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  1. Nice looking gun
  2. Nice setup. I will running a Glock 19 with a dovetail mounted trijicon rmr.
  3. Varminter, are you shooting a 4" or 5" barreled 627?
  4. I found this sight on
  5. Could give this magwell a look
  6. I think some of their sights were manufactured by novak
  7. Check out these two sights forums
  8. Anything with Costa's name attached to it will be expensive
  9. Watch this video from military arms
  10. Yes they do I don't know why ruger always have to use a proprietary sight dovetail
  11. Checkout they make one for ruger sr series pistol
  12. Thanks for the review
  13. Good review l was thinking about getting one the price looks reasonable for the auto drum