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  1. On fixed time stages (Lightning and Thunder) concentrate on good hits, remember 1 A is worth more than 2 D also at minor, more than 1C+1D, so AIM! also remember in fixed time there is no penalty for misses (think shots not taken) so on string 2 having 3 good hits and not even trying to reload is better than rushing 3 bad shots and trying to get the reload done so you can make 3 more bad shots. its all about what YOU can do in the time allotted, don't worry about what the other shooters on your squad did or say they will do, just shoot what your sights tell you you can.
  2. I disagree with this, my evidence is that after the 2014 rule book was published and the rulings were cleaned up we ran 2, national championship Production matches where having a plastic grip plug in your GLOCK was illegal, as far as I know nobody took theirs out when the rules were updated ( i know a couple GLOCK shooters that went to these matches) and nobody was bumped to open for that at either match. I emailed with DNROI about it and prior to issuing a ruling that re-allowed them he tried to use some really tortured logic to say they were allowed, when the rules clearly forbid them. So apparently it is very hard to enforce the rules if we cant do it at the national championship.
  3. At the local level Steel matches around me are ruled by 22's either pistols or carbines with optics, they normally outnumber center fire guns by a large margin, so I guess if you are really interested in HOA then you need to get a 22 rifle.
  4. Your not stirring the pot, that would be me :-) like I said overall it was a great match, but the chrono stage was a bit wonky in its execution. I very much agree with your assertion to verify the results. my son went sub minor years ago at an area match, he was shooting factory ammo and I didn't bother checking it first, after the match I reread the procedure and I believe, like you his best 3 would have made minor just the averages of the first 3 and last 4 didn't make it. I went into this chrono stage a little worried as I knew my ammo was not as much above the PF floor as I would like and everyone I knew said they were coming up about 5PF lower than they had at home. Turns out I must have a slow chrono as I ended up 3 PF higher than I had at home.
  5. I guess my point is, if you are not weighing everyone's bullets you should not weigh anyone's, I don't think gives the latitude to do the chronograph test differently for different competitors, it just allows them to test anyone's ammo at their discretion. I believe the "or other tests" portion of the rule allows for testing things other than chrono items, such as AP projectiles ect. reading the chrono procedure section of the rule book, I believe you can stop using a scale and go with competitor declared weights for the remainder of the competitors, I do not see any leeway to allow for using declared weights then switching back to weighing bullets.
  6. So basically not a consistent procedure for all competitors. If I had not made minor I would probably have protested the chrono and from what I have seen I feel I would have had a very good case to take to arbitration. I don't want to knock the match but I feel like competitive equity is second only to safety in match management priority's, and in this case It is obvious that it moved down the list a little.
  7. To me somewhat troubling is that in the squads I am seat of that went through chrono on Saturday and Sunday bullets were pulled and weighed. The troubling part is if that was not the case at the begging of the match it changed and all competitors did not get the same treatment. Also my gun was not weighed or tried in the box, I don't use extended pads so the box is less of a deal, but my gun is just above the listed weight so I am used to having to remind the chrono officer about the +2 oz part Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
  8. Yes when asked the shooter could give whatever weight he beloved to be accurate (or if less honorable a weight he just wanted it to be) Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
  9. for me with both my 45 and 9mm SS guns I top out at about a .14 split the difference for me is in the scoring, do i want extra points or extra rounds? my problem is I usually need both
  10. The lock doesn't matter that much, remember its locking a plastic case so the weak link is the case (think 2 min with just about any kind of saw and the case is open)
  11. I am familiar with the stage, I was one of the successful shooters. I actually set that stage up at our club match the week before and while the first targets were a bit further away it didn't seem to cause anyone any issues I did give a general warning during the group walk through in the morning to watch for the 180 on that stage.
  12. Things like this make me wonder what kind of challenges people are seeing at their local matches, and or what type of officiating are they getting. We try run stages with a variety of start positions regularly at our matches and all the local shooters I talked to or watched didn't seem to think the start was a big deal, they all said you just have to make sure your all the way around before you draw, it was very matter of fact to them. Heck there is even a classifier with a up range hands at sides start (99-47)
  13. A lighter main (hammer) spring will also help a bunch with racking the slide as you are fighting the hammer and recoil springs at the beginning Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
  14. You also need to take into account the target presentations when looking at things like this. If all the targets are full open you should shoot more A's than if every target is half covered by a no shoot, so there is no magic number for how many A's you should be getting, unless all you matches and stages look the same.
  15. Mount the sight to the cover then all the slide machining is for mounting the sight