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  1. I don't know about 9mm, but works great in 40, my new go to to replace VIT320.
  2. When I was looking for a barrel last year, all I could find was KKM, the quality is 1st class. I went with bull barrel for limited.
  3. 5 grains Vectan 9.5 Hornady 180 HAP CCI SSP Federal Cases OAL1.18 169 PF 5" KKM barrel RIA Works as good as VIT320 for half the price. VIT320 is good tho
  4. I appreciate the look, going to my smith to fix this issue
  5. No experience with SPS, but have been using STI for three years, and recently MBX. The STI are a tad low at the mag catch, but I've had few problems with them. Got MBX, was really happy with the first ones I bought, mag catch is right, feeds great. But I just got two more, not as good, they are wider at the feed lips and the mag catch slot on the mag body, they will not release. I e-mailed MBX, but no response yet. I don't want to fix until I talk with them, maybe get a couple of more for replacement. I'm having a hard time taking a hammer and large vice to something that costs as much as they do. I finally learned that if I wanted the STI mags to run, I had to get the mag tuning kit and make them run. I have had good luck with a cutoff wheel trimming the STI mags to a feed lip profile similar to the MBX, gets the top bullet more aligned with the chamber.
  6. probably the route i'm going to take
  7. Go to Brazos site and read their magazine articles on how to tune an extractor, I still am using the RI extractor with no issues. Also, am switching to MBX mags, yes I know they are expensive, but they fit my Pro 40, an get the bullets more in line with the chamber, they feed great.
  8. Would appreciate it, this is my first experience in open guns, and am really use to a mag button. I understand Caspian mag releases are extended, but no holes for button.
  9. I am looking for an extended mag release, or a mag release that has been drilled and tapped for a button for a Caspian high cap frame ???
  10. I use a Rick Island and STI mags, thought I was having problems at Area 1 last week, so tried an MBX made for my pistol. No real difference in function between STI or the MBX, so for the money, I will stay with STI. Oh, the issue I was having turned out to be the new barrel, had to round the edge of the ramp transition to the chamber.
  11. Shooting Chrony
  12. the range I'm using has about 10' ceilings with fluorescent lighting running in rows the length of the room. I have used this chrono outdoors with no issues, but inside the range w/lighted screens, I'm getting variations in speed from 250 to 1100fps. I am also getting errors for the front or rear sensor not seeing the round. I am considering building a cardboard cover for the chrono and try to use it like a chrono trap for qualification at a match. I have yet been to the range to try turning off the fluorescent lights, will try this first, one less thing to pack around.
  13. OAL maybe to long, use a caliper to measure your chamber and case gauge depth
  14. I should have known
  15. no I haven't, will give it a try, if possible