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  1. Shadow 2, 46.5oz on CZ-USA website. Carry optic rule, 45oz weight limit. With CZC slide cut(with rear sight removed), polymer guide rod, lighter grips, can we make shadow2 under 45oz?
  2. for esp, yes
  3. Not an expert, but IMO, the short answer is YES Parts in this list must come factory installed on standard production firearms. Delta hammer came installed on all Xtreme pistols. 8.2.1 subsection A. Have a minimum annual production of 2,000 units. I bet they have, globally. 8.2.1 subsection E. 43oz limit. Difficult, but not impossible. For example: remove grips, use polymer guide rod, remove the rear sight, remove right side safety, drill holes on your mag....
  4. I use 8lb recoil spring from tanfo, it works great
  6. Toni system aluminium grips
  7. duotone shadow slide has the blue finish I believe
  8. just buy a regular sp01, put a CGW 13lb hammer spring and an RP TRS in it, polish the parts, black rear, and fiber optic front sights, it will be good to go.
  9. My buddy got three Stock2, at first it was problematic with SB, Win, and CCI primer, however after a lot of tweaks, with a combination of PD firing pin, titan hammer, PD 13lb Hammer spring and PD TRS, his gun now run flawlessly. The DA is about 6lb and 2lb SA now, with little to none noticeable stacking. BTW, none of his s2's had TRS problem.
  10. I broke 2 TRS on my shadow already, always have some backup in your range bag would be handy. you mentioned classifier match on Sunday, you mean this Sunday in Miamisburg right?
  11. the link:
  12. 97b and 97db are still on the 2017 catalog
  13. Nope Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. this is what u need