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  1. I had a few and didn't have any issues to speak of. The concept is exactly the same as the uniqutek and I recall the installation was the same as well. Neither of them have "click" adjustments and both help you dial in your charge with repeatable results. I will say there is more slop in the prairie dog but I once the charge is dialed in, I never had any issues with powder charge variation.
  2. I'm a big fan of the Brazos set. He knows how to cut a sear well and the combination of parts has served me well. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. punching hitler in the ovaries..haha
  4. I had a similar situation with my briley barrel. I was able to switch to acme 180's and was able to drop the charge to 4.6 grains. I was having higher pressure signs at 4.9 grains of n320. I can't imagine what a primer looks like at 5.4. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Give Glenn a call at Lone Star innovations. He is based in Spring Texas.
  6. Reach out to Ernie Hill on Facebook. He is an awesome guy to deal with and usually will cut you a deal.
  7. i started at 4.6 with a 5 in barrel loaded at 1.180
  8. I have been able to load xtreme 147's out to 1.130 and they pass the plunk test in the CZ's I have tested. It seems the ogive(sp) on coated bullets is wider on most of them.
  9. I did a more inclusive ladder test and here are the results..Keep in mind this...I found out after the test my barrel may have been throated too far and generally does not play well with xtreme .40 plated bullets..I have since switched over to acme at .401 and am getting better results. This resulted in being able to drop powder charges with N320 .2-.3 and stil get the results I was looking for. I have not tested IMR with the ACME's yet. It seems to be a powder worth checking out IMO. 4.5 - 157 PF 4.6 - 164 PF 4.7 - 164 PF
  10. I am convinced from the videos that sear cage was designed by the devil. Haha Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I ran across ACME bullets buy a long time shooter had about 30K of the 9mm 147s on hand. I have been shooting xtremes for the last year but will be making the move to ACME's soon. They shoot great out of my SP01 and limited gun. This is a 6 shot group at 25 yards with my sp01. I'm happy with what these bullets can do.
  12. I was just talking to someone about this today..He had mentioned slop where the toolhead is mounted in the press. He used a feeler gauge to determine the gap and used it as a shim between the two to close the gap. He has very little deviation now. When you say "a lot", what do you mean?
  13. Glad I ran across this thread. Spoke to Bevin and it looks like he is waiting for a new reamer to be built. 4 weeks at this point.
  14. Cal Tripp research. They may be able to point you in the right direction. Good people!
  15. Here is a link to the article regarding the accident. From what I understand, the ricochet came from a bay directly behind the other shooters..The bullet skipped off the berm and impacted a plywood board that was at the top of the bay. Im sure sure if you can cross post other forums but there is a large thread on Calguns..