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  1. Do you know if you are going to make a long slide for the shadow to replace to buy . With bull barrel and if so how much and how long
  2. So how long untile the bull barrel long slide for a shadow coming out
  3. Do you guys have the accu shadow bushing for sale and if so how much
  4. Looking for a 9mm long slide to put on my cz so-01shadow how much is that and were to get one at and what comes with it
  5. Thanks Thanks
  6. You guys have any pictures of your shadow
  7. Thanks guys
  8. Looking to buy a cz shadow magwell found 2 that I like just don't know if any one has them and what they think of them .1 is cajun gun works and the other is on the new cz ts Orange but don't know we're to buy that one at any help would be nice 😀
  9. Wanting to know how reliable mecgar mags are
  10. Just put mine on this week very tight fit love it
  11. Yeah that's one of my next things magwell
  12. No not yet been bizzy
  13. Thanks guys for the help