. A local machine shop that closed bought cutting fluid by the 55gal drum, I was able to pick up about a dozen barrels for free when they closed.
  5. Krylon fixes that. That's a good price though if you don't mind the color.
  6. Bladetech Revolutions as stated above will get you started. But for $5 more per pouch you can pick up the ghost pouches and be more versatile in the future if you ever upgrade or swap to a different gun.
  7. Love my p16 limited. Runs like a champ with everything I throw through it. It is a great entry level USPSA Limited gun. The MecGar mags wont take extensions and lock into the gun so don't bother with those unless you mill the grip down. If you want more than the 4 mags it has look into the obvious MBX choices, Canadian mags are hard to find and are getting expensive. I'm pretty sure it will fit standard 1911 holsters as well, I run mine in an older bladetech and it fits great.
  8. I made it into the pro match. Should be fun. I guess I need to start reloading and practicing more now.
  9. Not giving up on it, just not gonna dedicate guns to it. Ill just stick with 9mm minor in limited and take the handicap.
  10. For 3gun its an M2, 18" AR, and a 5" M&P core 9mm with apex parts. Outside of that I've got a few other AR's and pistols and I just picked up a para p16 limited to dabble in USPSA more but I think I will sell it off and stick with 3gun more than likely.
  11. I run a bladetech for my 5" and it holds it pretty well. I know I'm not the fastest on the draw but it hasn't slowed me down. Having a drop(Bladetech DOH) made a huge difference on my draw time though.
  12. MBX mags, pricey but they will run.
  13. Prior USMC Infantry. Been shooting for years, mainly shooting 3gun with a little USPSA on the side now. Shoot just about everything though and reload my own ammo when I get time.