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  1. I used a Thunder doh with my para. Nice holster for sure.
  2. http://www.scout.com/military/snipers-hide/forums/5515-semi-auto-rifles/14260541-thoughts-on-seekins-sp10-308-ar-s
  3. 168/175gr Federal gold medal match will do the magic. I'd be surprised if twist were any less than 1:10. Once you start reloading, the 175 Sierra TMK + Varget/4064 will be your go to load, and I'm not rich either. Can't help you with info on the rifle, never heard of it. Break in: lots of voodoo. The science (from what I understand) is to get a good, consistent copper base layer in the tooling marks and imperfections in the barrel. Therefore, most recommend (with the caveat that there really isnt any one perfect method) a good cleaning prior to use, then running a patch after EACH shot for the first 5-10 firings, then every other shot from 11-20, every third shot from 21-30...So on and so forth. Others will chime in and say they've got a .2 moa barrel without nary a cleaning... Both are correct Depends on how methodical you want to be, I guess.
  4. Blue Bullet. VV N320 or Titegroup, pistol don't care.
  5. This. Add tension to the feed lips.
  6. The ? mark at 44.7 is what happens right after the node. See reply above by Inkballedtarget.
  7. Another vote for a used kitchen oven. 220-230F for 30-60 min and you are done. Primer in, out, doesn't matter.
  8. Range was not cleared by RO. Should have been a DQ then. Now what?
  9. No sir. 10.5.14 Retrieving a dropped handgun: A dropped gun must always be retrieved by a Range Officer who will ensure it is unloaded and properly secured in the competitor's holster or a suitable container. The Range Officer may, at his discretion, secure the gun himself or return it to the competitor who will secure it under supervision of the Range Officer. Dropping an unloaded handgun or causing it to fall outside of a course of fire is not an infraction; however, a competitor who retrieves a dropped handgun will receive a match disqualification.
  10. Me too. NOW
  11. First shooter in the squad, first stage of the year at this particular club. Ran the COF, unload show clear, slide forward hammer down, place pistol in new Ghost ultimate holster, well almost...plunk. Right in the sand. Fortunately pistol was unloaded, and I haven't a clue how its even possible for a pistol to fall forward off one of these holsters and not muzzle anyone and everything behind it. Big wake up call. Threw me off for the ret of the day and definitely left the match feeling defeated. Shit happens, learn and move on I guess.
  12. Dan teaches an excellent course. All of the equipment requirements are listed on his website. You will be on the 1000 yd steel in no time with the equipment you listed. 175 T/Smk should do the trick, 42 gr IMR4064.
  13. Elaborate as to why. From what are you basing this theory?
  14. Bueller? Bueller?