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  1. I don't sell stuff on forums, but I don't understand the difficulty of 50 posts either. I just cruise the unread content and contribute when I feel I have something to offer, pretty sure I passed fifty in maybe a week or two. Then I ran out of usefulness. Not a huge fan of rules, but do prefer there being a bar as the unread stream has a tendency to be very cluttered up with sale threads on forums that don't have limits.
  2. You'll have to get ahold of the instructor to be sure if they don't provide a list. Most want a cleaning kit and lube, tools for any optic mounts, handful of mags, ability to carry two or three on body, never seen a dump pouch required but it might be nice, spare batteries if your optic requires, eye and ear pro, notepad and pen/pencil, water/snacks/lunch, clothing as weather dictates, bag to carry it all. Tactical classes will typically require a one or two point sling, two point is much nicer for almost everything.
  3. Right now, just to have, Ruger, under $500 gets you a basic well built carbine, it's not fancy, but should perform and Ruger typically has good CS if you need it. If I didn't have a basic 16" I'd probably be buying one of these. Usually good prices on basic S&Ws as well, have shot one, no complaints.
  4. Never broken one. Ran a lot of TG, used to be all I used. Changed my first after 5000 rnds or so, didn't realize how dim it'd gotten, scratches, filth, solvent take a toll. Have had to re melt an end after several hundred rounds due to slippage from a poor intial fit. Sent from my SM-G360V using Tapatalk
  5. If you want to do the work RIA is a decent choice, and unless something has changed you will learn fitting. You can get a model very near ready or as bare bones as A1 style. I don't recommend anything that will need slide milling for better sights, it's wasted money with as many already cut options as are out there, RIA's Novak-like cut will require time with a file. Be aware there are custom shops that will not work on RIA. SA makes very good 1911s at great prices for what you get, and they pop up on the used market pretty regular. They have a few proprietary parts, firing pin, ILS junk, front sight tenon (one more reason to avoid staked), but overall hold to mil-spec pin positions and whatnot so while fitting may be required it's generally minor. Every shop will work on a SA. The ROs really sound like a good deal.
  6. Leupold 170906 Deltapoint Pro mount, compatible with Glock. Have to use screws that come with the Accelerator, the DPP must be thicker. Mounts the optic fairly low, little loc-tite and never loosened. Going to have the slide milled soon for a different optic, not wild about the small dot. Sent from my SM-G360V using Tapatalk
  7. Gonna depend on the match. The local 2 guns are rifle/pistol, and not much more than 30rnds max required each per stage so a pouch or two. No sling required. Sent from my SM-G360V using Tapatalk
  8. Might need to try those. I have the Peltor Tactical 100s and have the same complaint as you do about the Caldwells. The non-stop use of tactical for naming had me confused a second. Are the ear cups fairly deep? The 100s have my ears squished into the foam.
  9. Had my first exposure to this style the past weekend, reset is nice with seemingly lower tension and an opposing lever on the arm to hold it open easily, however it seems spring replacement should be scheduled. We had unhit plates falling pretty regular got to looking and springs were popping off, no idea how long they'd been on there. Never seen this kinda frequency with the dovetail/torsion spring set-up.
  10. It comes down to personal preference. The majority of CO shooters with dedicated competition guns do not co-witness irons.
  11. The answer is maybe. Shooting glasses will almost certainly be rated, which means they have a design and materials that have been tested for impact resistance, sunglasses not necessarily, might use the same materials, might not, frame might not be designed to hold the lens secure enough, no one officially knows if it's not rated. And then of course there's the coverage, closeness and side protection. Nothing dictates all flying debris will be faced head on. For comfort you have to go beyond box store and gun counter brands usually. I really like my Wiley-Xs, things may as well be glued to my head they hold so well, ear pieces are pretty slim for use under muffs, Z87+ and that fancy military ballistic protection rating, reasonably fashionable even.
  12. I really like electronic muffs for the situational awareness. I hate them for the summer heat, the pressure after 3+ hours, and the mediocre protection. I do wear them most of the time, but it's not uncommon for me to double up with plugs, HL Impact Sports cranked up are plenty loud to still hear speech, gives better protection and can ditch the muffs when they get uncomfortable.
  13. Have one of those on a 17 using a Deltapoint mount. Could go dig up the model # if you wanted it. Was the lowest cost option I found.
  14. Just seperate the receivers, clean and lube carrier and bolt. Best to remove the bolt from the carrier to be thorough. Since it cycles when fired if the brass isn't deeply scratched or deformed I would run a hundred or more through it, check again, inspect for heavy wear, decide then. ARs do smooth out with use, but shouldn't need a break in for basic functions IMO. Sent from my SM-G360V using Tapatalk
  15. They do run better on the wet side. Never had a lack of lube cause anything but very minor stiffness when hand cycled. Sent from my SM-G360V using Tapatalk