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  1. I'd be measuring the diameter of the case of a seated bullet and then measuring the ID of the die to make sure you are not swaging the bullet down to where it could easily cause setback!
  2. Either wnat HPJ stated above, or the new bullets are not fitting very well in the seating die and are seating crooked.
  3. Sounds like you friend just isn't pushing hard enough on the handle to seat the primers. Don't bother measuring, just seat them fully in the case. You might make sure that the primer punch hasn't loosened up and backed out a bit.
  4. Hold the die with one wrench and tighten the lock nut with another wrench.
  5. Looks like moly coated bullets. Is that what you were using?
  6. "Looking for N320 load data major PF 180gn Bullet and 200gn bullet" You might get some response if you provide a bit more info...or try the "search" function. Bullet profiles differ, lead, plated, jacketed, coated, moly, etc. makes a difference, chamber lengths differ, barrel length differs, there are many powders to choose from, which leads to infinite answers to your question as asked
  7. Sounds like you may be wet tumbling your cases with pins and the powder funnel is sticking in the case. Over cleaning cases can cause issues. New cases can have the same issue if not dry tumbled a bit first in corn cob or walnut shell etc..
  8. I tried Lee dies one time on my XL650 and I couldn't seat a coated bullet without scraping like you show. I about tore my hair out trying to figure out what was going on. I found that the Lee seating die was removing the belling as it slid over the case mouth. I switched the seating die to a Dillon die and have never had a shaving problem again. I compared the two dies and the bore in the Lee die was barely larger than the case outside diameter. Try sizing and belling a case and then measure the bell. Then run the case through the seating die and then measure the bell after seating to see if your die is closing it up. Edit: I just checked and the Lee seating die measures .381" and a completed round I just checked measures .3785", so it didn't make any difference how much you belled the case, the seating die removed the belling as soon as it touched the case mouth. That was my first and last experience with Lee dies...
  9. Acme 180 coated here as well.
  10. I give up! How do you post images on this site??
  11. Are you possibly using a large magazine tube with small primers?
  12. How much did the velocity increase with the heavier cases?