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  1. Good to hear, how long did it take. Now you have a gun to break in again.
  2. PD 124gr FMJ are loaded to 1.260 Oal and PD 124gr JHP are loaded to 1.235 Oal I hope that helps.
  3. It stacks fine with 38sc. I did notice that when I put 38super rounds in the mags. I was trying to use some of my old 38super rounds in my new gun, it feed ok though.
  4. I use HS6 like it a lot, I have used AA#7 its a little more dirty then HS6. I think next powder i will try is N105
  5. BeerBaron I had the same issue with my Aftec so I called them about it. I was told to tap the tip and bend the aftec a little. He sent me this picture of what to do.
  6. Great looking gun, good luck with it. But some videos up of it in action
  7. Does your CK work good now.
  8. Nice guns, I like the custom serial numbers.
  9. Red loctite in mount screws and blue on the thumb rest screws.
  10. To bad you did not see that before, you could have that fixed when they fixed the barrel throat. My CK is still real tight, I have 1100 rounds though it. Sometimes I have have to pull real hard to unlock it. I guess all of this is growing pains with a new gun.
  11. Glad you got it fixed and fast turn around.
  12. How many time did you have to clean your gun. Just curious as my new CK after 300-400 rounds it needs to get cleaned.
  13. Very nice looking gun. Have fun in your class
  14. Thats not bad, you just for the shipping and with shipping you should have it back within a week.
  15. Nice looking guns, they are close to being twins.