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  1. Mbx, but I did have to tune the lips. Rounds were going vertical occasionally.
  2. You want a sport to appeal to more people, and the biggest complaint you get is "it's too expensive to compete against race guns". Sounds like the obvious solution is to create a level playing field where equipment and money isn't perceived to dictate how you finish. Without a capacity limit, everyone would be forced to shoot a small number of above average capacity production guns or find themselves at a disadvantage; again making it exclusive in a regard.
  3. If you plan to shoot more than a few thousand rounds a year, plan on loading unless you're made of money
  4. Sounds right... Started in SS, got the m&p, and within six months I was in a CK
  5. Everyone's situation is different. There's plenty of stuff I wouldn't have paid for anyone to do for me ten years ago that I gladly do now. It's just priorities for some people, if you can afford not to reload and that gives you more time with family, then by all means.
  6. I have major match, match, and practice. Practice is generated from ammo that didn't pass the Hundo perfectly, or I have some reservation about for whatever reason. Major match is much more carefully checked and monitored during reloading than regular match. Regular match ammo I crank as fast as possible and toss anything that doesn't pass into the practice bin.
  7. Real quick question, does anyone know the diameter of the fiber insert for this gun? Trying to order spare parts while out of town otherwise I'd measure
  8. I'll look into those suggestions, thanks
  9. Thank you. I honestly want to do well and be fair, but correct. I don't like jumping to conclusions that may not be fair or correct. As such I tend to observe until I know I'm correct in a call. Blatant calls, I'm ok with, but like anyone I guess it takes time to learn.
  10. This is problematic at local matches mostly. Everyone chats it up and doesn't pay attention or tries to get the scoring done too quickly.
  11. SC State the other month, started standing outside of the shooting area, gun loaded on table. Wasn't paying attention and got caught shooting without taking the step in.
  12. Start by ditching the shock buff and grab a tuning pack of recoil springs
  13. If you decide to go m&p, I have a 5" .40 that I'm trying to get rid of to pay for other guns. The m&p treated me fine, honestly I would stick with the big names as there is more support and parts. Power factor is just bullet weight x velocity. To make minor you have to break 125,000 and to make major you have to shoot .40 cal and break 165,000. For example 180 grain bullet x 950 feet per second is 171,000 and would be clarified as major