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  1. same issue...... Did you ever get this resolved and how?
  2. No issues with light loads. I use the same load from my glock 17 with pf of 125. runs perfect
  3. Yes the triggers springs and trigger itself make a huge difference in pull weight. I did not get the straight trigger from HB, I got the curved. just really a preference on straight or curved. I highly recommend the HB trigger and springs. Also, go to youtube about changing the trigger because must screws to trigger assembly are tack welded and you have to drill that off. easy to do, follow utube instructions.
  4. absolutely love mine. I started with a AR9 glock platform which I liked but shot my buddies CZ and decided to go with it. Like many above have stated upgrades are needed on the trigger other upgrades just depend on your preference. HB industries trigger spring kit and delta trigger is a good feeling trigger for $45 total. Also, taylor freelance has a +10 mag extension so no issues there. Also changed the mag release to the HB industries duck bill. Changed the grip to Apex. Mag pouches from westachholsters. Been running 147 xtreme bullets with 3.1 titegroup and have had zero issues. Check out videos and pics from PCC on instagram mktt89, and if anyone is interested in buying my AR9 glock PSA let me know.
  5. i ended up using another slide and using a dovetail mount for the fastfire. the mount works great
  6. need some advice building open glock for young girl. looking to have as little felt recoil as possible so the shooting is enjoyable. so i have a glock 17 with fastfire mounted with dovetail mount. looking to putting carver 2 port comp on it or possibly putting a ported barrel on it. please offer all advice except switching away from the glock. been practicing with 2.6 gr of titegroup with 148 xtreme bullet i know it does not make minor power factor but just getting her used to shooting. our normal load is 3.2gr. look forward to comments.
  7. i have a glock 17 zev slide cut for a rmr and was wondering how or if i can convert it to fastfire iii. does anyone make an adapter plate to convert it?