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  1. Got my barrel back from Patriot Defense, it's nice to be able to load ammo at a normal length..
  2. These grips are pretty damn nice just dry firing and holding the gun, can't wait to shoot it, hopefully tomorrow. I think we have a winner here.
  3. Could you post another pic or two of that magwell? Maybe from the front and side?
  4. What magwell is that? EG??
  5. Yeah, a good polish, recoil spring and some Patriot Defense optimized springs will get you a ton better than stock and stay reliable. I would say the 15.5lb hammer spring should be reliable as well. Sear spring, trigger return spring, firing pin spring, and firing pin will be a big difference. Also check the chamber on it with several different brands to see how they all drop in. Barrel ream would be the only other easy thing to get done.
  6. Getting closer! It might help to make a line with a sharpie if you're worried about taking too much material.
  7. Good list, I had thought of a few issues but I mainly listed what I had issues with personally.. nice info John
  8. This is mine.. I may open up the back a little more but I'm happy with it the way it is.. I did notice a little difference especially on reloads I did get done clean.. the extra room made a bigger margin for error I think and still be able to get a good reload in.
  9. I just thought of something, what length are you running your ammo? If you got lucky enough to get one of the out of spec barrels that could be a problem.. first hit strikes the primer but not hard enough to light it because the round is too long pushing it farther into the chamber.. then it goes off the second whack.. worth a shot..
  10. My only thoughts are trigger bar spring or even possibly a weak sear spring..
  11. Hmmm.... I'm running the Patriot Defense firing pin, firing pin spring, Bolo, 13lb hammer spring, trigger return spring, and reduced power sear spring.. then I'm running the titan hammer, polished the crap out of everything, and an extreme one piece sear. Been 100% reliable for me.
  12. Mine is similar to that actually, I'll grab some pics.. it was really easy with a sand paper bit and the dremel.. took my time and smoothed it out.
  13. I was having the same issues he is having minus the firing pin dragging and it was the trigger bar plunger spring.. if it's too light, it doesn't push up hard enough on the trigger bar causing the hammer to fall earlier than it should in DA.
  14. Don't cut it if you're shooting production.. I'm pretty sure that's considered an external mod.. You're better off opening up the inside a little with a dremel, it's an internal mod and deemed ok by the NROI as long as you don't touch the outside of the gun. There is a thread on it in here somewhere.
  15. You didn't list what sear you are running either, if you aren't running a one piece I would definitely get one. It might fix the problem.. you should be able to light those primers with ease with a 15.5lb hammer spring.