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  1. I've used Shot Timer and PS Timer Lite. Shot Timer drove me nuts when you want to hit stop you need to slide over a bar to stop the timer. With PS Timer Lite there is button to hit to stop the timer. The only issue with PS Timer Lite is the add at the top of the screen, but hey its free and it works so I deal with it. The top photo is Shot Timer, bottom is PS Timer Lite
  2. 1st I have a Carbon Arms belt ratchet kit and love it. It makes tightening the belt so easy, also run 2-3 shot shell caddies, 2 pistol mag pouches and 1 ar pouch. I have it all set up on a Safariland belt so I can swap out as needed
  3. I had the Strike Eagle for a while and thought it was okay, I upgraded the the PST 1-4 and am glad I did. I like the smaller reticle in the PST, the Strike Eagle was a bit to big for my liking and the PST glass is clearer.
  4. I have the Springer +0 base pads and really like them. I like the options of getting them numbered and my name on them if needed. They add just enough weight to help the mags drop a bit easier.
  5. Both Invictus Practical and Carbon Arms make great caddies. I tried the IP 2.8's a while ago but prefer the CA SSXL clips. It allows me to get my thick fingers under the shells better and not drop shells when grabbing them, issues that I had with almost every other caddies I tried.
  6. I tried the TTI sights and prefer the Dawson's. I like a bit more sunlight between my sights then what the TTI's showed. Also I have the Dawson's on all my other pistols so I also like to keep them consistent.
  7. BCG and Bolt - Iron City Rifle Works EVO G2 Competition Series Recoil System - Taccom ALW 223 recoil system and enhanced rifle spring Adjustable gas block - JP low profile adjustable gas block
  8. Not really a breakage but I had a bolt face that was out of spec and whenever I would shoot LC brass the fired rounds wouldn't eject and would literally be stuck to the bolt face. I would need to lock the bolt back and push the spent case off the bolt face. The same rounds would work perfectly fine in any other rifle just not mine. Took some time trying to figure out the issue.
  9. I got the competition springs from DK triggers with an IDP striker and use a 13lb recoil spring
  10. What I would suggest is to charge for the classifieds if you wanted to have your add listed on the front page for say a week or so. One of the Golf forums I belong to will charge $10 for your add to be pinned to the front page for a week. During that time frame you can add items to it so you can sell multiple items from the same listing without having to make new listings.
  11. Mine always go into the safe, I prefer not to keep them in the bags with all the powder residue and dirt that gets picked up while out at the range.
  12. I've had good luck with brass from
  13. Here's what I just did for my new G34, it's used for 3gun: Grip job from ZEV (silicon carbide), magwell, ZEV mag release, 13# ISMI spring w/ tungsten guide rod, TTI sights and a DK custom full kit trigger w/ IDP Flatline trigger
  14. I've had pretty good success with the 62gr FMJ bullet from Hornady. I run it over 23.6gr of Benchmark. Below are the results with the same load out of 2 different rifles. Both rifle have Odin 16" barrels w/ mid gas and were shot at 100yds (50yrd zero) in a lead sled solo.
  15. With the new laws going into effect next year (banning of magazines holding more than 10 rounds effective July 1st) the range I shoot 3 gun has stated that no one will be allowed to use any magazines holding more than 10 rounds. This includes police officers and active duty military. For once we will all be on the same playing field. The police officers who shoot with us usually show up with some mags that us regulars could never get.