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  1. .38/9mm is the minimum caliber for all divisions I believe. So no, unless you wanted to shoot for no score and the MD would allow it.
  2. Again, I'm not arguing against the rule. And I'm not arguing against the interpretation. I'm just saying that the wording of the rule is poor and could be revised. This seems like a lost cause, I'm over it.
  3. I understand that. Just like I understand the interpretation of the rule by DNROI. Both you and the provided ruling use the phrase "have two guns". BUT that's not what the actual wording of the rule says, That phrase is no where in the rule book. I have nothing against the intent of the rule, just how it's worded. It should be fixed to be more clear. Rules shouldn't have to be interpreted, They should be written clearly and enforced as written so there is no doubt about what the rule means/intends. Semantics and grammar, even if they seem trivial points, are important ESPECIALLY in rules/law.
  4. Ah, Well some are better or worse (and sometimes not legal) depending on what division you plan on shooting. Lots of folks like the Ghost 360 or CR Speed. How much room you have on your belt can limit you somewhat as well, especially in Single Stack and Production. I'm a fan of the DAA racers and/or Safariland 771/773s.
  5. I'm not arguing for allowing it. I'm just saying that the rules don't prohibit it. The wording of the rule doesn't say anything about "having" 2 guns. But it DOES specifically says you can't use or wear more than one in a COF. I can have as many guns with me during a USPSA match as I want to.
  6. The rules don't back up their position. You aren't wearing more than one gun during the COF. And you aren't using more than one during the COF either. The rules have specific wording. It makes no mention of wearing one while using the other. So enforcing the rule strictly as written I don't see it being a DQ either. This is one of those things that needs to be rewritten more clearly for PCC.
  7. What division are you shooting in?
  8. Anything off the production list is good to go for CO. https://www.uspsa.org/uspsa-NROI-production-gunlist.php
  9. I use Wolff in both my open and SS guns. 8# variable for me in my 9 major
  10. Check your crimp. Make sure your press/dies are all set up as they should be, something might have moved.
  11. Well mostly 2 reasons. I already had a couple .45s and i was already reloading .45. Cost was a non issue and compatibility between them was big for me. If I was starting over I'd give .40 a hard look because of the versatility, but there's just something about a 1911 in .45 And 9mm comp 1911 is on my list, I just can't justify the cost quite yet
  12. It all comes down to preference haha. I happen to prefer .45. And once you reload the cost ends up being a small difference anyway. If you want to shoot the skinny gun on a budget get an RO in 9mm. Cheaper (but still solid) gun and cheap ammo.
  13. It's not less recoil. At the same PF the recoil force should be very similar. Generally speaking, the .40 will have a lighter bullet going faster than the .45
  14. Sure did, thanks.
  15. I'm not sure why you think a .45 wouldn't be competitive? SS major is limited to 8 rounds regardless. The only downfall is cost of factory ammo. IMO the RO, Trojan or Max are better value. You'll still have to throw money at the DW to get it comp ready.