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  1. Go for it brother. I'm. I'm not taking a risk for a small amount of money. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Yup. I didn't see any improvement for me during the time using them. In fact it messed with my draws and reloads. Maybe in the off season I'll try again. Going a bit off topic - but I don't have the time with family commitments, work, etc. to spend filing, sanding, and fitting. That time that I make away from those commitments is spent dry firing or going to the range. Everyone is different but for me with a wife, a young son (first child), and work I prioritize getting better rather than tinkering.
  3. Gonna run the same powder load without verifying it meets PF or is within safe pressure range? Going to reset a press that, presumably, is locked in for his current load? Go for it, I don't care. But why mess with your press when there is plenty of ammo available that will work for one match?
  4. Why don't you run down to wally world or academy & buy the ammo? That'll be like ~$60 of ammo versus messing up your press to run a few hundred.
  5. Dang. I just gave them an hour of dryfire before giving up! Haha you guys are crazy with the modifications!
  6. if you want a glue & grit job, look up Alma Cole here on the forums. He's got quite the following doing P320 frames but a 2011 is cake.
  7. 1. Dryfire. Seriously, I'm doing the same thing. Don't waste drive time & bullets for something you can do for free at home. 2. Dry fire helps but can only feel what it is like in live fire. I'm working on transitions and can finally get the feel during live fire. 3. Dryfire again. 4. Work the gun handling in dry fire, Prove that out in live fire, can do that indoors. As WT said, get a book, Stoeger's is good, so is Anderson's. Create a training plan and stick to it.
  8. I haven't either in the 4 years I've been reloading. I have noticed some powders settle a good bit, thereby increasing the drop ever so much.
  9. Come on Scott this is serious stuff! No trolling at all!
  10. Indeed. I made B by a c-hair with virtually zero live fire and shooting 1 match a month but dry firing about 2 hours per week. Throw in 1 or 2 live fire sessions on a range per month and you'll get really good, really fast.
  11. I'mma start calling you Delta Mike!
  12. Check out Atlas' video on that phenomenon.
  13. Spent a few hours on the range Friday afternoon. Dots - Freaking hard. On one sheet- Shot 1 clean, 2 close to clean and the rest were pretty damn bad. I forgot how much these identified the flaws in your game. The basics: trigger control, grip, and sight alignment are very easy to isolate in this drill. Bill drills - 1. 2.15 w/ 1 charlie 2. 2.46 w/ 2 charlie (bad grip) 3. 2.17 alphas 4. 2.12 w/ 2 charlies 5. 2.69 w/ 1 charlie (bad grip) Blake drills - worked on speed with an understanding the hits might suck. 1. 2.13 - 1.10 draw, avg .186 split, avg .235 transition 2. 2.17 - 1.09 draw, avg .183 split, avg .265 transition 3. 2.19 - 1.10 draw, avg .175 split, avg .275 transition Bit of an ego boost. First time I've shot these in 6 months and the first time around was abysmal! So yeah, I feel good about that. Shot a few other drills - shooting while moving and easy entry/exit. Found out I go to a a sight focus on everything, including 5-7 yard open hoser targets. Something I want to improve is utilizing target focus more. I've got a really strong index and feel comfortable put two alphas 15 yard open targets with target focus at speed. Going back this week to start working on a bit more basic techniques; distance change-up, accelerator, and position entry. I feel those are three major places which I can pick up a tremendous quantity of points along with time.
  14. Again? Really? Is it too hot outside? Did Dad kick the kids of the couch and they found their way to the internet cafe?
  15. Set up 3-6 targets. Come up with an engagement order. Lets say you have 3 targets in a standard practice setup (7 yards with 1 yard between targets), make the decision to engage Left then Center then Right, reload, then Center then Right then Left, reload, then Center then Left then Right. Basically all you are doing is shooting the targets in a different order with a task between the shooting. You can even have to shooting positions. Take the example above and instead of reloading, move from A to B. The move doesn't have to be far 3' is fine.