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  1. To the best of my knowledge that revolver has no home for the shooting sports. It's too heavy for BUG-R and only holds 5 rounds.
  2. I love Rugers but they have never been very oriented towards USPSA as a market. If they sold an 8 shot 5-6" Super Redhawk in 357 or 9mm I'd probably buy one.
  3. The last USPSA match I shot Major was the one right before I bought a 929. In general I prefer shooting the 625 but all of those 8 shot arrays make it more favorable to shoot minor and the bullets are a good bit cheaper. I still shoot the 625 in other games but not USPSA.
  4. One reason I love the shooting sports is all of the great people I've met. I shot my first cowboy match of 2017 over the weekend and one of the screws on my 73' rifle sheared letting a part run loose in the action. Couldn't fix it on the range so one of my pards loaned me his rifle to finish the match. I like to shoot cowboy because you get four guns and it begs you to shoot fast but has stiff penalties for a miss. I went with the shoot clean and don't worry so much about time approach this match, got my butt kicked by gentlemen four decades my senior but still finished 3rd overall. I can tell that I'm out of practice with my lever action and hammered shotgun. Forgot to eject an empty shell on one stage and forgot to cock the hammers on another. Also ran the 73' rifle way slower than I'm capable of, just wasn't very comfortable with the gun until right when it broke on me. Dry fire with some snap caps would have been a good thing to do the night before. Either way, had a great time and hope to shoot more Cowboy this year. I've got ICORE coming up this Saturday and will be running classic for the first time ever. Only 38 bullets I had on hand were 125 gr so I'll be running Clays well into magnum territory to make PF out of the 3" barrel. Should be a blast!
  5. I'll admit, I've reloaded my 8 shooter on the clock at a Steel match before...more than once.
  6. Lake Wales, there's a Hampton Inn and Green Gables right there. Not too far of a drive to the range.
  7. I used Tampa and it was very easy coming and going. They had a separate baggage scanner for special luggage right at check-in, it went through that and straight out, probably the quickest I've experienced with a firearm.
  8. Last year I flew in on Friday and would have been fine flying out on Sunday if needed.
  9. Had a nice time at our monthly USPSA match, pushed my pace a little bit to see what might happen. Ended up doing quite well but dropped a mike on 13-02, could have shot it a full second slower and still hit the 100% mark if I had 8 A instead of 7 A & 1 M. It's a learning experience at every match. My stage execution was pretty good aside from one mental error, prematurely reloading on the move cost me an additional standing reload, about 2 seconds of clock time on a speed shoot stage. All in all I was pleased with my performance, just need to work on solid stage planning and execution, I'll keep pushing my speed a little bit each match and see what I can do. I would have been pretty close to my 95% points goal without that Mike, need to respect the close up targets a touch more. Also, dry fire has been helping a lot with my first few stages on match day. Doing some basic drills for 15 minutes a day leading up to a match really pays dividends. Here's some video:
  10. I ran a 200gr bullet in my 625 for a while, it was soft shooting but not noticeably different than a 151 gr at the same PF in my 929. I don't think the effort would be worth it, you might be better off with a longer barreled gun or some added weight. Are you running Big Butt grips?
  11. Match will consist of 6 stages including one classifier (El-Prez) Round count will be 142 minimum with a lot of steel targets, bring extra Cost is $15 for the first gun and $5 for each additional entry, R.O. and set-up help shoot for FREE. Gates open at 8:00 Registration opens at 9:00 Shooter's meeting at 9:45 Shots fired at 10:00
  12. I talked to a lot of people about this last year, club level shooters up to those who run USPSA and Steel Challenge. The consensus was that we do not have enough iron sight revolver shooters to get recognition as is. Adding a second revolver division would have negative side effects for a lot of reasons. At Steel Challenge you see a lot of guys shooting both revolver divisions so it works well, in USPSA you can only shoot one for most matches.
  13. Dropping some hints there???
  14. I just attended my first USPSA Nationals, it was incredibly difficult compared to the club matches I normally shoot so I'm glad I was able to shoot the IN SS/PROD/REV match before going. I had a lot of fun and met some great people. I learned several lessons on how I can improve and hope to work on that throughout the year. On the 50 yd standards stage I planned to get 6 solid hits without attempting the SHO portion for string 2. I changed my mind last minute and lost a good chunk of points because of that. Stick to your's not like I practiced that and decided it was a terrible idea to get all 12 shots off in 8 seconds. On the steel stage I left a popper standing and for some unknown reason closed my clinder and knocked it down several seconds after I was originally finished. I knew better but my instincts got the best if me. The RO had moved far enough away that the timer didn't get my final shot. Mandatory reshoot. I was the last shooter and everyone had to wait on me to get my stuff together, I was flustered and shot the second round very poorly. If you already showed clear, DON'T put ammo back in your gun and shoot a single round. I lost a bunch of points for that avoidable mistake. In general my accuracy was good and I had plenty of room for error to go a touch faster. I am losing most of my time in movement and transitions compared to the GM shooters. I also caught myself looking at hits a couple of times after I shot a target. I need to trust myself and keep moving. There was only one instance where I didn't get the hit I called. I left a steel up and hit the hard cover in front of it. All in all I ended up 15th and was very happy with that outcome. I really appreciate the revolver shooters in my area and from across the country that have helped me improve over the last two years. Here's the video:
  15. This was my first time attending but I thought it was a fun match that challenged an assortment of skills. I will be going back next year if they hold it at PASA. Maybe one of the returning shooters could chime in, I'm interested to see what kind of feedback they have compared to prior years. Here's some video that I took if you want a POV perspective: