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  1. I got a 929 last fall that was actually quite nice, but I'm 1 for 4 with NIB S&W guns. I wouldn't buy another one and expect it to run out of the box.
  2. Video from the classifier match:
  3. I finally made Master last night with a Revolver. Managed to best the HHF with 105.25% on 13-08 and a got a 95.93% on 13-01. I need to work on my consistency but I am improving a little bit each month. If I can improve my draw, reloads, and WHO a bit more I might be able to make GM some day. I also had my first instance of trigger freeze, it wasn't a short stroke on the Tick Tock run. I'll need to practice my trigger control if I want to go faster.
  4. Just spent the last hour working on dry fire. Finally got below the two second mark with my shot to shot reloads on a scaled 10 yard x ring. I'm shooting another classifier match next week and would be very happy if I can edge my way towards Master. I see a lot of dry fire happening between now and then.
  5. This is about a month away now, looks like we have 9 revos signed up at the moment.
  6. Yeah...I stopped shooting magnum calibers at our indoor range. Even the rifle shooters didn't like .44/.45/.475 handguns in the next bay. In their defense, it's very loud.
  7. You know, I've had far more RO/SOs get snappy with guys talking than the actual shooters. When I'm about to shoot I can hear the noise but it doesn't bother me, I don't even bother turning my electronic muffs off.
  8. I almost had to DQ a new shooter for this very thing last Fall and have started talking with all new shooters to make sure they fully understand the range commands before each match. On the first stage I like to reiterate the most common DQ related offenses in a group setting, it's no fun to DQ someone and I'd rather sound like a broken record with regards to unsafe gun handling than ruin someone's day. With regards to "chatter" in the background, I've found myself on several occasions confirming that the RO said Make Ready to avoid getting DQ'd. With good hearing protection it can be very difficult to hear the RO with an Open gun going full steam in the next bay. Eye contact while giving or receiving range commands is never a bad idea.
  9. I spent a few weeks this winter working on the exact same issue. For me I was consistently less accurate with the second shot out of the holster on a plate based drill or the last shot before reloading/moving on any kind of target. After spending some time to figure it out I wasn't actually feeling the trigger hit the stop before starting to move my gun to the next target. I set up Smoke and Hope at 50 yards which purposely used large plates and wide transitions to figure out where my shots were landing. After a few hours of range time I got it sorted, I just needed to make sure the trigger went all the way back before transitioning the gun. If you have access to large plates I'd try those or just set-up two paper targets 10-15 yards apart and go back and forth between them with double taps and single shots.
  10. +1 Match this Saturday will be 20-30. I'd suspect ammo or gun before the primers. In the guns I've lightened I've had zero changes in sensitivity between Federal, CCI, Remington, or Winchester in your temperature range.
  11. Unless you have your hammer force at the ragged edge of reliability it shouldn't give you that much difference. I've tested the SPP from around 0 to 80 F in the last few months. Are you sure the primers are fully seated?
  12. You might also check the classifieds here.
  13. Each match, or even practice session for that matter is a learning experience. Take it in stride and learn from your mistakes as you go.
  14. Shot an IDPA match last Saturday and managed third overall with my revolver. That's a personal best for me and I was very pleased with the outcome. After reviewing the video I still made a few preventable mistakes and they sure add up quickly. I had a bad sight picture on four targets that cost me 6 points down (now a full second each under the new rules) and between a slightly fumbled reload and short stroking my gun I probably could have saved another 4 seconds of clock time. It was pretty cold so my finger wasn't resetting the trigger as fast I thought. If I keep practicing and cut down on preventable errors I might eventually get HOA with a revolver. Here's some video:
  15. What size bullets are you running? Only time I've had that happen in a S&W or Ruger was due to bullet bulge near the base of the bullet. I've seen it in 38 and 45 with flat based bullets or oversize bevel base.