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  1. Unfortunately when you move to the 2011 platform there does always seem to be something. They require constant attention.
  2. Big fan of the 511 taclite pants. For shorts I use a pair of under armor golf shorts that are super light.
  3. I know a few guys that sent their STI 40 guns to have the chambers opened up a tad because they were so tight. I had an edge myself but I was lucky and didnt have a problem.
  4. interesting observation there. Love to know who got away with that.
  5. I have dedicated pants and shorts for that reason. I really only wear them shooting. Theres a crazy oil stain on them but I just don't worry about it.
  6. I think the problem would be if the finish is gone it doesn't provide any corrosion resistance. Does ionbond hold up better to abrasion?
  7. I agree I would just use a full target and then its a non issue and doesn't affect the stage. Just makes it a little harder for a REALLY bad shooter haha.
  8. The face of paper no-shoots must include a sufficiently distinguishable non-scoring border. In the absence of perforations or other suitable markings, the Range Master must order that all affected targets have a replacement non-scoring border drawn or fitted thereon. Sounds to me like you can draw a "perf" on the target and be good to go. Seems weird but thats how that reads to me. I may be missing another rule tho.
  9. is that in the rule book or a clarification from NROI?
  10. So if a production shooter has a barney mag in his front pocket to make ready does that mean he gets bumped to open as well?
  11. Never mind I'm an idiot found them.
  12. Just looked on there and didn't see any. Maybe I didn't use the right search criteria.
  13. If thats what your counting on you'd better check the laws again. In states that are that strict (and I live in one) it's rare that a law like that will cover you.
  14. Im thinking I would give up the bullet feeder for the powder check. If you are that new to reloading and are questioning your technique I think the bullet feeder may be a little advanced for you. Please don't take that personally it just seems like a big jump for a new reloader. A lot of guys here will tell you that you should start on a single stage and don't even think about a progressive, let along a progressive with a bullet feeder. Its just another think to pay attention to. I also highly recommend the lock out die. It actually stops the press instead of just telling you theres no powder. I run one on all my tool heads.
  15. They are doing it in Mass this year for Area 7.