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  1. Back from the Sunday Match and the gun ran perfect... Wish I was as good as the gun I could not ask for better.
  2. I'll get a pound and give it a whirl... what OAL are you running?
  3. Digital Link from Competition Electronics.... blue tooth connection to the chrono from the phone/app
  4. Chrono details
  5. Just 2 in the barrel...
  6. 7.0 gr WAC with 124 gr MG JHP @ 1.163 OAL = Avg. 1397 fps or 173 PF
  7. SVI 40 degree slide racker, just took it off when I was cleaning it and didn't make it on for the photo shoot....
  8. Adam knocked it out of the park with my custom open gun. Built it in 9mm major and when I was working up the loads today on the chrono this gun was punching one ragged hole in the sighting target. Just a couple of phone pics for now.
  9. It's to bad the builder did not do the QC needed before selling the gun. The buyer shouldn't have to deal or pay for any of this! Just my .02
  10. What is the difference? Did you have the muzzle attachment on the RM?
  11. I have an X-5/6 insert for a racemaster magnetic I can get to you just let ma know if your interested.
  12. What he said ^
  13. Small job shop would charge 20-25 bucks
  14. Marking the days on the calendar... ha
  15. I kind of thought that too. Things are moving to fast in the match to stop and look. Never happened in practice.