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  1. 2016...stage 11 or so...i shot it using GM plan and skipped the ball...big mistake. The port holes were a lot smaller after the buzzer went off. the 32rnd 1 per target stage that year was my favorite.
  2. I disagree. Mitutoyo quality is fine...i've used their digital calipers, mics, drop indicators, profilometers, and they work just fine. I'm not saying their the best, but you get what you pay for. Totally agree.
  3. No. Talking to club members, observing the game, and learning is a great start to picking up any new sport. Go do it. Get a handle on the basic safety rules, basic game rules, required gear, and socialize with the regulars. You'll make a better first impression than just showing up some weekend with gun & mags, and saying "hey guys, I'm new & have never done this before, can I play too?"
  4. I run the DAA Racers in production. They can be converted to bullets out (a little clumsily)...i don't see the advantage of running bullets out unless your shooting single stack...but forward or out I think it's just personal preference. The DAA comes with multiple "shims" to accept just about any double stack magazine. I like the belt mounting system, the thinner "clamp plate" exposes more Velcro and makes for a nice rigid hold around the whole belt (especially if you're running 5 or 6 pouches in production). And you can adjust the pouch cant if you're into that.
  5. I'm not real familiar with open set-ups...but if you don't want a slide mounted optic then i guess you'd go with a frame mount...something like this: https://www.speedshooter.com/category_list.cfm?ID=MO You'll have to drill and tap your dust cover. Can't help with optic...but tough to beat Vortex warranty
  6. My $0.02 Get a holster designed to fit your 3" XD Mod2. Then when you upgrade your blaster get a new holster. Trying to save $70 is pretty ludicrous once you get **lls deep into USPSA & action shooting. As for holsters that will fit an inner/outer rig belt: anything that accepts a BladeTech Tek-Lok or Stingray Belt Loop... BladeTech CompTac KT Mech (made in USA and has holster for XD Mod2 3"...website is not-so-good...but product & service is good. Get "Akela" series)
  7. Google returned many pages of results when searching "ruger MKii feeding issues"...
  8. Links as requested... http://www.armystudyguide.com/content/army_board_study_guide_topics/m16a2/malfunctions-probable-cau.shtml http://www.usacarry.com/handgun-malfunctions-stoppages/
  9. No XP with this...when i load for LRS i don't like the idea of having something clamped to my barrel during testing (or ever FTM)
  10. I started with elbows locked, but now shoot with elbows slightly bent (but not flared out). similar to this: It feels more comfortable, relaxed, just as repeatable, my transitions feel snappier, & i can still lock my wrists sufficiently to get back on target quickly.
  11. Oh...that changes the discussion entirely. I have 0 xp with hollow points...all i know is that feeding them can be finicky...so sorry i'm not much help with "tuning" HP COL...
  12. No...but so far my LRS reloading has only been .223 for prairie dogs and 1/2 MOA is totally fine for me... i would venture a guess that in the long list of accuracy variables to control...case concentricity is in the "super attention to detail i need sub 1/4 MOA" section My last load with PMC once fired brass, 55gr Vmax, & 24.5gr Varget...velocity was too low though and wind doping sucked! Gonna find a new load for 2017.
  13. The two reloading manuals i have state 1.065" for 124gr HP & 1.075" for 125gr HP...but this won't be much use... PLUNK TEST your barrels...every bullet manufacturer is a little different and the only way to be absolutely sure is to plunk test. For my VP9, I had one brand of 124gr Round nose pass plunk test at 1.21" and another brand of 124gr RN pass at 1.05"...which decreased my case capacity too much and was giving high pressure at 130PF...
  14. Here's how i was taught: Select the item you want to lengthen/adjust. Select the "Scale Tool" Left Click on the CENTER green "handle" (it will turn red) & drag to the desired length. Left click to finish.
  15. SCIENCE! http://www.physlink.com/education/askexperts/ae40.cfm http://physics.stackexchange.com/questions/12599/will-a-hole-cut-into-a-metal-disk-expand-or-shrink-when-the-disc-is-heated And like Diesel1 said...if red Loctite was used, heat will be needed to break down the Loctite.