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  1. I got some 180s you can try.
  2. Trace, why are the new sti tubes "not compatible" with grams spring kits?
  3. It's worth the money. I was also skeptical of the price, but in the end it is worth the money. Dont get me wrong... there is a lot (a lot a lot) of profit for DAA at their price point. I mean it's not hand made out of stainless steel, I figure they should cost about half of what they actaullly sell for but I'd buy it again if the one I have was toast.
  4. I'd switch powder. AND I would not shoot either of those loads at a major.
  5. Yeah, bullshit dude. I have a SV sight tracker and some 4.5 titegroup loads I have will melt the SV fiber.... you are shooting too slow old timer.
  6. Looks rad
  7. 3n38 is the shizzle
  8. If 1 in 5 had to go back to the factory they cant make any real money... one in 10 is not even good. I have owned two STI factory built pistols; One DVC that I was not impressed with at all and one Eagle 40 that is built much better than the DVC I previously owned....it is an easy choice to have a custom gun built. STI's are production guns, mediocre ones at that. I'm sure the Strayers and Mr Tripp are not proud of what STI has become. Note to self: don't sell my last name to anyone.
  9. Good video! wileyX glasses meet then mil spec because they have the mil contract ;-).
  10. 2nd on the Wiley X's! i have the Saber in yellow and black, also have the clear lenses. Great product.
  11. one would think that STI would at the very least check the slide measurements before trying to fit the barrel and or fit it to a frame... guess not.
  12. I like cut off camo shorts... not at a major though, old rules says no camo. 511 taclite pants for me. Great pants.
  13. Tha hell? Spray paint the SOB... it a rifle for killin! It ain't a beauty contest. Jezz-o-pezzo
  14. Correct order.
  15. Tracy is correct. The tactical should be renamed the golf ball. :-( it sucks. i bought the limited gun used... dude said it was the tactical grip. I wanted the same grip for my new IMM.... wank wank waaaaa.