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  1. Can you do .223 on a 550? Don't wanna hi jack the thread.
  2. What is the proper way to slug a barrel? Without hurting your hand punching an oak cast whiskey barrel. 👊🏼
  3. Did you get a reshoot? Or did you ask for a reshoot due to REF?
  4. Forgot to mention I have titegroup and bullseye on the bench. Yes want as soft recoil she can get for plinking . No pf necessary. Without the pill falling out of barrel at her feet.
  5. Do any of you have any load data for shooting 38 specials in a revolver for a very soft recoil. I am looking into loading some 38's for the wife's revolver And she would like it very soft shooting. Just looking for a starting point. Thanks in advance. Oh oh and it's a sp 100 I think.
  6. Picture tells a thousand tales.
  7. I shot our rifle pistol match this past weekend. Worked on having few penalties. Only had 3 total. Moved better also. I have been placing in the 80% range and this weekend I placed at the 60% mark.
  8. Seems 3gnation wants to slow down the scoring process more. Takes long enough to move shooters through the stages as it is. 🤔
  9. I zeroed rifle at 200 after taking it apart to put on a new free float handguard. My question is, is one and a half inches of spread in shots at 200 yards acceptable? 5 rounds. POF 3 gun rifle.
  10. Tom at MOA is a class guy. I had the pleasure talking shotguns with him when he shot the stage I was working at the SMM3gun match last month. Heck he even offered me a job at MOA because I told him I wanted to live in Grants Pass. Couldnt take the job because my wife won't let me work for a third of the money I make now. But that just tells me he's got low prices and great service. As soon as I can get a M3K they will do my work.
  11. Thx jack. I do have a V strike eagle on the 3gun AR. I just don't have another $300 to drop on another SE. Got any other ideas?
  12. But what do you use to glue the sandpaper to a stippled grip
  13. I was just going to ask this too because I think I could use some on my m&p. Dont mean to hijack thread in different direction.
  14. I'm looking for suggestions for and inexpensive optic for my newly acquired 22 caliber upper for my AR is the 22rb from Nordic It will only be used for plinking around and not competition so high end optics are not necessary. Thanks y'all in advance.
  15. I have the miculek on my pof rifle. Runs very well but the guy next to me at the range the other day didn't like it so much.