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  1. Glad to hear you got it running again, see you in St George Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
  2. I have a RIA 9mm on ramped and with round nose bullets it's fine but it will not feed holow point ammo at all. Not a problem for a game gun but something to be aware of Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
  3. Well not really, The DNROI may petition the board and with their approval publish official rulings that are "Final" everything else is an opinion and does not carry the same authority. He actually contradicts himself in the response, first saying that the rule does prohibit targets available beyond the 180 then modifying it to be only those close to the 180 are a issue and ones well beyond are OK. If they are prohibited by rule then he ran high level matches with illegal stages, if it is not a rule then he did not, he can't have it both ways.
  4. The way I explain it for instances like this is there has to be a solution to the stage that doesn't require more than 8 rounds form any view or location. the solution avaliable is not required to be good it is just required to exist. I think the best example of this I have seen was a stage at the WSSSC this year that had a barrel stack in front of a shooting box to the right there were 5 poppers to the left there were 5 poppers in front there were 3 paper (best 2) so the 8 round solution was to one side of the barrel stack shoot 5 poppers 2 on one paper and 1 on another paper, then to the other side of the barrels do the same. The competitive solution for SS Major was 9 to one side and 7 on the other, but the 8 and 8 option existed and that is all that matters.
  5. IF you were recently reading this thread possibly, in the real world you would get Make Ready from the RO and everything would be fine.
  6. Forget about the Co Witness sights. you shouldn't be using them. Just like you don't see iron sights on open guns
  7. Just to be a pain, and to show the easy trap of always reading the rules literally. Shooter comes to the light with a holstered pistol AND a bagged pistol tells RO he needs to change guns for the other division he is shooting or for a RM approved gun change. RO says Make ready, shooter takes pistol out of bag. Should he now be DQed? he is at this point in possession of 2 guns during a course of fire (begins with make ready)
  8. could it be that on a striker gun such as the M+p that the thumb safety when equipped is a secondary safety and as such is not required to be used? I would say just because on a 1911 the primary safety is the thumb safety does not meat that is the case on all guns
  9. the big thing I see with shooters at that level is that they really need to do everything other than the shooting faster. I believe you can get BIG gains by moving faster when you do anything but actually shoot at targets. move yourself faster from position to position, don't walk when you can run. don't draw in slow motion because the target you are shooting is difficult, know where the targets are, know where you are going next, plan where and when to reload and do it then. Get a video of yourself shooting a few stages and look for the low hanging fruit and work on that, I bet you will find that shooting slow is not the lowest fruit.
  10. Actually it's the opposite Hammer fully decocked unless it has a decocker then use the decocker and wherever that puts the hammer is fine Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
  11. In general guns are way more durable than the general public thinks, in the competition community putting 10's of thousands of rounds on a gun is just par for the course, outside our little bubble people who shoot 50 or so rounds at a time think the numbers we run up are crazy and assume our guns must be worn out because they have 50x more rounds on them than their guns do. I know many of us run more rounds between cleanings than most non competitive shooters run in a life time. Just remember in this game the guns are the cheep part, to use the numbers from above 40,000 rounds of open ammo costs something north of $6,000 and that is probably on the low end for barrel life and ammo cost, so a new $500 barrel every $6,000+ in ammo is not a big deal. I saw a article a while back about a pro shooters limited 2011's passing 500,000 rounds, I'm sure it has had many new parts over the years but its still going.
  12. I would say the situation you described would normally be a DQ at most matches. My point was the rules vary match to match so there is now way to really know what the correct to the rules answer is.
  13. Under what rule set was the match being run? please quote the rule from that rule set that would DQ the shooter. This is one of the BIGGEST problem with most multigun matches being run as "Outlaw" matches, the only rule set is whatever the MD says they are, or even when they are published they are often incomplete and in some cases not very strict on safety issues.
  14. What I think Moto and others are getting at is RELIABILITY is #1 in our game everything else is way down the list, and pretty doesn't make the list at all. I had 2 failures to feed at the WSSSC (shooting factory ammo) this year and it cost me about 9 places in the overall. Unless there is something wrong with it just about any off the shelf 1911 will be plenty accurate for what we do (including 50yd standards)
  15. We do have many targets that are only available at extreme angles, but we set them so they disappear before you get to the 180 the shooter still needs to control their muzzle but at least they cant be aiming at a target while they are breaking the 180