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  1. The range you shot at on 4/15 takes about 2 weeks to get the scores into USPSA. I would bet that the next update (Next Wednesday) will show your scores.
  2. Also, talking to squad mates is a good way to find out of other matches.
  3. You can also join StLouisShooters. The forum is not very active, but they have a match calendar with local matches on it. Helps you figure out what clubs have matches in the area.
  4. I pushed the par time down to .7 seconds tonight and practiced the reloads a little more. The second set of reloads are 25% of the original speed. It took the sound out of the clip, but couldn't get it back in.
  5. This is exactly right, it was something that was pointed out to me when I was shooting production as actually slowing down my reloads due to it being canted when the mag starts to come out instead of straight up and down. It is definitely not something that was helpful.
  6. I've used Acme coated 180, and moved to Black Bullets International. After about 1500 of them I am very happy with them, and will continue using BBIs.
  7. Thanks, I'm going to focus on working on my draw this week in dry fire. I will test out your suggestions in live fire next week. I was consistently at like 1.5-1.8 second first shots at 7-10 yards, and I know this is slower than it should be. I think the reload thing comes from when I was in Production I would try to assist the mag out. It is something that I never noticed until taking this video. I am going to try to fix that as well!
  8. Awesome! Thanks for the analysis. I see things I need to work on, but don't always know how to break them down. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
  9. I managed to barely scrape my way into B class (60.02%). That means there is a large amount of improvement that I need to make before being competitive. Took some videos of my practice session tonight. I had an epiphany tonight and was finally able to start shooting on a regular basis with both eyes open. This needs more practice, but is something that I have been trying to learn. Things I see I need to work on: 1. Grip - early on was not gripping enough, near the end started gripping tighter and saw better results. 2. Reloads - Fumbled 1 reload in this video bad. Other times I reload it alright, but am not very quick getting back on target. 3. Draw - My draws were consistent 1.5 - 1.8 to first shot. What else do you all see that is low hanging fruit?
  10. I recently watched a bunch of his videos. His movements are very explosive, and his splits on his PCC rifle are quick!
  11. I run 180 gr. BBI bullets. I am loading to 1.165" and using 4.65 gr of WST. This gives me 170-171 PF out of my 5" limited gun with a Nowlin Barrel.
  12. Agreed with above. I use the Redding GRx die (similar to the Lee die). The Dillon resizing die is not made to be used as a push thru. Best bet would be to do the following. Here are the steps I do with mine. Tumble Resize using GRx die (I don't use lube as I use a carbide die, so use lube if your Lee is not carbide) Then I load it on my 650 with the first station being the normal Dillon resizing die with the de-capping pin installed.
  13. Looks like Midway has switched to free Hazmat on CCIs with $150 or more.
  14. You are correct, when I said I use the GRX die, I meant that I size on a separate single stage press then still run it through the regular sizing die in my first station on my 650 too.