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  1. Good combo for CZ Compact is the standard 16 rounds (nickel plated) magazine with Shadows 18 rounds magazine's base pad.
  2. They are all good. What are you shooting?
  3. Would be true if not connected to much bigger vessel i.e. the barrel.
  4. They are made in Finland. The company is owned by two top IPSC shotgun shooters Jaakko Viitala and Kim Leppänen. Gen4 is an old model. Gen5 is simply the best twin/quad load shell holder available today.
  5. Different hands needs diffrerent grips. There is no single best grip.
  6. TS and TSO mag's share same tube. It takes 9x19 and 9x21 ammo. Those Freedom rounds must be out of spec.
  7. Could you use a O-ring at the base of mag tube? It need to be thick enough. Otherwise the mag could stuck.
  8. Thanks for the info. You got to have very good measurement equipment to get that precision. Especially the inside diameter is hard to get right.
  9. Consider different base pads with higher rim. I like to choose my magwell and base pad combination so that no over insertion is possible.
  10. TSO has a nice light trigger from factory. No need for tweaking. Choose recoil spring for your load and you are done.
  11. The closest I've seen are CZ parts 1091-1350 and 1091-1351. You might need to cut them shorter. There are pictures in CZ catalog, but nobody is selling them yet.
  12. Ok. What kind of buffer you try to use? The old TS came with black plastic buffer. It was not very good. The new flat transparent ones are much better. You can make it smaller with utility knife and check if it works better.
  13. Is the recoil spring guide rod bend?
  14. I've seen several TS's. The TSO is much more honed, precise and tight. +1 pads are needed with magwell to seat mag's easier and with more secure.
  15. You missed race hammer, fiber optic front sight, heavier frame, +1 Al mag pads, hand fitted barrel, slide and frame.