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  1. It will likely ruin the reamer, ask me how I know. Also, bowenbuilt is correct, a chamber finishing reamer is not what you want. A throating reamer will remove some of the rifling to allow longer OALs.
  2. Luke, I started with HS6 and haven't changed, just figured any minute difference wouldn't matter until I learned what I was doing. Anyways, I was screwing around today and filmed this, first video is my HS6 load, second is WAC, it's the same Cheely comp you have. I think I preferred the WAC load, but I have 8 lbs of HS6 to burn through so maybe in 6 months.
  3. Just shoot your production load. It'll probably run just fine as is.
  4. Nice looking blaster! Guess I'm calling Atlas next week.
  5. Don't get the ring. You'll want to load them long, that stupid thing will get in the way I would think.
  6. Is this still on the table? I just got another Romeo 3 in the mail.
  7. I've mixed 115s and 124s in the same mag. Couldn't tell the difference when actually shooting.
  8. They also tend to be slow barrels. I needed a lot more to make major than what I'm running in a kkm barreled gun now.
  9. True. I guess my instructor side keeps trying to find the right way to get through to a doubter.
  10. I've never been able to focus(distance wise) on anything other than the target without rediculous double vision. Dots just seemed to click for me in comparison. I've been struggling to find a satisfactory explanation for a relative that espoused the slow at close range thing.
  11. In theory, the dot should be at a focal distance of "infinity," right? As to the "good shooters" I meant good with iron sights and inexperienced with a dot. In any event, the mouse pointer analogy is kind of how I think about it. I don't think about the pointer or even really look at it directly, unless I'm trying to get the tip of the pointer on a specific pixel to line up something in a graphics program. The only time I ever look at the dot is group shooting type precision. Maybe another way of saying it is normally the dot is a subconscious extension that moves around in the periphery. Either way, I don't disagree with you that the goal is the dot is just "there" without effort.
  12. The very good shooters I was referring to seem to want to look at the dot rather than the target. I'm not talking about focal distance. More like watching your mouse pointer as you move it across the computer screen instead of looking at the icon you want and just clicking on it. I'm certainly not a years experienced open shooter, I only bumbled into A class this year. I catch myself over aiming from time to time, just like I sometimes fail to respect the target and nail one of those pesky no-shoots. But that's on me.
  13. I've seen/read/heard the dots are slower at short range thing before. Frequently, from good to very good iron sight shooters. It's like they think dots should be so much better, that actually being slower at first is a reflection on the dot rather than them.
  14. If you're working your way up to competition, first thing is to just go. It's way less intimidating in reality than your imagination. Just take whatever you shoot now, they'll help you. You'll get a better appreciation for what direction you want to go after you shoot a match or two.
  15. Harrison makes a really nice rear sight that fits the GI dovetail and has a classic look.