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  1. My advise is same as your friends, polish the slide bottom and breech face corner.
  2. The broken surface looks like after fatigue stress. Just buy a new TS Orange barrel. It is newer design and material.
  3. Thanks, nice video review. The blending is done with a file or Dremel. No need to change magwell. I've had CZ magwell in CM, TSO and Shadow without any reload issues.
  4. The original magwell was good enough for my large hands. I see a need for CZC magwell only with huge hands.
  5. You can ask it to be imported again. If there is enough demand, there will be supply. In the USA you still have the SP-01 Shadow Target II available as an alternative.
  6. Not imported to the USA, but still manufactured.
  7. SP-01 Shadow is not discontinued.
  8. SP-01 safeties don't fit the TS. CZ UB plastic grips are the lightest.
  9. The best way is to add a second sear spring. Some modding to sear cage is needed.
  10. SP-01 slide stop can be changed to a RAMI model.
  11. Just found my notes. TS slide with sights and firing pin but without recoil spring sleeve was 13.8 oz. TSO slide was 14.1 oz due to heavier rear sight. So the weight loss is about 0.8 oz. Makes it lighter than S2 slide.
  12. Yes and yes. Magwell is good for my hand and the shop ships fast. It might take few weeks to overseas. Actually I prefer the brass version over aluminium (
  13. Thanks. Is that with sights?
  14. That is nice, how much weight is reduced?
  15. To me it looks like only two slide sides are milled. Milling the top of slide would affect front sight mounting.