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  1. Clean the inside of the primer feed tube to make sure it is totally clean and make sure the blue primer tip is in good shape. Just snug the knurled nut at the top of the primer feeder..Lastly, make sure the primer slider arm is adjusted correctly. With the press completely compressed, bottom out the primer arm into the primer slider bar, raise the primer arm assembly .10 and tighten the allen bolt. Hopefully this helps..
  2. Left side first
  3. I load 2.5 so that must be like stealing..Lol
  4. Thanks of the reply. I am loading 9mm with 147 berry's and am using CFE. Occasionally, I use n320 and have to reduce the load quite a bit with that powder as well. I use 2.5 grains of n320 with the same bullet.
  5. I am in the process of developing a PCC load and have found that 3.0 grains of powder work exceptionally well out of a 16 in barrel..Per the reloading book, the minimum powder charge would typically be 3.7 grains of powder. Are there any major risks I need to be aware of? The cases are dirty, there is no unburnt powder, primers look fine, and round is very accurate and soft shooting
  6. A burr in the MSH preventing the parts from moving freely? Have you tried using a 17 or 19LB hammer spring? Hammer strut too long?
  7. I m really surprised that these bullets pass the plunk test loaded at 1.130-1.135..Try shortening them to 1.120 and see if the feeding issue remains.
  8. That's awesome! Congrats..Which one did you buy? I bought the LTE and could not be happier.
  9. Have you checked with these guys? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Glad to hear you made it through without injury and thanks for letting others know what to check if this happens to them. Much appreciated!
  11. I'll be more specific...When loading BBI and Blue bullet 147 GR 9MM's, I had to load between 1.090 - 1.110..but I was able to load 147GR extremes at 1.125-1.130 without a problem..Lol
  12. Is the fail safe nut adjusted correctly? If you tighten it a few turns, will the problem go away?
  13. I have found that coated bullets need to be loaded short in stock 2's but I was able to load 147GR extremes at 1.125-1.130 without a problem.
  14. If you have someone that will record video for you, download clipshot from DAA. It will show yours split times and the total time for each stage..It's a pretty cool tool.
  15. +1000X on this..I have used flitz, lucas and nu finish and the Nu finish has a better finish and will not coat your media and make it black.