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  1. If your squad mates would run your camera phone see if you can ask them to video you so you have something to go back and watch to see what you did right and wrong.
  2. Load 'em full and rock and roll. It's the best way to be safe and have fun.
  3. I found I was deficient in brewers yeast. So I think I'll have a beer.
  4. Build your bench and bolt it to the wall for added rigidity.
  5. Welcome from Arizona also.
  6. I am looking into buying my friends 712 setup for 3gun competition. When firing it at yesterdays match first shot would go bang and cycle but not fully go into battery for second shot. the gun would stop short of complete battery almost at the point where the charging handle on the bolt group needs to be to be removed during disassembly. Cannot figure out if it is the bolt group hanging up or a week return spring. this issue does not happen when manually cycling the gun with no ammo in it.Ammo does pass the plunk and spin test. AA super sport sporting clays 2 3/4", 3 1/4 dram eq, 1 1/8th oz, 7 1/2 shot, 1300' velocity.
  7. The first time I went out to watch a 3G match I talked to a regular and he told me "you do this 1 time and you'll never go back to punching holes in paper again." boy was he right about that. Have fun and get involved.
  8. Welcome to the forum. Advise: be safe gets your hits then work on speed.
  9. You gotta hate when those static targets move around the bay. That's how we all get our FTE's.
  10. Welcome what part of AZ are you in?
  11. Nice move after shot breaks before hit called. What shotgun is that?
  12. Shouldn't you be working? I guess I should be too.

  13. I have only been reloading for about 6 months now. I use the berrys 147's with titegroup at 3.2 grains @1.15 coal and it runs well in my M&P.
  14. Stealthy, What powder charge is the H335? is that using a 55 grainer?