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  1. That sucks on a 3 week old gun..... in the shop longer than you have owned it. What's the S/N on that gun? Sorry to hear this.
  2. I'm in the midst of having my new open gun built. It was recommended that I try the Delta Point Pro over the RTS2. Anyone else moving this way? I know that C-More has had some issues but I thought that was all history.... but my builder says not so. I'm not married to the RTS2 so it's an easy switch just wondering what some others are doing. Thanks G
  3. Yes we did!!! 1989......
  4. I've experienced the same issue and agree with your diagnosis!
  5. This was my experience with the load I worked up for my new limited gun.... with 5.1 gr N320, OAL @ 1.180 and 180 gr Montana Gold I would say N320 for this load it very consistent
  6. Thanks for the lead on a new brass provider. I bought some 9 mm from elite reloading it it was good stuff too. I'll try one of these two for my 40 cal needs.
  7. Good looking Carbine there!!!
  8. What do you have in to the build less the red dot? Any tricks or tips in building a 9mm vs 5.56? Thanks for sharing G
  9. Back out this afternoon with some Match ammo shoot'in some steel.... man I'm all over this gun it's definitely a fine piece of equipment . Got a new Alpha-X Holster for it too and all I can do is smile. Hope it goes away before the first match the guys will think I'm up to something
  10. Looking for a quality vendor for once fired brass. Names please.
  11. Well after several emails from the supplier it's hopeless to get any consumer satisfaction. I was told the I need to remember that I was buying scrap materials. And this is exactly what it is, scrap. My word to anyone dealing with this company is.... good luck and buyer beware. As seen in this thread I'm not the only one with this issue. Just my .02 G
  12. Thanks It is not a highbred, it is a standard bull barrel.
  13. Same time frame, I bought this batch late December. Any brand seam to have more failures than others? Did you contact them about this?
  14. Well after 2 emails from Monmouth reloading .com I got nowhere.... so many words too bad too sad. Check this off my list of brass suppliers. As a business owner my job is to provide a product that make my customers happy. And if not happy make it right. This is not so with many companies. Buyer beware! Just my .02 worth.
  15. I thought that to Jack. I bought this from a commercial brass reseller. But why just the Federal brass?