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  1. Getn' Grip in Rock Hill, SC does great work. Banks Pressley is the owner. Check out his work on Facebook.
  2. Thanks for the link very good read. Hopefully they ( TN ) will get some big stick mags to run.
  3. Been thinking of moving to unlimited class for 2017 and have been eyeballing the tooth and nail site regularly. My buddy has one of your 1919s and loves it. The XTR comes in at a better price point but the 1919 has worked up a good Reputation. Just wondering what ya'lls opinion is.
  4. I have ran my SLP for years at 12 + 1 with no problem and my friend has shot his for the same at 14 + 1 all Nordic extensions. You can get them to run just fine with the right mag spring. Two downsides are that the 14 + 1 is cumbersome to maneuver and get into dump barrels sometimes. And the SLP has a shorter loading gate compared to some so the speed loaders are a little finicky. Other than that they will shoot anything u feed them.
  5. Had a great match and fun hanging out friends. Got a good draw off the random Am prize table was wondering if anybody else with a FFL item has received them yet.
  6. My bolt sled pin broke during a match and locked it up solid. If u contact FN they will send you the new updated one piece sled free of charge.