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  1. See if you can use "Ship My Gun", a sister company of Buds. It's normally $50 insured but cheaper than going at it alone.
  2. Managed to salvage some match video
  3. Yeesh I musta got a golden egg of a 650. (Knock on wood). Only problems have been self inflicted. No powder loss in 9mm (moderate density e3) with the "snap" unless I'm freaking ripping on that thing like a teenager in heat. I just don't get all the frustration!
  4. Yup, I've got the same experience. One S2 is a 2016 variant and an older 2014? S2 bought used that has a different barrel length as you noted. Everything is running fine, nothing to worry about.
  5. Good luck tomorrow John! Hopefully it'll be warm, sunny, and dry.
  6. The inner runs like a normal belt with the right (tappered side) running over top of the left. Then run my outer belt w/ the overlap in the back. Makes it easier to position the holster properly then over to the mag pouches. Keeps everything lined up on the inner belt.
  7. Only non factory parts in the gun are: 1) PDO Firing Pin return Spring 2) 13lb PDO Hammer Spring and 3) 1 piece sear. No idea why setup is so different, it just works.
  8. Disagree, but hey that's the beauty of these fickle Tanfo's! I've been 100% w/ CCI's on a 13lb hammer spring & stock hammer loading on a 650. So far only 3 light strikes on S&B in 2,000 rounds with the same setup. But those are all practice rounds, using Federal (out now) or Winchester for match ammo.
  9. Wow! Bidding ended at $2,025! That's fricken insane.
  10. Hands are sore, legs are sore, and I'm learning. Put in a good session Saturday night going position entry & exit, both directions using 1/3 scale targets at a simulated 15 yards with shooting boxes 10' apart. Averaged 4.5 seconds, interestingly enough same time in both directions. Ran Entry for 7 minutes each direction, then Exit 7 minutes each directions and for good measure ran Entry again 3 minutes each direction but with a reload in between. Highly surprising, performing a reload did not slow me down at all. Last night did a bit of work on port entry / exit both directions, barricade entry/exit. Approximately 3 minutes each direction. Port work leaning to the left (weak side) is much more difficult than the right (strong side) Going left to right, I was matching barricade times but right to left was a PITA to hit proper stance & lean around the barricade. This morning was simulated 20 yard partials, distance change-up, and Hi-Lo transitions. 20 yard partials feels good and looks good. My eyes keep jumping back to the front sight though, I want to keep a target focus with a blurry yet aligned sight picture. This is something I need to work on in live fire to prove the concept. Distance change up is getting quick & more consistent. using simulated 10 yard metric targets & a 2" plate @ simulated 10 yards. Again something I need to prove in live fire. Hi-Lo transition was quick & consistent starting on the low middle target. Starting hi and moving low was more difficult with a tendency to over swing target; need visual patience to clear hands & gun enough off target center to find visual focal point. Continuing to emphasize snapping eyes to center of target area, caught myself riding the sights a few times. Long term focus in training: Snapping eyes to center of best target area. Grip pressure, as eloquently stated on the PPS, I'm striving for a cock strangle hold with my weak hand. It's getting better every session. Near term focus is practice in match mode - calling every shot. My speed is increasing greatly, I will translate that into seeing more quickly and calling every shot. Next local match is this Saturday. I am going to this match to call every shot, move aggressively during non-shooting times, and shoot sooner.
  11. Well done Memphis! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. BUIS are okay either way. If you got them great, if not who cares. Either way is not they right way, just go with makes you feel good.
  13. Ha. Tanfo stole from CZ and now CZ stole from Tanfo. Gotta love it! Still not sure the premium for a stock Shadow 2 is worth it over a Stock 2/3.
  14. Hehe yep! If the powder looks right and everything feels okay, I'll shoot it.
  15. @troupe Found that gun this morning, website (Model # 51719) says it's a bull barrel, believe me I'd love to find a cheap 1911 in 40 with a bushing barrel. I agree with re-barreling, it would put the cost way to high to be worth. The Remington has my interest. But other than that is seems the STI Trojan, Remington, and Sig are the only production line guns available for competition 40's.