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  1. Spare gun up and ready is best spare part. Otherwise trs slidestop extractor extractor spring trigger pin
  2. sory Rowdy, been away. We are at about 8 weeks on our turn on custom work, more complex, a little longer. trigger work, sights, etc is easy enough for DIY if the person knows what going on.
  3. we are working on something. not sure how far along the idea is.
  4. Its a baseePad Issue. Not fitted proper for that tube length.
  5. Tactical rear on shadow is one of my favorite sight pictures.
  6. It is...
  7. ACCU is installed part on another production legal gun, milling is internal. Having conversations with Troy for clarification.
  8. and there it is
  9. USPSA has not updated the list yet though.
  10. I had asked Troy via email back in February and his response was 2000 produced and available in the US. I would guess that is what CZ-USA is waiting for.
  11. depends on lockplate. most ext pads come with own lockplate. good, also will depend on the dimension of the pad, above the lip. MecGar AFC mag drops below frame slightly more. and a pad on MecGar mag may not fit the standard 16rnd mag. not sure on others. CZC makes pad for SP01 18rnd mag, another pad for mecgar and CZ 17rnd mags, and another pad for the 16rnd mag. all designed to fit the Limited/CO mag gauge.
  12. basic setup should be mag and pad that makes 140mm, lots of combinations and makers, CZC, Springer, TTI, I am sure there are others. and a flat follower spring, CZC, Grams. should be 23 rounds.
  13. Matt has been shooting L10
  14. send me a PM
  15. best gun to take advantage of weight, trigger, accuracy would be an SP01 ACCU Shadow. other than that lots of choices. P09 makes a good platform, but is lighter, 75 Shadow / 85 Combat also good choices.