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  1. Buy a gun and have fun!
  2. If I took mine down too much I would have taken the razor blades completely off and skate taped her.
  3. Oh yeah... I took a file to the front strap on my aggressive grip, sanded some, and stones some or it will eat your hand.
  4. No, the grip will need to be cut for thumbshields. I have had the tactical, aggressive, and the skate tape.... I like them all and they are all really good for different applications. This weekend at area 6 I was glad my IMM had the aggressive during the rain. The tactical is the best for dryfire and a practice gun... the skate tape is good because it is adjustable by simply changing or replacing the tape.
  5. Uuuuuh supercomp is ALL starline brass bro, welcome to the world. I shoot matches with Scott occasionally and he is fulla shit... he picks up maybe 10% at matches. I pick up more of his brass for him than he does, though he does RO and help out with the match. Super guys love super and nine guys think they are saving money... and the world keeps turning. All I know is #9problems don't happen when you shoot super. See my first post in this thread for #9problems.
  6. As of recent? I'd say no.
  7. ....that's like your opinion man. 9mm is cheaper... until you crack a slide or blow up a gun. LOL
  8. .... The least we could do is make them start empty on "up range starts."
  9. @theWacoKid has made some.
  10. Not sure... I have 4000 loaded 40s and I shoot open primarily so 4K will last a good long while. N320 is what i am considering.
  11. It looks like a Russian crap gun to me. Red grip makes it look more limp wrist.... but I'm into race guns and that is a race gun wannabe.
  12. Either way, replace the spring. Grip the pistol like a grown ass man.
  13. CRspeed... check ben stoeger pro shop for the CRspeed belt/pouches combo deal.
  14. ...never miss an opportunity to buy an additional pistol. Hell, buy it and give it to her for her birthday... 2 birds, one stone. Six months down the road you have your backup pistol. You're welcome.