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  1. Thanks for the info guys. I just thought it was slow. But I suppose I'm in the ballpark.
  2. Do any of y'all use the 8208xbr & have some load data you can share with me. Last weekend I shot 23 grns of 8208 over the chrono and got an average of 2556 fps, 5 shots, using hornady 55 grn fmjbt bullets. Book says it should be in the low 3k range of fps. Rifle is a pof 18" barrel with 1/8 twist.
  3. I think they were torqued to 13-14 inch pounds.
  4. 30 mm. I had it off rifle 3 months ago but never Open up the rings to move it on the mount. only removed the mount from the rail.
  5. I posted this here because is what I noticed after my match today. When shooting long range stuff, 200-425 yards I was off and couldn't hit what I knew was correct hold overs. I know the rings are tight to spec should I give them a little more and resight rifle. Why would the optic slide backwards
  6. Welcome from n phx. Rio IS a great place to shoot and a whole lot of great people that are very willing to help us newer guys out.
  7. Collect it take to metal recycler. One here in Phoenix pays $.98 a pound right now for brass. It will be enough to buy more bullets
  8. Can you do .223 on a 550? Don't wanna hi jack the thread.
  9. What is the proper way to slug a barrel? Without hurting your hand punching an oak cast whiskey barrel. 👊🏼
  10. Did you get a reshoot? Or did you ask for a reshoot due to REF?
  11. Forgot to mention I have titegroup and bullseye on the bench. Yes want as soft recoil she can get for plinking . No pf necessary. Without the pill falling out of barrel at her feet.
  12. Do any of you have any load data for shooting 38 specials in a revolver for a very soft recoil. I am looking into loading some 38's for the wife's revolver And she would like it very soft shooting. Just looking for a starting point. Thanks in advance. Oh oh and it's a sp 100 I think.
  13. Picture tells a thousand tales.
  14. I shot our rifle pistol match this past weekend. Worked on having few penalties. Only had 3 total. Moved better also. I have been placing in the 80% range and this weekend I placed at the 60% mark.
  15. Seems 3gnation wants to slow down the scoring process more. Takes long enough to move shooters through the stages as it is. 🤔