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  1. small frame tanfo please!
  2. Good info, I thought they fit, since it was thinner than Macgar plus2 base pad.
  3. I list those parts because it makes stock2 match the shadow2 factory setup, since shaodw2 has alum grips, fiber front sight, comp hammer, pre-b disco, thin safety from the factory From my experience, change Titan hammer, one-piece sear, and extended FPB on stock2 are must for lighter and reliable DA pull.
  4. If you don't shoot IDPA, go with Stock2 or shadow2 recoil: shadow2 < Stock2 < sp01/ shadow (this is very subjective) Mods: To be comp ready, shadow2 only need swap out some springs to get DA and 2.5lb SA trigger. Stock2 needs $400 of parts (titan hammer, BOLO, front sight, springs, grips, safety, sear, FPB), a lot of polishing and a little bit of luck. But, personally, I like the look and hard chrome finish on Stock2 better
  5. Too hard, may damage frame? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I brought a shadow slide from CZC with their optic cut. For the optic, I tried Burris FF3 first, but it breaks after 50 rounds, switched to 7moa Deltapoint pro, it does sit higher than FF3, but no problem so far.
  7. check your firing pin spring; I think it may wear out. On shadow, I use 11.5lb HS, and CGW extended FP+ RP FPS, no problem with CCI & Win primers. While on Shadow 2, I had no problem with stock FP&FPS and 11.5HS, does this suggest that shadow 2 is a little bit more reliable?
  8. Shadow 2, 46.5oz on CZ-USA website. Carry optic rule, 45oz weight limit. With CZC slide cut(with rear sight removed), polymer guide rod, lighter grips, can we make shadow2 under 45oz?
  9. for esp, yes
  10. Not an expert, but IMO, the short answer is YES Parts in this list must come factory installed on standard production firearms. Delta hammer came installed on all Xtreme pistols. 8.2.1 subsection A. Have a minimum annual production of 2,000 units. I bet they have, globally. 8.2.1 subsection E. 43oz limit. Difficult, but not impossible. For example: remove grips, use polymer guide rod, remove the rear sight, remove right side safety, drill holes on your mag....
  11. I use 8lb recoil spring from tanfo, it works great
  13. Toni system aluminium grips