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  1. It came from Armory Craft. It does fit in the box. I shot it at MVSA earlier this month.
  2. Shoot for 3k you can get a like new NH and spend 900-1k on ammo.. There have been some great deals run across the broker lately on Talons.
  3. You could probably melt that Glock down and make it into a golden CZ. I am not sure they are 3d printed though. My printer has never put anything out that felt that soft to the touch. I want to say they were some kinda CNC made. It was good to meet you btw. A total pleasure shooting with you also cause your a Machine! I shot with Brannon at the Razorback and it would be interesting to get both of y'all on the same squad.
  4. I think the 97 is CDP legal now and probably was before due to the SSP-ESP/CDP rule. I know a SAO one was not legal prior to the 2017 change though. Dropping the FLDC rule out of CDP and ESP should allow you to run a 97 SOA or DA/SA in either. The only killer on it I can think of is the weight. I do not think they weigh as much as a SP-01 Shadow but you never know.
  5. As you can see on the other side. Mfg name and Model number.
  6. These are the slide cuts on the gun in question. If you notice it is not a modified edge but milled like that to begin with. If it was an Edge and you would see the old serrations then the slide lightening could come into question. As it sits a manufactured Firearm by Briley so legality in IDPA shouldn't even be 2nd guessed. The FLDC rule drop has a lot of people thrown off though.
  7. Same gun but with Cajun grips no magwel. I don't think the magwel actually weighs that much. I want to say the one on my TSO was around 1-1.5oz
  8. 42.4 if I am reading it right. I know now my scale has differed from the scale in Houston and the scale at The Razorback match. Its close enough that I may see if they will give me a curtesy weigh on it in Arkansas Saturday.
  9. My accu with aluminum grips and mag well come in a hair under 43 with the magazines with aluminum floor plates. I really mean a hair because it's damn close.
  10. The Briley is 100% IDPA ESP legal because the Cuts are from the MFG (Briley is a MFG). Yes they use STI frames/slides but still a MFG no less. It is no different than the S&W cut up 1911's. It's probably the only Edge type gun currently legal because it has a bushing barrel. If you take a regular edge and throw a bushing barrel in it you would have an IDPA legal gun also. The 2,000/20,000 rule is an SSP rule.
  11. Here are slide stops from a Shadow (S1), Shadow Orange (SO), and Shadow 2 (S2). The Shadow orange slide stop is thicker on the flat part and thicker on at the pin area.
  12. Shadow 2 slide stop is different. The post that sticks inside the frame is different. I have one of the 2's also.
  13. I was. Easily spotted as the fat guy shooting a stunning looking Shadow with gold accents. 😏
  14. This is the only pic I have right now. If you look real close you can see the Shadow Oranges have a ridge on the pin side.
  15. Last weekend in Houston my 147's chrono'd at 880 pretty much on the money. Yesterday in Arkansas my first round was 820ish and the 2nd was 880ish. At home on my labradar they run from 880-920. Gun used for those is a CZ Shadow