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  1. Here are slide stops from a Shadow (S1), Shadow Orange (SO), and Shadow 2 (S2). The Shadow orange slide stop is thicker on the flat part and thicker on at the pin area.
  2. Shadow 2 slide stop is different. The post that sticks inside the frame is different. I have one of the 2's also.
  3. I was. Easily spotted as the fat guy shooting a stunning looking Shadow with gold accents. 😏
  4. This is the only pic I have right now. If you look real close you can see the Shadow Oranges have a ridge on the pin side.
  5. Last weekend in Houston my 147's chrono'd at 880 pretty much on the money. Yesterday in Arkansas my first round was 820ish and the 2nd was 880ish. At home on my labradar they run from 880-920. Gun used for those is a CZ Shadow
  6. Where would I find the slide stop that is included on the Shadow Oranges? It is slightly different than the slide stop on my SP-01's and other Shadows. I have seen a few in other photos. The one on my SO has a little more meat on it on the pin end.
  7. Is there actually one in the country for sale?
  8. It looks similar to one that someone stuffed in a box on Stage 11 at GCC. I was wondering if it would fit myself but he put it in and closed the lid. He didn't fair so well after but he at least got the gun with a magwell in the box.
  9. I ended up just springing it and chopping the hammer. I also bought the APEX because it was on sale but I had a trigger pull to the point that it seemed pointless to change it up. I did have to switch to Federal primers though.
  10. I pulled the release out of a shadow 1, TSO, and Shadow 2. The TSO and Shadow 2 had a bit of a different cut for the springs but they all fit in each. I think the spring cut is something in relation to how it sits outside the frame.
  11. Just installed a SAO trigger. Missed the part about removing the disconect so removed it later. The SAO trigger is freakin awesome!
  12. It looks like it will. I can pull a 1 and 2 down tomorrow and try.
  13. I thought about this on my way home. Would a 1911 be ESP legal since material is removed from the exterior of the slide for the ejection port lowering/flair? You could make a bigger case for that then you could for the front of a Shadow.
  14. You could make the same argument for custom 1911's coming from custom "gunmakers" who are just putting them together. Pretty much the AC's at the matches I plan on going to have OK'ed what I'm slinging so no issues. If your AC/MD want to not allow them then power to them. If if you want to shoot one at a sanctioned match just send the email and get approved prior as I did.
  15. That is from the original Shadow 2 thread Stuart posted it.