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  1. Sorry to hear that. I was very unhappy with Century back when Grand Power was under them. Eagle isn't the world's best, but they are definitely better.
  2. First match? Don't get DQ'd and you've done well. I wouldn't even think about what my score is on the first match. Come in last on purpose if that's what it takes. Then you can only go up! Classifiers are a good place to start for sure. You won't be moving and grooving much and there won't be a lot of options about how to "game" the courses. You'll be shooting minor, so pretty much any factory ammo would work. If you get it in your head that you are just going to focus on getting hits and not even pay attention to time, you'll do fine. Know your equipment is ready. The second you finish a stage, go reload those mags to full. Don't touch the gun until you are on the line and they tell you to. You're going to have fun!
  3. Can't argue with St.Charles being nice. Definitely out of the way though and puts you on some of the more congested highways to get into the city.
  4. My TS seems to be wearing down the sight channel but I don't know if it will continue to progress or if it is worn into fitting now. Overall I've been very happy with it and the customer service has been VERY good.
  5. South and West St.Louis County are the safer areas generally. Festus is too far south and Waterloo is too far east. You don't need to go that far away. Up by the airport is generally not such a wonderful area nor is the River City Casino (although just a little south of that starts to get you into the better areas. You'll still be right off of 55 if you go south and traffic is minimal on most days. I would look around where 270 and 55 meet. The Brewery is right off of 55 and is really a great attraction in my opinion. Also, the Missouri Botanical Garden is one of the best in the world if you're into that sort of thing. Our zoo is often rated #1 free attraction in the U.S. but I don't go there too often so I can't speak to that. The Arch is cool and seeing a Cardinals game is fun if it isn't blazing hot (St .Louis summers can be just about as miserable as anywhere I've been). All kinds of other things to do depending on what you're into. Eat something on "The Hill" which is right by the Botanical Garden. It's a famous Italian food area. My favorite is going to Adriana's for lunch (not open for dinner) and asking Adriana to pick a meal for me that SHE would eat. I've never left disappointed. Lots of other really good food in St.Louis as well. Hopefully that helps.
  6. Fair enough. I'm out
  7. Sounds like an amazing rifle! The best I've shot is a Marauder. Get those head shots! Squirrels have the strongest will to survive I've ever seen. Anything but a head shot means a chase (that's not much of an option when doing eradication in a sensitive area). I really like rabbits! They just fall over dead typically.
  8. Also, there is a bit of "what am I here for?" to ask yourself. If you want to win on a bigger scale, it's going to be handloading a .40 in a much more expensive pistol most likely. If it's simply to become a better shooter, than don't worry about having the best. Get what you want and focus on simply improving and having fun. I think a lot of guys get swept up in the gamesmanship and lose sight of what they actually are wanting out of the sport. Some guys really DO want to be the absolute best in the world and are willing to do what it takes to get there. Personally, I can't afford to do that (time, money, marriage) and really enjoy just seeing my numbers get better over time. Which kind are you?
  9. Greg, sounds like you're talking about a springer/gas piston. His is a PCP rifle which are very different in the way they operate. They don't have the massive pistons that the break barrels have. Less likely to beat the hell out of itself, but could damage the regulator or such I guess. I'm with you though. Just drop a pellet in and shoot your grass outside. I've had to do it before. Of course, I guess there may be some that have a bleed off valve
  10. Oh, it's an Edgun. Yeah, you've probably ruined it. Better send it to me and let me rebuild it. I'll have it back within 24 months. Awful nice rifle! What are you using it for? I actually still use a Benjamin Nitro Piston for the majority of my eradication. My PCPs can't keep a consistent enough shot string over the course of a lot of shooting and I'm just not willing to invest more yet. My Nitro Piston probably has somewhere between 400-500 pests to its name at this point. Very different from "hunting" though.
  11. One shot without a pellet shouldn't break your gun, but it's a very bad idea to name it a regular practice. I do pest eradication with air rifles and can't think of a great reason to not just put a pellet in and fire into the ground or whatever is safe if you need to clear the gun. What kind of PCP are you using?
  12. ^ Shooting off the shelf ammo, I don't think .40 is the route to go, but that's just my opinion. Also, I think that if you end up going plastic in limited and shooting major, you'll probably want to sell and start over within your first year. Just a guess, but seems to happen a lot
  13. I just tried a case of the Freedom Munitions 135 hollow points and they have been wonderful in my pistol. Accuracy is really good, shoots soft, and reliability is 100%. However, I didn't chronograph any of it so I'm not sure what PF it is. Also, my competition pistol has yet to choke on anything at all and I'm over 5k through it (less than a year old), so I'm not sure that it's a great measuring stick. For your price though, Freedom Munitions is probably one of the better bets. It is bargain basement ammo.
  14. Fantastic plastic seems to be more of a production thing, but paying for a gun that has the ability to go with optics and then not using optics seems like a waste of funds. Production is also the best place for 9mm. Pretty much any factory ammo seems to get you easily into the minor range. However, I'm a horrible person to ask because I use a 9mm CZ TS that has been modded a bit. I shoot minor and use factory ammo. These are considered to be greater sins than showing up with a Hi Point to many, but you have to do what makes sense for you. The really invested guys are going to tell you that you NEED to roll your own ammo and they might be right. I compete mostly in outlaw matches and the skills there are not nearly as close as at Area matches where a hit or two can make the difference between first and fourth place. I say that to say, do whatever you feel works for you and don't be afraid to make the wrong call. If you decide to get really into the sport, the changes you need to make will become obvious. Just get out there and play!
  15. That's a great idea and my wife would probably like that much more!