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  1. I'm new to reloading, and with blind luck, my first "score" was 10 lbs. of HP38. I guess I'm pretty lucky now that I look back.
  2. Just read this on another forum... "Winchester 231 certainly has been hard to get. The plant that makes Winchester powders does not want to make 231 as well as a few other powders. These older technology powders have different chemistry than the new powders and this older chemistry makes it much slower to make powder: basically, you can make about 2.5 times as many pounds of new chemistry powder in the time it takes to make 1 pound of old chemistry powder. During the process of making the old powders, the waste stream created is huge compared to the waste stream of the new chemistry powders. Chemical waste is very expensive to get rid of. So, the plant wants to phase out the old chemistry powders and replace them with new chemistry powders. While they are still making 231, the amount is being reduced and the amount of new powder such as Titegroup and Longshot is being increased. Now, we are kind of stuck in the middle. The market is demanding 231 but the maker is not wanting to produce the powder. The result is, over time, 231 is going to go away. Shooters should begin using other powders as they can. Mike Daly Hodgdon Family of Fine Propellants Hodgdon Smokeless Powder IMR Powder Company Winchester Smokeless Propellants GOEX Blackpowder"
  3. Well, I got it all set up for .45acp. I loaded about 80 rounds. Had powder everywhere with about three rounds with no primer, three round with the primer not fully seated, and about four rounds that don't fit in the case gage. Got the OAL at 1.200 and didn't have much problem getting the bullet seat and crimp dies set. Using 230gr RN Any suggestions in the primers...can I just reinsert in the shell plate and reseat (after removing all new primers of course)? What about the ones that don't fit the gage?
  4. The top is cabinet-grade maple plywood with three coats of poly.
  5. The bench and cabinet are complete (except for door pulls) so tomorrow I mount the press.
  6. Santa Claus came yesterday (wearing a FedEx uniform).
  7. The TG didn't last long. I snoozed!
  8. I ordered the case feeder with both large and small pistol plates.
  9. The bench is complete. I built it from plans provided by the National Reloading Manufactuer's Assn (NRMA). I've just about completed the cabinet that goes on top. This thing is rock-solid, and I don't think I will have to attach to the wall. I can determine that after I get the press. Maybe I'll post a picture if I can figure that out.
  10. The tracking log file already is pretty full with some good scores from PV, Selway, Sinclair, and Cabela's among others. All the goodies are laid in awaiting the Blue package.
  11. This is the day I've been planning for over a year. I've been absorbing everything reloading during this time. About 20 years ago, I helped a friend with his MEC and that planted the seed. He was a big skeet and trap shooter, but now reloads three pistol calibers too. I have a close friend that I shoot with a lot who owns an older Dillon, so now I'm all in. I know I have tons to learn, and will be asking a lot of questions of the very knowledgable board members. My order for a 650XL went into Brian yesterday for .45ACP, with alternate setup for 9mm and .40S&W. I will graduate to 5.56mm later. The bench is built, and the last coat of poly went on the bench cabinet today. So now, it's sit here and "watch the paint dry" while Brian and Dillon do their thing.
  12. Don't know how to edit my post...typo in Subject...should read 124 gr RN. (Obviously figured it out).
  13. Please excuse me...I'm new. I picked up some Xtreme 9mm 124 gr RN bullets. In researching the Hodgdon load data website, I can find no loads for this bullet. I know you should look for lead bullet info and use that. Hodgdon provides only eight loads for a 124 gr bullet...all of them are for a BERB HBRN TP. I'm not assuming I can use any of these. I have available Titegroup, HP-38, and HS-6. Any help appreciated on load data for these bullets. I know they are very popular. Thanks
  14. Anyone looking for Titegroup...Cabela's has it in stock. Shipping flat $5 + $20 hazmat fee.
  15. I have been doing a lot of research on presses as I intend to start reloading brass cartridges, I have used a Mec for shotgun shells, although it's been a long time. I know the experts say not to buy the 650 as the first press, but I'm thinking that's what I will do. I love all the features, and there are many Youtube videos available to help guide. I'm looking to this forum for additional education and support. Brian has an excellent website, so I know this forum will only serve to help me. I plan to load .45ACP, 40 S&W, and maybe 9mm.