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  1. Some of these things I do already. The others I'll add to the routine. Many thanks
  2. Also, I'll definitely try to get bumped to shooting first. That sounds like a solid plan, simple and effective.
  3. Good stuff. I typically try to figure out these things at the same time. I'll definitely try this
  4. Yep. When I started I was shooting SS. Switched to limited real quick. Thanks for the advice y'all
  5. This is something I struggle with, usually when I'm the first shooter. Anyone got any good tips for planning your run, and then executing, especially as a shooter early in the line up? Usually after 5-6 shooters I have it figured out, and can execute well, but I find I make way more mistakes when I'm up first.
  6. Definitely not pointed at the targets.
  7. Yea... Booger hook was clearly hooked near the bang switch and clearly not pointed at the target while trying to clear the cluster. That's the one in really kicking myself over. But yes, good to think about.
  8. Understood. Another shooter told me after that he had broke it, but again I couldn't call it or be certain about it.
  9. Close to or broke the 180. I tried to be in a good spot to watch it on this particular stage and saw it go that way when he reloaded but wasn't 100% sure. Second was finger in the trigger while clearing a malf on the last two targets
  10. New RO here. Should have DQd a shooter for two infractions on the same COF but wasn't sure enough about them or quick enough to do it prior to end of COF. The more I think about it, the more I believe I was wrong in not issuing the DQ. I keep playing it over and over in my head and feel guilty about it. But I reckon it's a lesson learned and fortunately without consequence. My point is, go with your gut.
  11. I shot with an M&P for a while with my finger in front of the trigger guard, and carried that over to my 2011. I was given some advice the other day from a shooter who is far better than me to not do this. His tip was to put the whole weak hand on the grip. If you were to put your palm only on the grip over your strong hand fingers and keep your weak hand fingers straight, they should be pointing at about a 45* angle down. Wrap them around and squeeze hard. That was his advice, I'm working on it but haven't had time to practice it live fire.
  12. 10-4. Didn't want to bug them if someone knew the answer here but will certainly email them. Mags are all brand new mbx with maybe 500 rounds each through them.
  13. Quick question for anyone that can help. I picked up a CK Thunder Limited from the forum here, and with the major match season coming up I want to make sure I'm tuned up. This is my first 2011, but I assume it's 99% identical to maintenance on a 1911. My main question is, what is the factory spring weight, and do they run on stock 1911 recoil springs? It's a reverse plug guide rod. Second, the after extractor. Should I put the second spring in if it's currently running fine? Probably 5-8000 rounds through it since new, maybe 10,000. Third, any particular maintenance I should watch out for? Thanks in advance.
  14. My feed lips needed tuning out of the box. For some reason I occasionally get a last round that goes straight up into the barrel hood. Anyone have clue why? I'm thinking it is probably due to the rounds in shooting being short, they were originally loaded for another gun at 1.14"
  15. It wouldn't be acceptable if it wasn't it