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  1. I have those. I actually don't like them that much because when I insert them, I don't really feel the click as much through the rubber as with the plastic pads.
  2. Hmm okay. I just bought a pack from a member here so I'll see how they are. One thing I don't like with my plastic pads is the sandpaper numbering system and scratching up my forearm all the time.
  3. So reloads actually are a bit easier then? I've never handled them before so I don't have anything to compare to. I had my first stuck mag (because of my pro-grip) and had to pull it out myself so now I'm considering getting the basepads.
  4. Do people find that replacing the basepads with Springer Precisions or Shockbottles really aid in drawing the mag? Or is it just looks? I'm a little confused why they're so commonly replaced when the metal just wears rapidly from dropping on the ground.
  5. I have the tactical. The bags are very nice! That said, it won't fit a 6" gun FYI or an open gun (I don't think!). I like the molle so I can add on an ammo pouch and an extra pouch to hold my lead off wipes. The tactical cannot carry a laptop. Get their executive.
  6. I use Flitz. I don't even use sandpaper, just go straight to Flitz.
  7. Mainspring doesn't affect your recoil spring choice. Recoil spring will be dependent upon the user. I would say 10 or 11 lb is the most common here.
  8. CGW, yes.
  9. 13 I think.
  10. I don't think it's that unexpected to shoot a new gun a bit off or at least for less experienced shooters. I know I can shoot my S2 easily at to POA, but if I rent the 1911 or any other gun, the different feel is enough to make my shots consistently hit off POA. Just takes some time.
  11. I've been thinking about agility ladder drills. Watching Max Michel and JJ, they have incredible foot work, and I know JJ does agility training.
  12. Can't use the pocket. Look at your courses of fire. Mine I could get away with usually just 3 mags including the starting mag. I just carry all 5 to get used to the weight. I angle because I'm pretty skinny, and if I reach to the back, then I'm pretty much forced to angle my hand.
  13. My first 3 are vertical, my 4th and 5th are angled towards me.
  14. Just ordered one, thank you!
  15. Oh. I would just PM him on FB. But I can understand the frustration. I haven't actually bought anything from him.