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  1. Ok. Can you send me an email give me a head start, and we will take care of tomorrow.
  2. Busy phone lines, people have discovered our showroom , and shipping a lot guns. What's up?
  3. CZ USA labeled all the guns as polycoat in description. if you look at product SKU number on right side of box, it ends with 91256 which is SKU for nitrite finish pistol. polycoat guns will end with 91254. nitrite guns also are packed with nickel mags, while polycoat guns are packed with mecGar AFC mags.
  4. Latest version of the P10 has a shadow dovetail, located slightly back on the slide. Early look looks like it could be milled, but CZ changed the slide profile in the latest version form the pre-production version. So will wait till actual production is on the streets to make final decision. Mags. No 140mm pads yet. P07 pads will fit, but only add 4. Maybe modify P09 mags for the new mag catch.
  5. Slide stops are P01
  6. We have been doing CZ Competition hammer, fitting better disconnector, extended firing pin, 13# main. other options have been 11# recoil, .100 wide front sight, fully adjustable rear sight. still working on our fixed rear sight.
  7. Nitrite has nickel Black poly and Urban Grey have MecGar AFC
  8. P01
  9. TS Orange 9mm Czechmate SP01 Tactical Compact Rail SP01 SHadow Dualtone email, message me, or call
  10. Its not specific: "Grip modifications such as,but not limited to, undercutting/smoothing the triggerguard, adding or removing finger grooves, or adding stippling, grip tape, or checkering are specifically allowed, without reference to AppendixE4."
  11. The areas circled in red are cut higher than the normal SP01 Shadow. This mod is allowable in Carry Optics. Appendix D7:21.4
  12. I'll try and get you a photo showing the two. you know the high cut is not production legal.
  13. yes. we are still accepting them.
  14. My first shots with the Shadow 2. .
  15. 80th Anniversary model.