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  1. Yeah I kinda do the same thing with my primer loader for my 650. Whenever I stop to load some primer tubes, I hold the vibrator part against the powder hopper for a bit and it does wonders especially, with the "problem" powders like unique.I run a bunch of graphite through my hoppers before the first use. Eliminates all static and powder clumping issues.
  2. If you wet tumble you should. The stainless pins will clean the primer pockets.
  3. You can always pop them off.
  4. You should ask for the $80 back since they didn't send it overnight.
  5. Or buy the 650 now and add the case feeder next payday.
  6. Get some powdered graphite and run it through the powder measure. This will get rid of static and lubricate it. It won't hurt anything.
  7. I wouldn't worry about it. If it breaks you can send it to Dillon and they'll fix/update it for free.