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  1. You will also need to change the station 1 locator. for 9mm and 38 super its the same but for 38 SC its a little different. It's a little smaller and will the hold the brass better. This will also help in case a 38 super case gets in the mix of your super comp. The 38 super will not fit on the Super comp locator so you will know that something is wrong when it gets stuck.
  2. I did try putting in the mag because I was told that it might be tight but if I load anything less than 23 rounds the mag slides in and out with no problem. It's just for some reason when I load 23 or more rounds that the mad starts getting really hard to click into the gun.
  3. I have an mbx 170 for 38 super. I noticed since I bought it that if I load more then 23 rounds in it, it is extremely hard for the mag to click in place in my gun. I have to really slam it hard to get it to stay. I was told from mbx that I had to wait for the spring to settle in a bit so I won't have that problem. I have used that mag for the past 5 months and still have the same problem. I even switched to a grams spring and follower and still the same problem. Does anyone else have this issue with mbx mags? As for my sti mags I don't have that problem and I can load them to about 28 or 29.
  4. I had the same issue when I used a lee 38 super resizing die. I had to go with the U die that fixed everything.
  5. I usually clean mine after a match and for sure a few days before a match and go shoot about 20 rounds out of it to make sure everything is working. For some reason, my gun does not like to be extra clean. I have noticed that if I take my gun to a match and it has just been cleaned, I will have a jam or two on the first stage. After that, the gun will run flawless. So from now on I make sure to shoot at least 20 rounds out of it after I have cleaned so when I go to match, it will work flawless.
  6. I don't know the number so I didn't answer when they called me but they left a message on my phone for me to call them back and register before December 30. If you got a call from them, they should've left a message on your phone if they called you. Hopefully your voicemail is not full or else they wouldn't be able to leave a message.
  7. I have used autocomp for both major and minor loads of 9mm. I have not noticed the brown flakes you are talking about but again I have not looked for them. next time I shoot I will keep an eye out for them.
  8. Thanks for the info. I guess I will try to sign up on Jan 28 and hope for the best. I will start looking for hotels in the area.
  9. Well i was scheduled for another match during this time and I just found out that the match I had signed up for got cancelled. I had gotten a call from USPSA a couple months ago to reserve my spot for open nationals since I had won open B class at Area 4. I guess I missed out on that registration and have to wait until January 28 to register. So those that are familiar with the nationals, do you think the weekend slots fill up faster? Also, where is the best place to get a hotel ( Drive time to range)?
  10. I shoot cmore. To me it feels like it's bigger and I can fond the dot faster.maybe because that's all I have shot and when I have tried the others perhaps I'm not used to it.
  11. I use cci small rifle primers for my 9mm major. You shouldn't have any problem if you use it. Have fun and go shooting.
  12. I ha be a Brazos thunder comp 2 for my 38supercomp. At first it didn't feel much of an difference when I loaded 7.8 grains of WAC compared to The 9mm major I was shooting with a smaller comp and using 6.9 gr of WAC. Both were loaded with a 124 gr MG JHP. it wasn't until Benny hill told me to use 11.5 gr of Accurate #7 on a 115 gr MG JHP is when I really noticed the difference on how the comp works. I guess I wasn't putting enough gas through the comp to make it work the way it's meant to be. That flattened my gun out a lot. As for popple holes, I don't have any on my gun so perhaps that might make it even flatter. By the way I have never tried the trubor comp so I can't compare it but I do like the thunder comp a lot.
  13. i am using 11.3 grains of Accurate #7 with 115 gr. Montana Gold JHP. It is very flat and I am pushing about 178 PF.
  14. ok thanks. Yea I figured there would need to be some change what I'd don't know if it was going to be way off every time or just a little. I guess I will just stay with the same diode for everything so I won't hbe to be changing much.
  15. Thank you for that info.