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  1. Barrels are hard. Laugh at reamers
  2. Paul Miller. was early 90s, shooting a lead 160gn RN bullet., loaded out long. needed to get barrel reamed out for the longer bullet.
  3. It is a shooter for sure.
  4. Better to spend $20 and save the headaches. Trying to make the action better and doing it on the cheap is not a winning combination
  5. when they cerakoted. did they take the extractor out? is the extractor coated? make sure there is no paint in the extractor slot or on the sides of extractor that contact top and bottom of the slot.
  6. Not sure on your numbers. sear rest on shelf, not in the notch. so effective hook depth is .0125
  7. had a thought, after we talked. any magwell on the pistol? what magwell? photo of gun?
  8. it needs to be a short reset disconnector too. but yep. Its a cool mod on a SAO gun.
  9. thats the beauty of using the disconnector. no screws. no chance of anything ever moving. its beautiful!!!
  10. take the disconnector out. no need for it in SAO. but it is pretty cool if you cut the wings off and use it as a pretravel limiter. that is awesome.
  11. They changed the box dimension for CCP? here is one we did a year or so ago for a CCP gun
  12. the NP3 coating is slick, self lubricating. The letoff is very slick and is nice from my experience doing competition hammers and sears., nice detail, yes.
  13. they are blue. polish flats, matt top
  14. 7.5mm tall, .125 (3.1mm) wide.
  15. Ok. Can you send me an email give me a head start, and we will take care of tomorrow.