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  1. Having troubles using the PM system. So hopefully you'll get this message.

    paypal is fine: tim@timbarker.com

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      Payment sent.

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      Thanks. i will mail the grips tomorrow.

  2. I will take the following -

    3. 1911 Grips. VZ Carbon Fiber Operator II model. Cut for Ambi safety and magwell. $60

    Please PM me with your PayPal info.


  3. Thanks for the tips, i think that is the way to test it out. will load up some rounds with different COL and plunk test with the barrel then.
  4. That sounds very short on the OAL, i am currently at 1.145" with the Montana Gold 124gr JHP, 7.8gr HS6 and i am getting 172PF
  5. Does anyone here shooting a CK Arms Thunder 9mm Open Gun with the following load data? Precision Delta - 124gr JHP HS6 Federal Small Pistol Primer what is your powder charge? what is your OAL? I am switching from Montana Gold 124gr JHP to Precision Delta. Thanks
  6. 1.168" COAL
  7. Very valuable information. Thanks much!
  8. Thanks again, yes I am using Chrono. What's the recommendation charge to start with? I am not lazy >< just try to learn from the beginning. Thanks If I were you I'd figure out what OAL will spin consistently free of your rifling (as you can see you're getting ~0.010" variation from your bullets/process), then load six rounds each at 7.0gr, 7.4gr, 7.8gr, and 8.2gr, chrono and draw a curve; within the useful range of the powder you can predictably extrapolate data in a, more or less, linear fashion. I would also give 115s a try, I personally prefer them to 124s. Thanks for the tips, will follow this instruction to see if i can get the gun runs smoothly or not.
  9. really appreciate your help. I will lower the powder charge and shorter the OAL and see what happen first.
  10. Thanks again, yes I am using Chrono. What's the recommendation charge to start with? I am not lazy >< just try to learn from the beginning. Thanks
  11. Thanks very much for your feedback. I have contacted Bobby and he said for the gun I have with 124 gr MG bullet the COAL should not exceed 1.150" So, I guess I will have to readjust me sizing die to shorter the OAL and try it. The concern I have now is I am using 8.0gr of HS6 powder, so shorten the OAL to 1.150" would it be safe? Anything I should be look out for? Sorry for my newbie questions. Thanks
  12. I appreciate your help. I have the CK Arms Thunder 9mm Blackout Open Gun After each round fired, the slide will not fully back to battery I will definitely need to recheck my sizing die to make sure proper placement should i get the cartridge gauge to further verify that i have the right amount of crimp? I am currently using MBX magazines with grams spring and follower
  13. Thanks for your helping here. Definitely the rounds are not spin freely in the chamber, and some of them are not even sit flush, i believe those are too long and the tip of the bullet is touching the rifling. The feeding issue i am having now is fire the first round and the slide will not fully back to battery, i should of take some pictures yesterday while i was shooting to show the exact problem. I am currently using the MBX magazines and i have changed to the Grams spring and follower, the original follower seems printed out of the 3D printer and i keep having problem with the original follower, some rounds will drop into the mag tube.
  14. I have loaded some rounds and looks like my OAL is too long and have some feeding issues, my seating die might not yet fully adjusted, i am getting variants on my loads. I have some 1.160", 1.165", 1.168", 1.170" I have asked Bobby and he said the bullets i am using (Montana Gold 124gr JHP) should not exceed 1.150" coal, i am at 8.0gr of HS6. Any suggestions?