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  1. Did you guys polish up the guts? I am using reman ammo, but it works. Blazer Aluminum as well.
  2. Sordins. I have the same setup.
  3. 100% reliability for me with 11.5#.
  4. Ahh, I see. I ended up polishing my sear, and it's a very smooth break now. I have yet to live fire it so I don't know if I will like it or not, but I don't think it's enough to make me cough up 40 bucks for one.
  5. I wouldn't do it without a sharpie. The dremel attachment is fine, but just test and retest frequently. Be patient about it. If it takes more than one day, so be it. I suspect you won't have to remove much material.
  6. It still catches when the screw is backed all the way out? That is a little weird since if you have a ton of post-travel, the sear should be able to clear the hammer easily. The sear movement is directly related to the trigger. It won't reset until you reset the trigger.
  7. If it's not firing when you pull slowly you need to back it out more. Otherwise, the only reason why it releases when you pull quickly is because you have enough force to push the screw in and let the hammer fall. It's still scraping.
  8. If you pull slowly you need to back it out more. You don't want your hammer hooks to drag on the sear or it will cause premature wear. You can visually inspect and see that the hammer hooks clear the sear.
  9. Hopefully that is it. It is definitely the easiest fix.
  10. Because you can get grips made with notches cut and no notches. I see nothing wrong with his logic regarding grip alterations. It's the same as changing back and front straps. 22.2 is talking about the frame. Not the grip.
  11. You guys are talking about differnt things. resortboarder is talking about modifying the grip panels. You guys are talking about modifying the frame.
  12. No, David is most likely correct. The sear isn't releasing the hammer which means the post-travel screw is too far out. Fitting the sear only affects the reset, not the release.
  13. Get the Shooters Connection Belt. It's like the same as the DAA at a fraction of the price.
  14. I found my reloads were faster with the S2 style mag release compared to the 85C. Well, I don't know about faster but certainly more consistent. I wouldn't sacrifice grips for reloading if it affects your ability to shoot.