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  1. I just attended my first USPSA Nationals, it was incredibly difficult compared to the club matches I normally shoot so I'm glad I was able to shoot the IN SS/PROD/REV match before going. I had a lot of fun and met some great people. I learned several lessons on how I can improve and hope to work on that throughout the year. On the 50 yd standards stage I planned to get 6 solid hits without attempting the SHO portion for string 2. I changed my mind last minute and lost a good chunk of points because of that. Stick to your's not like I practiced that and decided it was a terrible idea to get all 12 shots off in 8 seconds. On the steel stage I left a popper standing and for some unknown reason closed my clinder and knocked it down several seconds after I was originally finished. I knew better but my instincts got the best if me. The RO had moved far enough away that the timer didn't get my final shot. Mandatory reshoot. I was the last shooter and everyone had to wait on me to get my stuff together, I was flustered and shot the second round very poorly. If you already showed clear, DON'T put ammo back in your gun and shoot a single round. I lost a bunch of points for that avoidable mistake. In general my accuracy was good and I had plenty of room for error to go a touch faster. I am losing most of my time in movement and transitions compared to the GM shooters. I also caught myself looking at hits a couple of times after I shot a target. I need to trust myself and keep moving. There was only one instance where I didn't get the hit I called. I left a steel up and hit the hard cover in front of it. All in all I ended up 15th and was very happy with that outcome. I really appreciate the revolver shooters in my area and from across the country that have helped me improve over the last two years. Here's the video:
  2. This was my first time attending but I thought it was a fun match that challenged an assortment of skills. I will be going back next year if they hold it at PASA. Maybe one of the returning shooters could chime in, I'm interested to see what kind of feedback they have compared to prior years. Here's some video that I took if you want a POV perspective:
  3. Yup, about half way done right now.
  4. Is stage 9 8 seconds for each string? That's pretty zippy for string 2.
  5. My 625 had some serious issues with short stroking during a match last weekend. I put a fresh rebound spring in and that seems to have fixed it, good thing I noticed this before Revolver Nationals as it's my backup gun. I might put a fresh one in my 929 just to be safe.
  6. For ICORE loads I've had good luck with 200 and 230 gr bullets and Trail Boss. I'd start there if you already have the powder. My 625 had chambers on the tighter side of ACP spec but they chamber loaded .452 bullets just fine. Most would complain if the chambers were oversized but competitive shooters tend to go the other direction. I do miss the 625 sometimes, I'm glad ICORE started a L6 division to get some of the old USPSA guns out to play.
  7. I check all of mine at home before the match. I bought the thickest/tightest moonclips for 9mm and every now and then you get one piece of brass that's too tight and doesn't want to rotate in the gun. That brass never spins in the clip either, so you can check them that way as well. But it took a while to confirm both were related.
  8. I'm guessing he meant at home? Otherwise that would be a very easy way to get DQ'd.
  9. I'd really like to see division participation numbers by area or state, does anyone know if USPSA publishes that kind of information?
  10. That's just ridiculous, it's only 10 shooters for recognized divisions. I'd rather shoot in Rev and not be recognized for awards than be forced into L10.
  11. Good luck!
  12. I've had a similar experience with my guns from 9mm to 45 Colt. After doing the "remove just a touch" approach I'd still get a few that hung up on me during a reload. You never know what kind of awkward angle the rounds might have coming into your cylinder when you're on the clock, especially if your moonclips have significant wobble. My new approach is to take a loaded moonclip with the exact crimp and bullet profile I plan to shoot and slowly remove material until I can hold the loaded clip at any angle and it slides in gently. My 929 and 625 cylinders will now feed a moonclip from any angle that gravity allows. If it doesn't go into the cylinder the one holding the gun is to blame.
  13. I thought you finally started drinking the kool aid? Back to LC already?
  14. Fact: One can never own too many revolvers
  15. Play with both and see what you like best. I have grown accustomed to the feel of the Wolff reduced power but I know some gunsmiths modify parts to their liking.