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  2. Thanks. I'll give it a try.
  3. Wow, thanks for clarifying. That could have turned out pretty bad for me.
  4. I guess I better be very certain that I have the right angle before I super-glue the teeth together.
  5. Well, the two MBX mags arrived. Feeding appears to be great so far, but one of them will not drop free. (Neither of them are brand new, so I can't say definitively whether it's a production issue, or if this one has been dropped, etc.)
  6. I will also take this into account and see if it will help the problem. Thanks for the advice.
  7. Thanks, maybe that's what is going on, because the screw is VERY tight, but there is still some play as soon as I pull the mag out just a few times.
  8. I can't wait! We have a full squad of folks from down here in DFW. (Maybe I'll win some more gun lube from a random unknown company. =)
  9. Never give up during the match. I've let myself get flustered and focused on a mistake during a match and beat myself up over it. It ruined a day that I paid for with the goal of having fun and spending time with my friends. I got so serious my second season in IDPA that I stopped shooting majors with people I knew because I didn't want to get distracted. When things went bad, then all I had was a frustrating day shooting with folks I didn't know or care about. After that season, I decided that I was not making a dime shooting IDPA or USPSA and that if I didn't place well, that at least I had my friends there to lean on (or make fun of me).
  10. I've got a set of 3 racer pouches for my 2011 and they have play in them after one dry-fire session. They never get any looser so I'm not worried about them falling off, but it is annoying to have your mags changing angles all the time. I've tried blue and green Loctite, but neither of them helped. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  11. Does anyone have a suggested on building raw trigger speed? I'm having a hard time getting below .18 splits even at 3 yards with my custom 2011.
  12. I've got two on the way, so I hope they run as well as all the good stories I hear about them.
  13. I had this happen to me twice at a match 2 weeks ago, then 3 times today when I was running the gun hard during a 4 Aces drill. I may try to angle it up a little and see what happens. I may also try the heavy spring. Thanks for the ideas guys.
  14. Glad to hear. I have been hesitant to get an EVO grip, now that's one less reason to wait.
  15. I bought 3 Lightning Strike (+0) basepads from Brownell's. They are solid and add a little weight.