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  1. I use a Rick Island and STI mags, thought I was having problems at Area 1 last week, so tried an MBX made for my pistol. No real difference in function between STI or the MBX, so for the money, I will stay with STI. Oh, the issue I was having turned out to be the new barrel, had to round the edge of the ramp transition to the chamber.
  2. Shooting Chrony
  3. the range I'm using has about 10' ceilings with fluorescent lighting running in rows the length of the room. I have used this chrono outdoors with no issues, but inside the range w/lighted screens, I'm getting variations in speed from 250 to 1100fps. I am also getting errors for the front or rear sensor not seeing the round. I am considering building a cardboard cover for the chrono and try to use it like a chrono trap for qualification at a match. I have yet been to the range to try turning off the fluorescent lights, will try this first, one less thing to pack around.
  4. OAL maybe to long, use a caliper to measure your chamber and case gauge depth
  5. I should have known
  6. no I haven't, will give it a try, if possible
  7. I purchased a set of illuminated shields for my chrono and am trying to use them at an indoor range. The lighting is fluorescent, I am getting errors for front or rear sensor, and the velocities are low or hi??? All power for the chrono and shields are good, and I have noticed that if I shoot just above the sensors, the readings are more inline with what I would expect. Has anyone else had experience with indoor chrono? and any suggestions on obtaining more consistent readings?
  8. I sort and use one manufacture, only for consistency. As you stated, there are large differences, and a specific load can vary greatly in fps between them. Because I load to meet a power factor, I try to get as close to it with out falling below it. Using different cases can make this a gamble, and at the cost of going to a level 3 match, and getting bumped into another class, I think it is worth it.
  9. Well, I've opted to use the VIT 320, A.S. is not very stabile. Maybe if I used a scale to weight the loads it might be more consistent. I'm using a Dillon, worked for everything else, just think the flaked powder doesn't meter well creating the inconsistency.
  10. 4.8 gr VIT N320, Hornady HAP 180 gr, Federal, CCI 500, 1.18 OAL, PF 168.54, 5" KKM
  11. 10 points for broadus123, I also use a paperclip. Instead of the Weigand gauges, I use a shell, drilled a hole through the rim, inserted a paperclip which I hook to my Lymann. Works great.
  12. I am noticing the same, SD & ES move around below 4.8 to 5.0 gr. It seems to shoot ok, going to try 4.5 gr, still about 175 PF at 4.6 gr. 180 HAP, 1.18 oal
  13. Does anyone know the dimensions and angles for the Taurus PT 1911 front and rear sights????
  14. Look on the classified section of this forum, there was a 40 Match Pro yesterday,