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  1. Magazines can be hard to seat when all the way full. Many people download the mags on their belt to make them seat easier on a closed slide.
  2. Minor - TG or Prima V Major - 3n38 or HS6
  3. Perhaps static? How new is the powder measure?
  4. The muzzle support is personal preference. I use a Safariland 014 which has the muzzle support, but I haven't tried any of the others. It works fine for me, I have no complaints about it.
  5. In my (limited)experience coated is faster. I dropped my powder charge weight by half a grain to achieve similar velocity after switching from plated to coated in .45 ACP.
  6. Just the lack of punctuation and grammar is enough for me. It's brutal trying to read his posts.
  7. You can always shoot limited. Shooting minor you won't be as competitive as you would be in production but it won't hold you back for awhile.
  8. What is your goal with competing? Is it to win? Or is it to just enjoy shooting and get better? Just an FYI, there is an allowance at level 1 matches to allow LEOs to use their duty gear even if it doesn't meet division requirements. It must be approved by the MD/RM. 5.2.8 Competitors deemed by the Match Director to be full-time law enforcement officers with arrest powers or military personnel on current active duty orders, may be entitled to use their duty holsters or similar holster and related equipment when such equipment does not strictly satisfy the equipment or other requirements of the declared Division. The Range Master will remain the final authority in respect of the safety and suitability of using such equipment at USPSA matches. The use of such equipment, except as otherwise permitted in the rules, is restricted to Level I matches only.
  9. Dude.... this post is from 2008....
  10. Is it potentially more stressful on the extractor? Probably. But there's a good chance it will run fine. It's up to you whether you want to give it a go. I ran lots of 9mm in a 38 super barrel before I rebarreled it with no issues at all. Not exactly the same, but a similar situation
  11. In addition to what is listed above, there are also differences in what holster/mag pouches you can use and where you can place them on your belt.
  12. .38/9mm is the minimum caliber for all divisions I believe. So no, unless you wanted to shoot for no score and the MD would allow it.
  13. Again, I'm not arguing against the rule. And I'm not arguing against the interpretation. I'm just saying that the wording of the rule is poor and could be revised. This seems like a lost cause, I'm over it.
  14. I understand that. Just like I understand the interpretation of the rule by DNROI. Both you and the provided ruling use the phrase "have two guns". BUT that's not what the actual wording of the rule says, That phrase is no where in the rule book. I have nothing against the intent of the rule, just how it's worded. It should be fixed to be more clear. Rules shouldn't have to be interpreted, They should be written clearly and enforced as written so there is no doubt about what the rule means/intends. Semantics and grammar, even if they seem trivial points, are important ESPECIALLY in rules/law.
  15. Ah, Well some are better or worse (and sometimes not legal) depending on what division you plan on shooting. Lots of folks like the Ghost 360 or CR Speed. How much room you have on your belt can limit you somewhat as well, especially in Single Stack and Production. I'm a fan of the DAA racers and/or Safariland 771/773s.