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  1. You can also get a CK Arms open gun from a dealer no wait time and they run right out of the box. 38sc or 9mm with steel grip and RTS2 is right at 4200. I should know I just got one and works good. I thought about 9mm but stayed with 38sc.
  2. I got it from a dealer, not sure if I can say the the dealers name or not. But was very great to deal with, he did the did the RTS2 up grade for same price that CK charges and even sighted in the gun for me.
  3. I finally got my CK Arms open gun, I went with 38s. I took it out to the range today and put 200 rounds though it. Gun ran good it still a little tight. The dot never left the window but it did zig a little, my old gun did go straight up and down but I had a Brazo comp on it and I think the side hole help the tracking. It may get better when I work up a load for it as of right now I used my old load, PD 124gr JHP oal 1.235 with 8.8gr of HS6. The one thing I was surprised that it ejected brass great, as the Aftec has no tension on the brass, the brass won't fall but the Attec does not move. Right now it only has the rear spring in. I have no complaints about the gun, it just needs those couple of adjustments.
  4. What is the easiest way to get a aftec in with both springs. I have a new 38sc that came with only the rear spring in but there is no tension on the brass, the brass won't fall but there should some tension right. I did contact the builder and he said try both spring and I though I was going to bend the firing ping using it.
  5. Cone comps are threaded on, and not soldered on. As I have two older open guns with cone comps on. The thread is on the inside of the cone. Your going to have a lot of lead build up in your comp if your shooting lead. I would try to scape out as much as I could before anything else.
  6. If you buy 2 or more boxes of 1000 the price drops. 9mm 124 JHP are $89.00 per box if you buy 2 or more and they have free shipping too. I just got 2000 in the mail today.
  7. Racer-x could you just send your barrel back to Bobby and have ream it deeper, as he should have the reamer to do it. I would think you would just need to ship the barrel and not the whole gun so shipping would not be much.
  8. I used 135gr when PF was 175, 38s 135gr, 8.9 of HS6 will be 188pf. I did use the rest up after pf came down and was loading 8.5 of HS6 but that's 38s.
  9. Thanks for all the support, my decision has been made. Based on how much I shoot and where I shoot. I shoot most of the time indoors only a hand full of matchs outside. I talked to a lot of open shooters in my club for there feed back. And I'm staying with 38sc. I'm still getting a CK arms gun, it's been picked out and now just waiting for it.
  10. Nope, getting it from a dealer, but they are changing the scope over to RTS2 and had to wait for my tax return.
  11. Not yet, I should have it in a week or two.
  12. What was the time period that these slides where made by STI.
  13. This stinks with a new gun now being sent for up to 10 weeks. This is way you by a in stock gun not to have a wait. Did he say what would happen if you keep shooting it.
  14. Yes glad you got your gun up and running again. Good luck to you.
  15. Wow good to know about steel grip and MSH. I'm about to buy a CK arms gun this week and see 2 of there guns broke in one weekend has me rethinking. But I still think best bang for your buck.