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  1. I've been shooting 9 major from Universal ammo in FL It runs good meets PF they claim 170-175 Very pleased with it
  2. DVC 9 major same problem breach face not machined correctly And extractor problems. Will call them tomorrow
  3. Second batch of Open 9's has shipped Finally got the call been waiting for five months Going out Monday
  4. Open 9's starting to ship, Dawson got one and am #2 in line Damnit
  5. 40 DVC I got from KAP arrived sealed in bag. 2 140 mm clips. Trigger was 3lbs 5-7 ozs basic 3 1/2 lb trigger Feeding problems with factory ammo
  6. Not anymore at least one is coming back to Texas Needed something to play with until Open 9's come out
  7. Here is another Limited DVC $2600 Tngunowners.com
  8. Gunbroker pics are really good. I noticed the STI Limited factory stamped on gun is located in Georgetown, Texas Would somebody please tell me where the hell is STI DVC OPEN 9 major factory is located ????
  9. Carver mount did not work on my .40 M&P pro. Cases would hit the mount and jam. I have two M&P pros One with storm lake conversion barrel to 9mm other is KKM 5.25 threaded with Carver Comp. Between two barrels KKM is better. Just starting to reload going to shoot .40 major trying HS-6 with 135 jhp will update.
  10. I am staying POSITIVE pretty sure Grand Pa and I are going to receive our two 9 opens this week. Ordered from Dawson 21JAN15 If not this week then next week for sure And they will be well worth the wait.
  11. I wonder if they had to do CPR on Dustin
  12. I know of at least two open guns ordered from Dawson The week of the Shot Show neither has arrived Guess they have no comp barrels
  13. I knew it was April Fools Day But I really wanted to believe