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  1. Do any of you guys use chest carriers?
  2. I received my adjustable Trigger Tech today. Dry firing, it feels really good. It has just enough take up to suit my 2 stage brain. The reset is SHORT. But it doesn't have a lot of feel to it. It's there, but it's light. The adjustment instructions say to give it two or three clicks on the low end. The first few clicks are very faint. I don't know if those count, and I don't have a trigger scale to see where I'm at exactly. I can already tell this trigger is going to be fast. I cant wait to get out with it later this week.
  3. I recently went from a Strike Eagle to a Steiner P4Xi. The Steiner can be found for under $500, and is light worlds away from the SE. Not that I hated the Vortex, but I love the Steiner.
  4. Well that may have just blown my budget all to shit.
  5. True. But a TS will cost me $1800. I can get either of the other two for less than $700.
  6. I'm thinking of switching my 3 gun pistol from an M&P Pro to an Elite Match. My M&P is nice, all Apex internals and barrel. It shoots well. It's just that I shoot heavy pistols better. I'm also considering a SP-01 safety model. I already own and love 4 CZ's. If I get a safety SP-01 I'll want to convert it to SAO. If I buy the Elite Match, most of the extra work is done. I'm not really interested in shooting IDPA or USPSA. So neither of those rule books are a factor. What would you recommend between these two. And who has the best price on the Witness?
  7. I ordered one this morning. I'll update after I receive it.
  8. That was my reason for trying the POF, just so I could compare it to my 2 stage triggers. It's a good trigger but I prefer a 2 stage.
  9. Thanks guys. The SSA-E is going back in. I can put the POF in my 15-22 or my truck gun.
  10. I started shooting 3 gun one year ago to the month. All last season I used a RRA R3 upper on a home built lower. I used a Geissele SSA-E trigger and I really liked it. I built a new rifle for this year and went with a POF flat 4.5 trigger. It's OK. But I don't love it. The club I shoot at usually has at least one 200 - 300 yard target. The longest last year was 385. I like the set of the two stage on longer shots. And I don't think it really slowed me down much on bay stages. Plus, I'll be 55 this year, so it's not like I'm going to set 3GN on fire either . How many of you use 2 stage triggers?
  11. I love my Griffin Armament Reece 7.
  12. I put a Lancer on my new 3 gun build. It seems OK so far.
  13. My god man, that is a thing of beauty.
  14. I have the Aero SPR mount on two different rifles. One was used all last year with a Strike Eagle on my 3 gun rifle. It never drifted at all. Great mounts.
  15. Thanks for the feedback guys. I'll be ordering one today.