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  1. Good looking shooter!!
  2. I have but not on a regular basis
  3. Great advice and well taken!
  4. Are you using the Mini Mr.Bullet Feeder by DAA?
  5. +1 for the REDDING GRX.... just wish it was faster, 700 cases hr. with the GRX then 600-700 rounds hr. made with the Dillon 650= 325-350 rds. hr. when finished The push through is a PIA. Guess that's the price one pays to play with 40S&W range brass. G
  6. Shooting more now with mostly 40S&W and 9MM..... I have a 650 and a old 450 and was thinking of adding a 1050 to do the 9MM. Thought it made sense since the 9 range mix has some crimped primer pockets hear and there. Use the 650 for the 40S&W and other misc. loadings, the 450 is used when I'm working up a new load or as a backup when the 650 is set up for another caliber at the time. What's your thoughts? Is this rational? G
  7. I don't think you'll be disappointed.
  8. Got a new provider for my brass, my issues have been solved totally. 99+% excellent brass and supplier adds 3% for good measure. Not much resolution with the vendor that sold me the crap brass..... wanted to give me a $10 coupon on my next order, Ha like that will happen.
  9. Out of my 5" Atlas Limited.... 5.1 gr N320, 1.85 OAL
  10. Received my Limited gun a month ago and waiting on the open..... Atlas A+ in service and quality!!
  11. What he said^^^^
  12. Thank you... it's my plan to give the DDP a chance. It wouldn't be the first time I changed my mind and do something different if it doesn't work out for me
  13. What is the dot size on the RTS2?
  14. Cutting and milling the slide, fitting the slide to frame and then sending it off for PVD finishing. Equals 8 to 10 weeks from the time you let go of it till the time you get it back..... yuck but that's the way it is, been there done that.