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  1. You may need to realign your press.
  2. You're replacing the pawl so maybe some heat? ;-)
  3. On a side note.... I see you haven't bent your ejection wire to account for the bearing and washers. If you start having eject issues, because the wire is high and causes binding from tipping the round slightly, just put the recommended bend in it and you'll be all set. ;-)
  4. This may be obvious but... I don't understand how " I find the die body threads into the press further and further (nothing on top to hold it in place)" The nut/lock ring on the bottom should work in the same fashion as it does on top by locking the die to the toolhead. Are you holding the die stationary with a wrench while you're tightening the ring? If so, than x2 on "I think just a little more elbow grease when you tighten them might solve it."
  5. The bearing and detent ball stopped my powder spill.
  6. I think the cut-out one is for .223 to .300blk. You can use the std. one for .223.
  7. This is what I use: If you have trouble with the link just go to Home Depots website and search for LG001PC2 and you should find it. I've been using one of these for years and they work great.
  8. I process my brass .223 first (because I trim it), but not 9mm.
  9. Very Nice! I especially like the strap that keeps a case from being loaded.
  10. Thank you yoshidaex! Anyone have other suggestions?
  11. The very first time I completely stripped and relubed mine, it took 2-3hrs. I bought it used so I did it first thing and it was already unmounted from the bench. That time includes completely cleaning/degreasing all of the needle bearings after disassembly. I don't expect it to take more than two hours the next time though.
  12. Hello, I'm not sure if this is the correct location or not but I'll be traveling to Phoenix, AZ again on business the end of next week. The last time I was there I visited the Dillon location and I was wondering if there were any other firearms related businesses worth visiting while I'm out there this time? My work will be happening mostly after hours so my days, Thursday and Friday, will be mostly free. TIA
  13. x2 The spring looks damaged. Your spare parts kit will have a spare.
  14. I also have 2 x 3/4" sheets of plywood glued and screwed together with a at 2x4 frame. That is then screwed to the wall and concrete floor and it is very very solid. The two sheet you suggest is sufficient but it depends on how you secure that top. ;-) If your top is the right height for you, no strong mount will be needed. I have the roller handle and love it. I would suggest adding the foam cover on it though. As nice as the roller handle is, the foam cover makes it that much nicer.