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  1. On the SFX with the competition-ready trigger? Do you have one? I haven't seen that complaint in reviews or talking wth current owners.
  2. "...but not limited to." That says everything you need it to say.
  3. That's awesome. I might have to play with one of these now.
  4. The SFX is a striker-fired pistol with a trigger safety, e.g. a "safe action" pistol under the rules. The larger point is Canik has never, to my knowledge submitted a pistol for review/inclusion onto the Production list and no alternate allowance has been made to use it specifically for CO so it's still not a legal competition pistol for Production or CO in USPSA.
  5. Re-read 5.2.4 and tell me I can't use a magnet prior to the Standby command.
  6. Right, Sarge. So just HAVING the magnet on your belt isn't a violation. USING it is.... which was exactly the point I made.
  7. Nor do the rules prohibit it - as long as you don't use it on the clock. Had a SS shooter with a magnet on his belt recently - a "friend" gave it to him to use. He got to experience the joy of open, but ONLY when he snapped a mag onto it from an unloaded barrel start. No STOP, nothing like that, just a "congrats, you're officially in Open now!"
  8. I have no clue.
  9. I love the ETS mags. The 140's work well and I'm about to order some larger ones for PCC.
  10. With CO I wouldn't use anything other than 140mm mags, so it wouldn't need to fit the production box. I don't see ANY Canik pistols on the current production list, though. So far, no response to my question to them about submitting it. That means right now it's legal for Limited and Open.
  11. I wasn't on his squad. I'm not sure. He seemed happy with it from his firing before the match, etc.
  12. That would be correct according to my reading.
  13. Or look one post above this one... with the same answer and link.
  14. Not sure where you're looking but you should be looking at Appendix D7: D7_DNROI_2117.pdf
  15. Understood. Your background suggests you're more comfortable with irons and that's what you're looking to work on. That said, I really enjoy Carry Optics, and if I'm shooting minor it's my preferred division for now. Otherwise I'm a single stack major guy.