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  1. With CO I wouldn't use anything other than 140mm mags, so it wouldn't need to fit the production box. I don't see ANY Canik pistols on the current production list, though. So far, no response to my question to them about submitting it. That means right now it's legal for Limited and Open.
  2. I wasn't on his squad. I'm not sure. He seemed happy with it from his firing before the match, etc.
  3. That would be correct according to my reading.
  4. Or look one post above this one... with the same answer and link.
  5. Not sure where you're looking but you should be looking at Appendix D7: D7_DNROI_2117.pdf
  6. Understood. Your background suggests you're more comfortable with irons and that's what you're looking to work on. That said, I really enjoy Carry Optics, and if I'm shooting minor it's my preferred division for now. Otherwise I'm a single stack major guy.
  7. Sounds like Limited might be a better place to start. No mag restrictions, no optics and still relatively competitive with a Production style gun.
  8. I'd enjoy staffing this if needed, too! Looking forward to the information!
  9. From upthread: "Alternatively, you redirect the competitor to a safe area and tell him to do it himself, sans handling ammo."
  10. Watched a shooter bring one to a USPSA match this weekend. He got to shoot Limited with it... but had planned to shoot Production.
  11. DQ'ed for?
  12. I started the thread. Under what circumstances is a "Make Ready" command appropriate for a pistol change (that doesn't require RO supervision)? Such change wouldn't be done in the course of fire as 10.5.1 allows for an RM to handle this via "direct command" outside the course of fire. Your situation is a non-sequitur.
  13. No, because you don't issue a Make Ready command for a pistol change - you supervise the pistol change as a separate event from the course of fire. Alternatively, you redirect the competitor to a safe area and tell him to do it himself, sans handling ammo.
  14. I think he's expounding on the "I saw it on Facebook" mentality vs. this specific rule. What next? "I saw a re-tweet that said..." should be official, too? We have both rules and rulings and OFFICIAL places to post them (hint: they all end with Anything past that... isn't.
  15. I wasn't aware that unsourced documents on third party websites were part of the USPSA rules or interpretations, official versions of which are all on Alternatively: if USPSA wanted to update rules or interpretations it's easy for them to do so on their own website using their own procedures.