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  1. I got my dedicated single stack steel gun to run with a 5 1/2 pound recoil spring and 16 pound mainspring with a generous FP radius, but only if the mags were about 1/2 full. (yeah I know what good is that!!) It is a balance between low recoil spring weight and enough spring weight to reliably strip rounds off the mag and feed them into the chamber crisply. I ended up using a 6. 3/4 - 7 pound recoil spring (measured poundage on gauge) and 115 - 124 gr bullets loaded to about the 950 fps range using faster powders. Seems to yield a consistent dot and it shoots soft. I tried 95 grain bullets and they work great but to simplify inventory I use 124/115 jacketed.
  2. Here is another thread that is asking about steel guns, in it I posted pics of my repurposed old open gun. I also have a bedell shorty on an SVI frame that is set up for 9minor and it is a very good shooting gun and is great for steel challenge or action steel. If you are at all interested in action steel use a double stack frame as it can do both well.
  3. I know we digress but here it is-->> 38 Super - SR4756 at 8.3gr, MG 124gr JHP, OAL 1.235", CCI SPP or Win/Tula SRP = 167pf out of three port 5.4" barrel. Note that SR4756 is a shotgun powder and varies a bit from lot to lot in pistols. This is from the last lot I had, not sure what that lot number is now as I loaded it all up.
  4. I really liked SR4756 in 38super and was a little bummed when they stopped making it. I read that Chris Hodgdon said something about ww572 being a replacement for it, and I got a pound of ww572 to try but right off the bat they are obviously different - one is a flake, the other a ball and the density is quite different. I haven't developed any loads with ww572 yet but physically it looks a lot like the silhouette/HS-6/WAC/CFE family of powders. When I get off my PCC kick and get back into open I was going to work up a load and compare to similar 38 super rounds loaded with SR4756.
  5. Have you discovered Central Florida Rifle and Pistol Club? It's not far from the MCO. Nice facilities, an active club with lots of disciplines, and they put on very good USPSA matches.
  6. So...that is what that fob I got with my last Taccom order is used for!! I thought it was some sort of futuristic bottle cap opener or something else beyond my ken! BTW - How do you like the barrel?
  7. I assume you are asking about 38 Super Comp, and not 38 Short Colt? Anyway, for SuperComp I've had the best luck with the .223 shell plate (#3 I believe). With the 9mm/38 super shell plate i'll get cases pulled out of the shellplate on the resizing station. I've read that others have not had this problem.
  8. I'm using old safariland Caspian double stack mag holders and they work well, Can run around with full 32 rounders (usually downloaded, though) and they stay in place.
  9. No, do not use. Consider this a learning experience. This is also a reason I only keep one powder on the bench at any time... I already had my learning experience.
  10. Per Appendix D2, Item 5, you need to have a bullet caliber of .40 or greater to be scored major in Limited. so, the simple solution is to purchase a .40 top end for your tanfo! >>>>>>>>>>> edit: ok, i now see that in the title you said Open Major - so belay my comment above!
  11. Yes, my guess is that 9# would be a good starting point. I just did the same thing on an older custom gun that had an RM which I'm setting up to shoot 9mm minor and a 7# spring works great,
  12. Bmiller responds to private messaging. Very nice guy and I use a couple of his products. For limiting pcc bolt travel I use these: Works great, super light, and doesn't preload the spring.
  13. The Harbor Freights mesh mats are very durable and can take foot traffic.
  14. I've shot 150gr LSWCs out of 38 supers at 175 pf major and it is a good shooting load. Probably won't hold you back unless you are already running the el prez with times consistently in the 5.xx second range. Splits might be slower but accuracy could be better (used to use 150 gr bullets for the 50 yd standards course). If you can shoot the 147's well and get your A's....that might be your edge. Experimentation can be good. Looking forward to your report!
  15. If you are talking about the powder getting hung up on the internal through hole of the dillon powder funnel because of the machining roughness - one thing you can try is get a bore mop that fits the inside diameter, chuck it up in a drill, and then use some polishing or fine grinding compound and polish the inside to get rid of the high ridges. I've done this and it helps. Also, take a q-tip and occasionally clean the inside every few thousand rounds. Most powders contain graphite or something else to help with flow, but you can still get gunk buildup depending on the powder. the DAA expander is indeed very good, but if the dillon is working for you and the powder drop is the only issue it is cheap to try polishing the inside. Edit to add - I liked S1K, but at this point I wouldn't go back to it. There are a lot of good 9mm minor powders, and for me American Select is almost identical to S1k as far as being soft shooting plus it meters better, seems to be more accurate, and is just as clean or cleaner. Also I've found Vectan GM3 is very good for the same reasons.