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  1. I always recommend Gram's, he is the originator of the best aftermarket spring and followers. There is a reason his nickname is the MagMaster. Be mindful though Grams nor MBX (if those even fit in a non-MBX mag without major mods) internal will NOT fix an inherent problem in a tube, if there is one. Good luck
  2. If you want to get back, at a min., Most of your 9mm brass, do you mark it with something? If no, start doing that AND let your squad mates know "this brass marked like this is mine, if you are picking up brass I'd really appreciate if I could get it back" or something like that. At local matches you probably already know a large% of the shooters and they know you and most people are generally nice enough to help you out. Goes the opposite way too, if someone else marks their brass, return it to them or ask who's it is. If you are not marking your brass then it's fairgame since so many are shooting 9mm, anyone reloading it AND willing to pick it up is going to grab as much as they can. Hope this helps
  3. If geography allows work a level 2 or 3 match as an RO, you'll get a nice supply of 38sc brass to take home.
  4. Maybe look at the bright side. Possible while going through a quality inspection STI realized something was wrong with the slide so they fit a new slide to the existing frame and barrel? Just a thought
  5. Yes, go to the hardware store and get some matching nuts..😆
  6. Aren't the iPad's (mini's too) harder to see outside, especially when bright sun?
  7. Yes, what Chuck said
  8. Since SPS tubes are generally "softer" metal than sti, svi or mbx they don't tend to keep their shape as long. I had two that ran perfect for two years (Grams internals and bp's, tube dimensions tuned properly) until one day they would not feed reliably anymore. Did everything possible to make right again, they do now run but I'll only use them for practice.
  9. I would still email Beven.
  10. You will get plenty of responses I'm sure but there is a recent thread here in this section about the same thing. Plus, try doing a search, you'll get tons of information. Good luck, welcome
  11. You most likely talked to Beven, the man himself, not Devon. Beven will never steer you wrong, he is the best.
  12. Reality is the actual length of the tubes vary just a little so buying one size bp because a chart tells you so is a gamble. If you don't have one ask fellow competitors you shoot with if they have a mag length gauge you can borrow. If you never do this and one day you are at a match and then find out the 170 mag is just a smidge too long because they were checking..... Personally I prefer Grams BP's, springs and followers. Good luck in the path to the dark side. 😊
  13. I tried searching and came up with nothing. The new IMR Blue powder, has anyone done any load testing in 38 super/SC for an open gun? If yes, please post some results or direct me to a thread where it is talked about. Thanks
  14. Have to agree with you on that