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  1. Don't wait! Go out and get started! People will usually help you out if you're new.
  2. You only have to engage the safety before you start the stage. There's too much shooting on the move to require engaging the safety during that time. IDPA is the same as well. The only real requirement is that you keep your finger well off the trigger while moving unless you are engaging targets.
  3. I'd have to ask the guy who gave me the bullets. We were at a range doing indoor idpa. The load was 3.1 TG I believe.
  4. I shoot xtreme 115's at 1175 fps (mostly in idpa). I shot some 147 with titegroup through the same gun, and I couldn't tell any difference in recoil. But it was a dan Wesson PM9, which is heavier than the glock I think. No issues with knocking down steel, and recoil is very manageable.
  5. I use n320 for 230gr plated bullets. Good powder.
  6. I thought this was going to be about the band hellyeah. Great band!
  7. the common saying for garands is nothing faster than IMR 3031 and nothing slower than IMR 4320. Anything outside of these ranges could result in bent oprods.
  8. I get great accuracy from Silhouette and True Blue. Both are in the burn range that you mention. 115 xtreme at 1175
  9. I got the chance to try titegroup and a 147gr in 9. I couldn't tell any difference. Heavier bullets cause more recoil, fast powder less recoil. I get the same effect from a light bullet and slow powder.
  10. Silhouette and true blue
  11. Congrats on your nationals performance! You almost had Max Michel!!
  12. I look forward to your results!!
  13. what powder was it for 10mm?
  14. Bullet crimp and barrel length will also play a part in powder burn. Silhouette is designed to have low flash as well.
  15. Silhouette! It's my goto powder for 9, even in minor PF.