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  1. This was one long weekend, I ran an ICORE match at our local club on Saturday and then shot the Indiana SS/PRO/REV State Match on Sunday. I was pleasantly surprised to get first place in revolver, that was a big deal for me since this was my first Level II USPSA match and also the first one outside of my local club. I'll need to review the footage and figure out how to best spend my practice sessions from now until revolver nationals. One thing I definitely struggled with was being too nervous and getting a little trigger happy, I had several mikes on steel that shouldn't have happened. Here's video from both matches:
  2. I feel like I'm having a similar experience. In practice I've surprised myself from time to time by exceeding my par times by a good bit, though I'd rather be more consistent with my first shots of the day than put up better "warm" times/scores.
  3. USPSA revolver nationals is coming up so I went to the range this morning to chrono my loads for the S&W 929 and 625 (back-up gun if the 929 breaks). Figured I might as well shoot some video while I was there. The 929 was running a 151 gr Blue Bullet over 2.9 gr of Titegroup for 865 +/- 9 fps. The 625 was running a 230 gr Blue Bullet over 4.2 gr of Trail Boss for 648 +/- 11 fps.
  4. That can't be a good sign...
  5. One of my goals after the IRC was to develop enough trigger discipline to put a full cylinder with the 929 on a 12" steel plate at 100 yards. I've been working at it but have yet to accomplish the task. Our range has conveniently mounted a permanent 10" plate at 100 yards so I decided I'm going to stop by the 100 yard bay every time I go out there and see how many I can hit cold, first 8 rounds of the day. I think it was Ben Stoeger that said "If you can't do it twice it doesn't matter" so I like the idea of giving this a shot each time I'm there. First attempt was 5 for 8, much better than I expected. I've also been reviewing my notes here and looking back at all of the practice footage I have. It seems I keep coming back to the same things as far as areas that I want to improve in: WHO, SHO, reloads, movement, draw, and transitions. I'm going to start incorporating a new drill into my practice routine that I'll call the "Plate Rack Workout" and it incorporates all of those with no set-up on our 35 yard bay. I'm really hoping to iron out a few things before Nationals in May.
  6. This will be my first time going so I hope it's a good match. Is there a good reason why it's been at PASA for so long? It seems like there are several large venues to choose from.
  7. I forgot it does the most recent valid scores then picks the highest six, still getting a little bit closer to my goal every match:
  8. A totally different kind of revolver but I found this older video while analyzing some of my footage. Snubnose 454 Casull at book max with 300gr bullets, we had some fun that day:
  9. Scores just went up and I think I should be at 94.64% once the classifiers get processed. So close to making GM!!! Here's some video from the match:
  10. We had our first outdoor USPSA match of the year yesterday. It seems I keep finding speed limits in different parts of my technique as I try to go faster. Recently I experienced my first instance of trigger freeze by catching the sear before the gun fully reset. I've had a few short strokes in the past but never that particular issue. I worked on my trigger control a bit and didn't have any problems in that department yesterday. I did however fumble three reloads by trying to close the cylinder before my moonclip was all the way in. I need to relax just a touch during matches and make sure the empties go out smoothly and the next moonclip is fully seated before closing the cylinder. As for speed and accuracy I was happy with my performance, I shot 94.6% of possibly points on target and should be very close to making GM when the scores go in. One more good classifier and I might get there. I joined USPSA in October of 15', it would be pretty cool to make GM before the 2 year mark.
  11. Wildcat Valley Rifle and Pistol Club will be hosting our first ICORE match of the year on April 22nd. Back by popular demand our first match will be heavy on steel targets (expect ~2/3 of shots fired to be on steel) and consist of five stages including one classifier, 119 rounds minimum. I should be at the club by 4 PM on Friday night to get started with setup and greatly appreciate any help I can get. As well, if you are qualified and willing to RO a squad please let me know by checking the box when you sign up. Cost is $15 for the first gun and $5 for each additional entry, up to three entries per person R.O. and set-up help shoot for FREE Gates open at 8:00 Registration starts at 9:00 New shooter briefing at 9:30 Shooter's meeting at 9:45 Shots fired by 10:00 Match registration link: Lastly, please remember that WVRPC is a Cold Range on match days. That means no gun handling except in designated Safe Areas or as directed on the firing line by a Range Officer. The only time where a firearm may be removed from a case or holster is in one of these two locations. The parking lot is not a safe area. Handling your firearm in the parking lot or trunk of your car will result in a match disqualification. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS WHATSOEVER TO THIS RULE.
  12. After reviewing my recent videos I think it's time to revisit the plate rack drills and focus on fundamentals of trigger pull, draw, and transitions. I've been very busy at work and haven't had a chance to do any live fire outside of matches for about a month. I should be able to get to the range for an hour or two next week so I plan to work the plate rack starting at 10 yards and focus only on the basics. The plan is to use my timer only for the start signal and work on shooting clean racks, I'll be running a six shooter so there are no make up shots. The "stage" will be five strings: (1) Freestyle (2) SHO (3) WHO (4) Transitioning outside in freestyle (5) Transitioning inside out freestyle I'm going to treat this like an actual stage and do my full prep as if it were shot for score in a match. If I shoot all five strings clean I get to move back 5 yards each time.
  13. +1 Great performance!
  14. I'm glad to hear that since I'll be looking to buy another 929 down the road. I hope the second one is just as good as my first.
  15. Ran my first Steel Challenge match over the weekend, it was pretty hectic compared to ICORE with 3x as many shooters but things went smoothly and I had fun shooting a rimfire for the first time. Even with less sleep than I hoped for and lots of running around for match management I still managed to put up ISR scores of 82%, 84%, 85%, and 86%. I think I could probably manage closer to 90% with a bit more practice and more than 5 hours sleep the night before. I was very tired until about stage 3.