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  1. The cone comp barrels he is referring to are a standard profile barrel with a conversion cone added (http://egwguns.com/1911-parts/conversion-cone/ ). Then they don't require a bushing and can accept a standard bull barrel compensator.
  2. Being a pain to load is what caused me to switch. The increase in cleanliness and very minor (unnoticeable at my current level of shooting) gain in performance isn't worth the headache while loading. So I went to HS6. Cost was a nonissue and I didn't notice OAL growth.
  3. I used 9.5 gr 3n38 under a 115 for a while in 9 major. It was a bit of a pain to load but shot great.
  4. Mid Mo checking in. Welcome! Welcome!
  5. whoa, reviving a post from '08. That's an oldie
  6. 357 Sig has been legal for limited/L10 since January of 2015 https://www.uspsa.org/uspsa-announcements-details.php?Rulings-on-holster-distance-USPSA-Handgun-Rules-231
  7. 357 sig also can go major.
  8. It's not standard for tek-lok, but it will probably work fine as long as the holes are spaced right.
  9. They are legal if they are 4.2" or less in length
  10. Unless its a 4" bull barrel?
  11. The Binary Engineering comp and the LSI are very similar
  12. Hmm. I don't see it being mentioned in the rules. But you might send an email to DNROI to check. Is it even possible/worthwhile to flute a bushing barrel?
  13. Just USPSA legal? Or are you specifically meaning single stack legal?
  14. And he's got a Tanfo Gold Team V12 which is the loudest and most obnoxious open gun you can get
  15. Magazines can be hard to seat when all the way full. Many people download the mags on their belt to make them seat easier on a closed slide.