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  1. Turn the Aftec about 90 degrees (so the spring cap is on the upper side) and tilt the spring cap up on the back end so the front end tilts down. Push the Aftec in a little more until the cap enters the extractor tunnel and once you get the spring cap started in the narrow part of the tunnel you install as normal. BTW - i have never had an Aftec that didn't require tuning/tweaking/shaping to get running right. I have them in a few guns, and have some with a standard extractor. I like the Aftec as once tuned they tend to be very consistent with the ejection. However, there isn't anything wrong with a standard extractor and I think they are easier to tune up and get running as they aren't that complicated.
  2. I nominate KneelingAtlas for M.O.M. He has consistently been a prime go to source for all things tanfo and cz. He did a boat load of experimenting with different parts and configurations and he freely shared all of his results and opinions. Whenever I had any questions about Tanfos I'd PM'd him he always gave me the straight skinny. He has definitely rounded out the Benoverse pie by contributing knowledge about something other than 1911's and 2011 modular guns. and he was on the leading edge of the CZ75/Tanfo rise in popularity. Plus, he is a heck of a nice guy.
  3. Me too. Except for DEWC bullets in 38 special, I have never had good luck with the flat seating stem even with bullets that look like they should work with the flat seater. As an FYI - if you are using lee seating dies they will make you a custom bullet seater plug for about 10 bucks including shipping. You send them a bullet and they make a seater plug that fits perfect. Also, you can mold your own custom plug. using an existing seater plug and some two part epoxy like jb weld.
  4. Delrin is a great engineering plastic and should work well for you. Generally, it has a low coefficient of friction with other materials and is hard to bond to. But, your buddy may be referring to making the through holes for the screws a little undersized and letting the screw threads dig into the Delrin acting as a thread locker of sorts similar to a nylon insert lock nut.
  5. Amazon has the C-more railway base for about 36 bucks w/free shipping. And, occasionally they pop up for reasonable prices in the BE classifieds.
  6. The C-more tactical railway spacer is nothing more than a molded piece of plastic that is approximately 0.180" x 0.700" x 4.59" and has a couple of longer screws to accommodate the added thickness of the spacer. A little creativity and a trip to Ace Hardware would work also, plus you could tailor the height. You can buy one from C-more for 10 bucks, but the shipping is $13.
  7. The M1A has a burn rate/bullet weight range that is recommended (some powders even say they are in the M1A burn rate range...maybe it is just marketing?). Never heard or seen the same thing for the AR platforms.
  8. I have both a 650 and 550 - the 650 is my production machine for pistol calibers I shoot a lot of, the 550 for loading small batches of pistol in odd calibers and some load development and for processing/loading rifle. It is a systems that works for me.
  9. When the Nobel-Vectan powders started to become available the powder drought was still going, and lots of folks were looking for other powders to fill the gaps. Several in my area started using GM3 so I got some and tried it. There is no published data in English that I found, but did find some in Italian as it is a European powder and was made by SNIA. Prima SV, Prima V, and GM3 are all in the same powder family but have different burn rates. Grafs gives a reference for the burn rates, but there is no other info from another source I have found that collaborates their burn rate info. I worked up loads starting low and working up with a chrono. After going through this process I have some nice minor load recipes for 9mm with bullets ranging from 115gr through 160 grain. So, using powers like these requires some homework and willingness to be on the fringe of reloading as there is no published data for pistol from the mfg or in our standard reloading books that I know of. One thing I have noticed is that the load data I've seen for GM3 vs Prima V are not far off....I'm getting 128 pf with 147gr bullets over 3.0gr of GM3 and people using Prima V are using about the same...and this is from several of my 9mm pistols so it just isn't a fast barrel. So, don't take burn rates or "similar to" powders that Grafs provides as gospel. They say GM3 is like AA#5 or Auto-Comp. In my experience it is waaaaay faster. In fact, I am using charge weights and getting similar velocities in the American Select or Solo1000 range. Also, a buddy got some to try to make major in 9mm, and couldn't do it. Lastly, there seems to be anecdotal info that there is substantial lot to lot variation with these powders. All of my GM3 is the same lot number, but have been reading about folks using old vs new lots of Prima V and having substantially different charge weight vs velocity differences. So, if you decide you like it I'd say get a bunch of the same lot number. I like the power a lot. It is very clean, I get low SDs, very good accuracy, it is cool burning, is easy to load as it meters well once settled, not pressure spiky, and is IMO the juice is worth the squeeze to work with this powder. But, now that the powder drought is pretty much history there are lots of other powders available that have well established load data. Hopefully, Lyman will pick up the ball and publish some pistol loads with the Vectan powders.
  10. Good info here: I use smooth cut mill file for a lot of work, including fitting safeties. You can get smooth cut files in a lot of configurations. Check out the Nicholson file catalogue and you can buy from amazon or places like MSC or Zoro. Having some different stones also is nice for when you want to remove just a tiny amount of material and want a very smooth surface.
  11. Ray_Z, yes that is the difference. It is 97.68% (OK, I just made that up) about the extractor, and depending on the slide may need to fine tune the breechface to accept the .38 super rim if you are making a gun for 38 super (not normally a problem with modern slides). I have a gun that doesn't care if I mix super and supercomp and 9mm in the same shoots everything (it has a standard extractor, btw). And then some that are rigged for super and will choke on supercomp. So, each gun has it's own personality depending on parts, tolerances, and how it was set-up. So, I load 9 minor and 38 super for major. i don't shoot 9 major. For me even loading 9 minor is more of a hassle with all the case issues than loading 38 super. i only separate out the aluminum and steel 9mm cases, and then if I happen to see any stepped cases....but don't look at every one. 38 super brass can be loaded pretty uneventfully right after being tumble cleaned with very little sorting. Any cracked cases can be discovered easily by how they sound (tinkle-y sounding brass is cracked) as your are handling the brass after case cleaning. The overall quality of 38 super and supercomp brass is consistent and high with no crimping, berdan priming, steel or aluminum cases or added force because of the taper, etc. To me the super is a wonderful reloader's cartridge - load it up, load it down, use heavy or light bullets, cast, coated, or all works with no drama. But yeah, i pick up my 38 super and will leave the 9mm on the ground and pick up after the match to replenish the 9mm case supply.
  12. Me too, great upper for pcc and competition guns. I also like the Aero Precision uppers w/o assist but with the door if you want to install it for whatever reason.
  13. Several brands sell short chambered barrels, it is a way to allow the gunsmith to finish ream the barrel to their preferences. 9mm and the 38 super variants are what we use it for primarily, but it can be finish reamed to other .355" barrel rounds if the gunsmith is creative (9x21, 9x25, .357 sig, etc). For 9mm or 38 super don't have to have a lath, can be finish reamed by hand....but a lath is nice. Yes, the barrel is finished in all other aspects but does require normal fitting...They are not drop in barrels (or at least none of the short chambered barrels I know of are). Also, it allows the manufacturer to reduce their barrel each in unramped, para, and nowlin ramped configuration needs to be produced and stocked. Glad it helped, a picture is worth a thousand words or so I have heard!
  14. The Wolff p/n: 30175 Uzi mag springs have a square wind and fit the metalforms perfectly.