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  1. As stated before whats the hammer travel distance between when the BOLO is installed and the factory interrupter in DA? Do you still get light strikes with the factory interrupter installed and in its current state? Problem #2 is a dwell timing issue with your gun. The barrel is unlocking and moving before the firing pin is retracted back through the breach hole. This normally isnt a cause for concern as several factory model guns on the market do this in their factory form. This does however become an issue if its removing material from the primer and dragging it back through the breach hole or possible bend the FP if the barrel is unlocking really soon on the FP.
  2. exactly what we went for...... We wanted to offer something that's "turnkey" or the average DYI could sand them and stipple them themselves. The polymer version will be about $35MSRP for the set which makes it extremely economical. The aluminum version will be much more and we're still working on that price point.
  3. Is it the same guy that does the low budget 80's style Tanfo instructional videos......... Kidding, you do good work.
  4. Ill see about getting some better pics for you guys now...... we wanted to try and keep these under wraps until we where far enough along for anybody to grab ideas from them..... We're really close now!
  5. Thanks Memphis, we're pretty please how they have turned out. a few small tweaks and we'll be rolling into production on the polymer versions.....
  6. What exactly are you looking for on dimensions, Thread and length? M3.5-0.6 Thread Size
  7. glad to hear, thanks for the feedback.
  8. maybe even a tie-dye options since you guys love colors so much.......
  9. SIII does not come with a bull barrel, accuracy of a gun depends alot of the precision of the shooter. SII, SIII, Lim Pro, Limited or whatever model you choose the shooter will be the limiting factor on accuracy. Unless your the equivalent to a ransom rest go with what feels best in your hands,
  10. Every tanfoglio pin out on the market has the ability to get stuck in the breach face. Its how you have your FP spring "Tuned or "clipped" which dictates if that's going to happen to you or not. If your cutting coils your increasing your chance of this happening. This isn't a sales pitch at all even though it may come off as one, but our FP spring has a "mechanical" stop built into it. Meaning that its designed to allow allow "X" amount of travel before it bottoms out on its self no longer allowing travel of the FP. Basically its designed to work from the lightest hammer springs impacting your FP to the heavy hitters and still maintain the ability to control your FP.
  11. we can do CZ also......
  12. We're still at least a month out on both the polymer version and aluminum version....... once again AT LEAST one month, we do however have a working model now that everyone seems to love once they handle them on a Tanfo. The key is getting everything moving towards production.
  13. The pics below show the palm swell version of our grips, which stay narrow up top. That's my wife's hand in the pic which she doesn't have very large hands and finds the grips extremely comfortable. Before these should would only run the Xtreme grips for the same reason you pointed out JOT...
  14. That's not the palm swell version there buddy........ That's the thumb scallop based off the original wood grip profile....
  15. They'll come in all the normal skittle colors on the aluminum versions, and they'll only be offered in black for the polymer version.