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  1. Check to see if the knurled not on top of the primer tube is too tight. Just turn it to where it makes contact, don't tighten it. Tightening it can deform the plastic tip on the magazine tube and cause primer feeding issues. The Tula's are probably slightly different in size then the Federals were.
  2. That's my experience as well with using thousands, but I am also due to place another order... I phoned them a while back with a question, left a message, and never got a return phone call. I wasn't too impressed with that though.
  3. Are your cases swimming in case lube when you load them? Are you seeing un-burnt powder anywhere after "firing" one of these?
  4. Did you give up and send it back to Dillon? Having two of them, I can't imagine anything on a SDB that could be that perplexing.
  5. "Hi" drops cases faster than "Low". If you are outrunning the case feeder with it on "Low", switch it to "Hi" !
  6. I bought an SDB on eBay that was basically new in the box for $250.00. When I got it set up it worked for a short while and then stopped indexing. Pretty sure I know why it was sold... I tinkered with it and found that the screw that holds the indexing pawl in place had backed uot and the pawl was no longer contacting the shell plate to index it. I removed the ram, cleaned the screw and instaled it with a drop of Loctite on it and it's been running perfectly ever since. For some reason I am not able to post pics with this new software or I'd post a pic of what I am referring to.
  7. I believe I'd start by examining the ammo to see what area of the cartridge is contacting the case gauge. Too much bell, over crimped, bullets seated crooked, "Glocked" cases, etc.
  8. Add a set of dial calipers and a powder scale.
  9. It may be, on a different chart...
  10. Sometimes those left over parts are useful!
  11. 450°F
  12. A 9mm barrel would need about a 450 degree increase in temperature from ambient for the bore to expand .001".
  13. The barrel bore would expand causing it to loosen up.
  14. I'd be measuring the diameter of the case of a seated bullet and then measuring the ID of the die to make sure you are not swaging the bullet down to where it could easily cause setback!
  15. Either wnat HPJ stated above, or the new bullets are not fitting very well in the seating die and are seating crooked.